Custard Cake - Step-by-step recipes for a delicious dessert. Cooking homemade chocolate cakes with custard (step by step)

Custard Cake - Step-by-step recipes for a delicious dessert. Cooking homemade chocolate cakes with custard (step by step)

Custard cream can be used to soak almost any cake cake. Most often it is used in the manufacture of biscuit or honey desserts, and puff “Napoleon” with homemade custard is a classic of cooking. The only desserts in which it is not used are baked shortcake pastries.

Delicate texture and light sugary flavor of custard cream mass goes well with chocolate baking flavor. We offer two options of chocolate cake with custard. Step-by-step recipes describe in detail how to bake thin honey cakes and chocolate sponge cake, there are two types of custards that can be combined with various cake cakes.

Custard cakes with step-by-step recipes are made quite simply and do not require special culinary skills. Accurately observing the proportions of the products, mixing the ingredients according to the detailed recommendations, even an aspiring cook will cope with making a delicious dessert.

General principles for making custard cakes using step-by-step recipes

• Chocolate flavored cakes are obtained by mixing in cocoa dough. Only quality powder is used. It is not recommended to take with these purposes granulated, with the addition of granulated sugar, cocoa, firstly, it may not disperse in the dough, and secondly, will give the cake extra sweetness.

• The introduction of cocoa powder has its own subtleties. It is not recommended to fall asleep or interfere with the already prepared dough. On the contrary, it is advisable to mix with sugar or scatter with flour, then it is guaranteed to disperse evenly.

• When making custard cakes, whose step-by-step recipes are described below, special requirements are imposed only on the preparation of a cream mass, especially on dishes.

• Custards consist of two parts - one is boiled slowly, and the second consists of butter. In order not to spoil the products, it is recommended to cook the brewed cream base only in thick-walled dishes or a skillet with a multi-layered bottom. It is in such tanks that all components will warm up evenly. Conventional pots are not recommended for this purpose, even frequent stirring will not save the creamy mass from burning. • An important stage - mixing the butter with the brewed base. The oil should be softened, and the brewed part should be well cooled. Mixing starts with whipping oil, then gradually add to it the custard of the cream.

• Custard cream masses do not keep their shape well; therefore, they only coat cakes with it. Chocolate glaze is used for decorating, each step-by-step recipe of a quiche cake has a detailed description of its preparation.

“Eskimo” - a cake with custard: a step-by-step recipe for chocolate sponge cake and cream with eggs on milk

The original sponge cake with custard. The step-by-step recipe describes in detail how chocolate sponge cake and cream are prepared for it. The biscuit cake is not cut, the cream paste is applied to the billet in a thick layer. After cooling, the cake is covered with a layer of chocolate icing. In the original, the dessert does not require registration, but if desired, it can be sprinkled with chopped nuts or decorated with forms of butter cream or mastic.


• two eggs;

• five tablespoons of water;

• half a cup of sugar;

• spoon of high-quality cocoa powder;

• half a cup of flour;

• 2 gr. vanilla;

• quarter spoon of burnt soda.


• butter or frozen cream - 250 grams;

• 250 g glass of milk;

• two selected eggs;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• three spoons of wheat flour;

• vanilla powder - 2 gr.

For glaze:

• two spoons of natural cocoa powder;

• 50 gr. fine refined sugar;

• two spoons of high-quality butter;

• 20% sour cream - a quarter cup.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the dough for chocolate sponge cake. This will require two bowls. In one we will beat the whites, and in the other knead the chocolate base.

2. We wash the eggs in warm water and gently, so as not to damage the shell of yolks, break the eggshell. Pour the whites into one of the bowls, pour the yolks into the other.

3. Capacity with proteins temporarily set aside, add sugar to the yolks and grind carefully. Here we pour in water, add vanilla. Combine cocoa, soda and flour. Sort the mixture and pour it into a bowl with a sweet yolk mass. We take the mixer, at medium speed, beat for eight minutes or a little longer. 4. Wash the mixer with a good wash with warm water, wipe dry. Beat up to air fluffiness squirrels. The main thing - do not interrupt, so they did not begin to settle. We spread the lush protein mass to the chocolate base and gently interfere. We try not to make circular movements, mix up with slow movements from the bottom up, until homogeneity. Chocolate biscuit dough is ready.

5. Biscuit cake can be baked in the traditional way in the oven or use a slow cooker. So, rub the walls of the cooking bowl or round-shaped refractory of similar size with a thin layer of vegetable oil and lightly powder it with flour. Manku in this case is not recommended to use, the sides of the biscuit will come out hard. Pour the dough into the container and gently level it.

6. Heat up to 180 degrees oven. Place the dough with chocolate dough on a baking sheet and set it in the middle level of the oven. We bake for forty minutes, do not open the door for half an hour, otherwise the biscuit will surely settle. Readiness is checked with a thin wooden skewer. We pierce the cake in the center, if the stick is dry, we take out the form and let the biscuit stand for a while right on the table. Then remove the cake and place it to cool completely on the grid. In the multicooker we use the program “Baking” with the same temperature, the timer is set for an hour.

7. While the biscuit cools down, let's take a custard. Sprinkle sugar in a saucepan. If there is no saucepan, take any un-enameled saucepan and pour sugar into it. After adding the vanilla, carefully stir and break the eggs into the mixture, add the oversized flour and carefully beat everything. For best results, you should first beat the egg until smooth with sugar, and only then add the flour.

8. Pour warm milk into the cream base and whip everything well again, put the container on medium heat and, vigorously stirring in a circle, boil the cream until it thickens for about 8 minutes. Remove from the stove, tighten the container with custard film and leave on the table until it is completely cooled. To speed up the process, you can place the bowl in a wider bowl of cold water. In this case, the custard will need to be regularly stirred so that a thin, dense film does not form on its surface. 9. Brewed cream base must be combined with butter, which will give the cake a creamy, pleasant taste. Mix the softened fat, so as soon as we put the brewed mass to cool, we get the butter out of the fridge. Put it in a bowl and cut it right into pieces. Leave warm.

10. The oil has softened, the brewed base has completely cooled - we connect. Beating at moderate speed with a mixer, bring the oil to homogeneity and fluffiness. Then, continuing the beating and adding a spoon, we introduce the whole custard base.

11. Putting a cake. We spread all the cream on the biscuit cake and gently distribute it over the surface. Make sure that the thickness of the cream layer is the same everywhere. We send the cake for half an hour into the common chamber of the fridge so that the cream thickens well.

12. The last step - cover the cake with chocolate icing. It can not be prepared in advance, to the right time, the mass will harden. After waiting for the recipe-recommended time to cool the cake, proceed to the glaze.

13. In a bowl to sour cream, add pre-softened butter and mixed with cocoa sugar. We put on the stove and slowly warm up, in the process continuously stir the components. We make fire minimal to ensure uniform heating of food. Bringing to homogeneity, remove the icing from the stove and cover it with the entire surface of the cake.

14. Step-by-step recipe for a custard cake does not involve decorating a dessert, but you can also arrange it if you wish. For this purpose it is better to use oil cream with vanilla. You can also use the ready-made decor for cakes: flowers from mastic, decorative pastry beads.

“Spartak” - custard cake: a step-by-step recipe for chocolate honey cake and semolina

The recipe for homemade honey cake and custard on the semolina, which perfectly soaks the chocolate cakes - the perfect combination for dessert. The creamy mass turns out delicate and tastes like ice cream. Custard semolina is also suitable for biscuit dessert, it is good for them to soak classic honey cakes.


• any honey - 100 gr .; • refined sugar - 3/4 cup;

• 350 gr. flour;

• two eggs;

• one third teaspoon of salt;

• 40 gr. cocoa powder;

• spoon of purchased dough ripper;

• homemade butter or just very fatty butter - 100 g;

• Baking soda 12 grams.

For impregnating cakes:

• 250-ml glass of milk (12% cream is possible);

• three spoons of fine sugar;

• 2 gr. vanilla powder.


• liter of milk;

• 400 grams of butter, medium fat;

• a glass of refined sugar;

• 120 gr. semolina (croup);

• vanilla powder - 1 tsp;

• small lemon.

For fudge:

• 80 ml of milk;

• three tablespoons of sugar;

• 40 gr. fatty butter;

• three spoons of powdered quality cocoa.

For clearance:

• white marshmallow without fillers.

Cooking Method:

1. You will need a spacious dry bowl. Pour flour, salt, cocoa and ripper into it. Mix thoroughly, sift and return the dry mixture back to the bowl, set aside.

2. We cut the butter in small size and put it in a saucepan. Having added honey and sugar, we put on the “slowest” fire. While stirring, warm up until all components are melted. Do not bring to a boil!

3. While the mixture is warming up, break eggs into a separate bowl or cup and lightly stir them with soda. Pour the egg mass to the melted products, mix and wait for foaming. Remove from the heat, pour the liquid foaming mass to the dry mixture and begin to mix with a spoon. Turning to the manual mixing, bring the mass to homogeneity.

4. We spread the warm dough on the surface of the table, sprinkling a little flour, and form a sausage. Cut into eight identical pieces, which roll balls. Fold in a deep bowl and, covered with a bag, leave it warm for half an hour. Then put it in the fridge for another hour (not in the freezer!). Honey dough for a custard cake with this step-by-step recipe does not need to be cooked on the day of baking, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

5. Cooking cakes. We take out from the fridge a bowl with blanks (balls of dough), alternately prepare and bake cakes. We take one of the balls, roll it with a layer no thicker than 2 mm. This is convenient to do by placing the dough between sheets of parchment. We take the bottom of a detachable form the size of 20-22 cm and, using it as a template, cut a circle. We collect the remnants of dough into a lump, and evenly puncture the surface of the resulting billet with a fork. This will not allow the cake to bubble when baking. Carefully transfer the paper with the future cake to a hot baking sheet and place it in the oven. We bake quickly, only six minutes at 180 degrees. There should be nine blanks, the last cake is formed from the collected scrap. We fold the baked blanks to make them cool so that at this time we prepare impregnation for them. 6. Pour the selected dairy product (milk, cream) into a small saucepan. Add vanilla with sugar into it and slowly bring it to a boil, cool it. Ensure that no sugar crystals are left in the impregnation. For best results, continuously stir the mixture while warming up.

7. Getting to the custard with semolina. Scald lemon with boiling water, cut and squeezes both halves well over a cup. The resulting juice is filtered using a sieve. We get the butter out of the fridge, put it on a plate and set aside to the right moment.

8. Pour the milk into a saucepan, add sugar and place on medium heat. As soon as the first signs of boiling appear, continuously stirring the milk mixture with a whisk, pour a semolina in a thin stream. Turning the heat down to a minimum, and without ceasing to stir, boil the cream for two minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat, pour the lemon juice into the hot semolina base and interrupt it with a blender. Cooling down.

9. Thawed butter by this time is put in a deep bowl. Beat with a mixer, until a small increase in volume. Then, continuing the uniform whipping, in small portions enter the cooled semolina - no more than three spoons at a time. Custard with semolina turns out to be airy and, like butter, does not float. It is important not to overdo it, otherwise the cream mass will exfoliate.

10. We collect dessert. First, we soak eight honey cakes well with milk mixture, then we coat them with cream and put them in a pile. Custard richly grease and smooth the sides of the cake. Chop the ninth crust into crumb and sprinkle the cream layer on the sides. Put the cake for 30 minutes in the cold.

11. Cook the icing. In a skillet, mix cocoa with sugar, add butter and set on moderate heat, stirring, bring to a boil, and boil the glaze to the density of fatty condensed milk. Let the glaze cool slightly.

12. Pour the icing on the cooled cake and spread it evenly over the entire surface - do not touch the sides. Decorate the cake with marshmallow halves, then leave to soak for 4 hours at normal temperature. In a warm time, it is advisable to place a dessert in the refrigerator overnight.

Tricks for making custard cakes using step-by-step recipes - useful tips

• Use custard only to soak the cakes and smooth the sides. It is desirable to decorate the top of the dessert with chocolate icing, which favorably emphasizes the light creamy flavor of the cream mass and the pronounced chocolate flavor of the cake layers.

• Be sure to cool the cake before coating its surface with chocolate icing. In order for the mass to hold onto the cake, the cream layer must be well frozen.

• If the decoration with glaze is not enough, supplement the decor with nuts or mastic ornaments. For a better effect, decorate the cake with butter cream.

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