Custard sour cream - more tender does not happen! The technology of making custard sour cream for coating and decorating cakes

Custard sour cream - more tender does not happen! The technology of making custard sour cream for coating and decorating cakes

Sour cream cream impregnated cakes often used, such creams do not hold the form, even after adding the oil. There are several ways to help thicken such a cream. One of them is brewing cream mass. Did not try? We offer you several proven options.

Custard sour cream - general principles of preparation

• Sour cream, like all cream masses of this type, is brewed on eggs and flour. But there are recipes that allow brewing the cream base without these components. At the same time, the initial product is in no way inferior, in terms of tenderness and lightness, to the cream prepared according to the classic recipe.

• In the preparation should use the most fat and natural fermented milk product. Poor-quality or low-fat sour cream during prolonged heating can stratify. It is worth noting that sour cream should only be of the first freshness, otherwise a dessert with such a cream that has stood for even a short time can lead to food poisoning.

• Sour cream can be added to the cream at the end of cooking, when the brewed base is well cooled. Often fermented milk product is used as the main one, on which the cream mass is brewed. In this case, it is mixed with other ingredients and heated at the very minimum heat, although it is even better to use a water bath for this, then the cream will not burn with guarantee.

• To tint cream cream, or give it a certain taste, you can add honey, powdered cocoa or chocolate. With the introduction of cocoa and chocolate, get chocolate creams, adding honey, the mass becomes a light beige tint. Additional creamy taste gives butter, which interfere with the already prepared mass.

• Sour cream custard is rarely used to decorate cakes. But he well impregnates any cakes. To decorate the cake, the thickness is adjusted by adding softened butter.

Thick custard sour cream with eggs and butter

Custard base for this recipe will be prepared on sour cream. To fermented milk product during warming up not curdled, take the sour cream most fat. Thick cream, applied with a thick layer on the biscuit, does not spread, even if you put a second biscuit blank on it. Ingredients:

• white baking flour - 2 tbsp. l .;

• 120 gr. sugar sand;

• egg;

• a pack of butter;

• fatty 30% sour cream - 300 gr .;

• 20 gr. vanilla sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour an egg into sugar and rub with a spoon to make a pasty white mass.

2. Intersect, add flour and rub well again. While stirring, add all the sour cream and place the bowl to heat in a water bath.

3. While stirring constantly, warm the cream base until thick. Make sure that the bottom of the bowl does not come into contact with hot water.

4. Remove the hot mass from the stove, immediately mix in a part of the oil (up to 50 grams) and vanilla sugar, cover with a lid and let cool.

5. Cut the remaining oil into slices and transfer to a clean container. After they soften well - whisk. In the resulting fluffy oily mass, constantly beating, enter the cooled sour cream basis. To whip the cream well, enter no more than two spoons at a time, then beat until smooth.

Creamy brewed sour cream with milk

The characteristic creamy shade gives the mass not only butter. Thanks to milk, on which the base is brewed, the cream gets a more delicate flavor. For more fat, it is better to take homemade milk, sour cream is introduced at the end and does not warm up.


• home-made cow's milk - 700 ml;

• three spoons of first-class flour;

• a glass of granulated sugar;

• two large eggs;

• 1 gram of powdered vanilla;

• 150 gr. high-fat butter;

• a full glass of fat sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix half the amount of sugar with flour. Add eggs and lightly whisk. Pour in a glass of cold milk and repeat the beating. You should get a homogeneous mixture, without sugar crystals and lumps of stray flour.

2. Mix the remaining milk and granulated sugar. Add vanilla powder and, mixing, put on intense fire.

3. As soon as the sweet milk begins to boil, stirring continuously, immediately pour into it the egg-milk mass and boil on slow heating until thick. When cooking, constantly stir the cream base, trying as best as possible to separate it from the bottom. Otherwise, the milk mass will burn. 4. Remove the brewed milk base from the stove and let cool. Once cold, it will become even thicker.

5. Mix the soft butter with a mixer until fluffy, and then a portion of it in a well-cooled, brewed base. Add sour cream and bring to readiness, beating on medium speed mixer.

Recipe for custard sour cream - “Chocolate with cocoa”

Cocoa is often used to make chocolate cream. The recipe involves the use of powdered cocoa without sugar, with a pronounced chocolate flavor, rich dark color. Before the introduction of cocoa is desirable peresyat. The presence of lumps will prevent well stir the powder in a cream mass.


• five tablespoons of sugar;

• fatty 25% sour cream - 200 gr .;

• 60 gr. sifted flour;

• egg;

• 90 gr. dark cocoa powder;

• vanilla sugar - 10 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. In an enamel or deep glass bowl, combine the sour cream with all the measured sugar. Stir to achieve a uniform consistency, then place the bowl to warm in a water bath.

2. Enter into the warm, non-hot creamy base the pre-dismounted egg, the stranded flour and continue to warm up. For a uniform brewing of sour cream mass, constantly stir and make sure that the boiling water does not touch the bottom of the bowl.

3. As soon as the mixture starts to boil, immediately add cocoa to it, stir and reduce heat. The powder will interfere more evenly if you inject it by sifting through a sieve. While stirring, boil down to the required thickness and cool at room temperature. Note that after cooling, the mass will thicken even more.

Custard cream on condensed milk with honey (without eggs and flour)

Natural honey, makes the cream besides the taste also useful. With prolonged heating with condensed milk, it paints the sweet mass in a delicate color. Sour cream is added last, to the already cooled mass, eggs are not used.


• condensed milk, whole - 350 gr .;

• half a liter thick cream;

• a tablespoon of honey;

• sweet cream butter 100 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the condensed milk into a thick-walled vessel. Add honey and put on a small fire. 2. Constantly stirring, heat the mixture until the honey is completely dispersed and the mass starts to change color. Remove the mass in a soft cream color from the heat and let cool. To speed up the process, you can place a bowl on ice cubes.

3. Put cold sour cream in the cooled base and whisk until fluffy, turning on the average speed on the mixer.

Custard cream on condensed milk with butter

In addition to condensed milk, powdered sugar is added. If you do not like too sweet, you can exclude it, sweets of condensed milk will be enough. To saturate the cakes well, put the specified amount of butter. If you use the mass to decorate the dessert, make it denser by adding more oil.


• one egg;

• 150 gr. uncooked condensed milk;

• two tablespoons of flour;

• icing sugar - 50 gr .;

• 200 gr. sour cream, from 20% fat;

• 1 gram of powdered vanilla;

• pack of oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Sweeten the icing sugar with flour, beat the egg to foam.

2. Mix sour cream with condensed milk, add an egg, enter the mixture of powdered sugar with flour and, whipping slightly, mix all the ingredients.

3. Place the bowl in the water bath so that the bottom does not reach the boiling water and warm it up without stopping stirring. Do not be lazy, do not use open fire, the base will burn and will be damaged.

4. Boil the cream until thickened. The consistency should be thicker than homemade sour cream. When the mass is ready, remove it from the bath, enter the vanilla and leave to cool on the table. Then cool by refrigerating.

5. To obtain a fluffy mass, whisk the soft oil with a mixer. Then, gradually increasing the speed, add to it, introducing in small portions, a cooled cream base. Stop whisking when the cream is sufficiently dense and uniform.

Chocolate custard cream recipe with chocolate

When making chocolate custard, the base can be colored not only with cocoa powder. Dark chocolate is often used for this purpose. It breaks into squares and is added to the main components before heating. For a darker color and a pronounced chocolate flavor, you should take tiles of bitter 76% chocolate. With a dairy product, the color will be lighter, and the taste is softer. Ingredients:

• two glasses of 20% sour cream;

• 100 gr. dark, bitter chocolate;

• half a cup of wheat flour;

• pack of natural oil;

• 100 gr. refined sugar;

• four eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Put sour cream in a bowl, add chocolate divided into square pieces, add sugar. Warm the mixture over the smallest fire or use a water bath until the chocolate and sugar have completely melted and the mass has not become homogeneous.

2. Beat the eggs with flour, then, with vigorous stirring, pour the hot chocolate base into them and reheat. Bring chocolate mass to thicken, cool.

3. Whip soft butter with a mixer, add cooled chocolate base to it. Do not enter all at once, put a maximum of two spoons at a time.

4. After the mass becomes visually homogeneous, it can immediately coat the cakes.

Custard sour cream - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• For cooking custard, it is better to use thick-walled dishes, in which the mass does not burn during prolonged heating. But even the best option for this is a water bath. The process takes longer, but do not worry that the cream will stick to the bottom.

• The oil is added to the sour cream not only to shade its creamy taste. This is mainly done to make the mass more fluffy and airy. Therefore, do not neglect its use.

• Ready-made custard on sour cream can be used not only for sandwiching cakes or as a filling for cakes. Pies, muffins, muffins, buns and many other pastries baked with him, have a very rich flavor.

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