Making cream at home. Recipes for home-made cream desserts: jelly, souffle, ice cream, cocktail

Making cream at home. Recipes for home-made cream desserts: jelly, souffle, ice cream, cocktail

Natural products are not only useful, but surprisingly tasty, and also not very expensive. Many have become accustomed to baking bread, cookies, gingerbread at home, there are also those who grow greens and even vegetables on the balcony. So why not make the cream at home?

This product is quite common in many recipes. But to find high-quality high-fat cream in stores is not always possible. And if, nevertheless, some recipes can be adjusted for the available products (milk or cream with a low fat content), then there are such dishes that without high-quality cream it will not be possible to cook.

Or, for example, whipped cream - delicacy, which is adored by both adults and children. But those that are offered to us in stores have an obsessive smell and cloying flavor, moreover, the product most often comes from plants. But to prepare whipped cream alone is much easier than it seems, and most importantly, you can add spices and spices at will and have no doubt about the quality of the product.

Making homemade cream of milk and butter - principles of cooking

Method of cooking cream at home:

To do this, you need only two products - a pack of butter with at least 80% fat (200 grams) and 350 ml of milk. The main thing to consider: products must be fresh and of high quality.

So, put the pan on a low heat, pour in the milk, put the butter cut into pieces. Heat, constantly stirring, the mass until the oil is completely dissolved. Remove weight from heat, pour into a clean, dry bowl of a blender, beat for at least ten minutes. Pour the whipped mass into another dry clean glass container, cover the neck with a paper napkin or gauze. Put the container of cream in the refrigerator for 20-24 hours. After the expiration of time, remove the cream from the refrigerator, if the mass remains homogeneous, then the product is successful. Stir the cream with a spoon, then whisk lightly, but do not overdo it, so as not to get the oil again.

Making whipped cream at home - principles of cooking

In order to prepare this delicacy you must purchase, and best of all, make the fat cream using the above recipe. Cream fat content less than 30% is not even worth trying to beat, bathe, but in the end do not get the desired result.

First of all, the original product, that is, cream with a fat content of more than 30%, should be cooled for several hours in the refrigerator. Never put cream in the freezer to speed up the process. The refrigerator and only it, otherwise instead of dessert with whipped cream you will have to eat a sandwich with butter, because from the frozen cream you get only butter.

Also, be sure to thoroughly wash, wipe dry the container in which you intend to whip the cream, and the whisk. They also need to be cooled. Keep in mind that whipped cream at home is prepared using a whisk. It makes no difference whether it is manual or mechanical, only this device is able to make a lush, tender, air cream.

Pour chilled cream into chilled dishes, and start to beat at the lowest speed. Quietly add momentum. Beat until stable peaks - the mass should stand, and even when turning the container, it should not drain. Now, without stopping the process of beating, slowly reduce speed and speed. The main thing is not to overdo it, and carefully monitor the process.

If you need to sweeten the cream, sugar should be added in the process of whipping in small portions. But it is best to use powdered sugar, because the sand may not have time to dissolve, if the cream quickly acquire the necessary consistency. In addition, thanks to powdered sugar, the structure of the finished product is more delicate and smooth. The amount of sugar depends entirely on what you make whipped cream at home for. Usually the proportion of sugar is about 50-60 grams per 500 ml of cream. To add flavor, you can add vanilla, for color - food coloring.

At home, whipped cream can also be made from milk, only in this case a thickener should be used, it can be:

Gelatin. It is dissolved in advance in water for swelling, and then slowly poured in the process of beating.

Protein. This ingredient is added as well as gelatin gradually, without stopping to beat.

Confectionary thickener. How to use it is written in the instructions; you can purchase this product in specialized stores.

Recipe 1. Mint ice cream from homemade cream “Refreshing”


• 400 ml homemade cream;

• 160 grams of powdered sugar;

• 4 yolks;

• mint leaves (5-6 stuff);

• 10 ml of green tea.


1. Cream pour into the saucepan, bring to a boil, and then remove from heat.

2. In another container, mix the icing sugar with yolks.

3. Pour 300 ml of hot cream into the yolks with a thin stream. It is necessary to work carefully, the stream must be thin, the mass must be constantly stirred so that the yolks do not coagulate.

4. Put the cream on the quietest fire, cook, stirring until thick. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the mass may collapse, so during the languor it is better not to be distracted and to carefully monitor the process.

5. In the remaining one hundred ml of cream put chopped mint, insist five minutes.

6. Pour into green tea mint cream, mix, heat the mixture over medium heat, so that the cream absorbs the mint aroma as best as possible. Strain out.

7. Mix cream with cream, cool.

8. Pour the cooled mass into a special container for freezing, put it in the freezer until it solidifies. The first couple of hours, the mass will need to get and mix intensively.

9. Put ready-made ice cream from homemade cream in portioned bowls especially with a spoon. We decorate with fresh mint leaves.

Recipe 2. “Ice cream” ice cream from home cream


• 600 ml of homemade cream;

• 100 ml of milk;

• three eggs;

• 80 grams of powdered sugar;

• 10 grams of vanilla sugar.


1. Beat eggs with powder and vanilla sugar with a whisk, and even better with a mixer. The foam should be very lush.

2. Pour the milk into a small saucepan, bring to a boil, add an egg mass in a thin stream. Tomim until thick, not forgetting to stir the mixture so that it does not boil over.

3. Cool the prepared mixture of eggs and milk.

4. Whip cream in a blender to thick steady peaks.

5. Combine both masses together. Stir gently.

6. Put the ice cream in the mold for freezing, bring to readiness in the freezer.

Recipe 3. Delicious cream for homemade cream cakes “For all occasions”


• 200 ml homemade cream;

• 60 grams of powdered sugar;

• 10 grams of gelatin;

• pinch of vanilla sugar;

• 110 ml of water.


1. Soak gelatin for 20 minutes in cold water, bring to a boil, then cool.

2. Whip the cream until thick foam.

3. Slowly pour in the process of powdered sugar, synem vanilla sugar.

4. Pour gelatin into the prepared mass from home cream, carefully beat the mass again.

5. Cream is ready.

Recipe 4. Almond cocktail with homemade cream “Temptation”


• 60 ml of liquor;

• 80 ml of rum;

• 60 ml chocolate liquor;

• 100 ml of homemade cream;

• ice;

• 20 grams of ground almonds.


1. Mix all the alcohol in a shaker.

2. Add homemade cream, chopped nuts, whip at the smallest speed with a mixer.

3. Fill 200 ml glasses with half crushed ice, pour in homemade cream cocktail.

4. If desired, the drink can be decorated with grated chocolate ..

Recipe 5. Homemade cream dairy soufflé


• 100 grams of white chocolate;

• 100 grams of dark chocolate;

• 500 ml homemade cream;

• 10 grams of gelatin;

• 150 grams of sugar.


1. First, soak the gelatin in 130 ml of hot water. Ten minutes later, the gelatin will swell, stir it and bring to a boil. After cool.

2. Melt separately dark and white chocolate. Also cool.

3. Whip cream and sugar.

4. We divide the sweet creamy mass into two parts: in one we spread half the gelatin mass and white chocolate, in the other - the remaining gelatin and dark chocolate. Mix both masses.

5. Spread in a spoon in the bowl or any other suitable dish in layers, first white mixture, then chocolate, until both ingredients run out.

6. Before serving the souffle is cooled. Decorate as desired.

Recipe 6. Chocolate jelly with homemade cream poppy “Can not resist”


• 100 grams of milk chocolate;

• 20 grams of gelatin;

• 60 ml of milk;

• 50 grams of poppy;

• 300 ml homemade cream;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• water;

• pinch of vanilla.


1. Fill with hot water gelatin, stir and set aside for some time to swell. Dissolve the cooled mass in a water bath.

2. Poppy boil and grind in a mortar.

3. We melt chocolate, add a third of gelatin and milk. Tomiming for a couple of minutes.

4. Pour chocolate jelly into molds, filling them in half, put in the fridge, cool.

5. Whip the cream with sugar, add the poppy, the remaining gelatin, vanillin, whisk again.

6. Pour poppy jelly over cooled chocolate jelly.

7. Again, we remove the dessert from homemade cream in the fridge, now to full cure.

Recipe 7: “Irish-style” coffee with homemade cream


• two spoons of sugar;

• two spoons of coffee;

• 50 ml homemade cream;

• 50 ml of whiskey;

• 100 ml of water.


1. Boil strong coffee in the Turk or in the coffee machine.

2. In a tall, slightly warmed 300 ml glass we pour in hot coffee, add sugar, mix it.

3. We pour in whiskey.

4. We lower the knife into the coffee and pour homemade cream over it with a neat even trickle.

5. Serve coffee without mixing the cream with the other ingredients.

Making cream at home - some cooking tricks

• Usually for the preparation of whipped cream is enough from 2 to 7 minutes, it all depends on the fat content of the cream. The fatter, the faster the whole process.

• Aromatize the cream by adding vanilla, whiskey, anise, and crushed zest or nuts.

• If you get butter in the process of whipping instead of cream - do not worry. Separating the mass from the resulting whey and slightly warming up in a water bath, the product can be whipped in a mixer. So you get a great thick oily cream.

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