Honey cake: step-by-step recipe with a photo of your favorite cake. Cooking at home by step-by-step recipes with a photo of a gentle classic or nutty honey cake

Honey cake: step-by-step recipe with a photo of your favorite cake. Cooking at home by step-by-step recipes with a photo of a gentle classic or nutty honey cake

Making a real cake at home is not difficult. All you need are just benign foods, the right dough, and a gentle, light cream cake. Step-by-step recipe with photos will help you to surprise your loved ones with a cake similar to the store counterpart! Homemade honey cake can be sandwiched with cream with sour cream or condensed milk, custard or chocolate cream. Mandatory ingredient honey cake is a natural floral honey. It is part of the test. Another exceptional feature of the dough for honey cake is to warm it in a water bath. So it turns out half custard, which gives the test a very delicate structure, characteristic of such a familiar since childhood cake like honey cake.

Honey cake (step-by-step recipe with photos) - general cooking principles

Honey should be fresh and preferably floral, but buckwheat can also be used. If you add dark honey to the dough, its taste will be most noticeable in the cake. If desired, honey can be replaced with maple syrup or molasses.

Eggs and butter are added to the dough for honey cake, but even without them, this cake can be made into problems. The finished dough should be allowed to infuse, and then, dividing it into several parts, you need to roll into layers. You can bake shortbreads in the oven or in a frying pan until rosy color.

In the classic recipe, the cream must necessarily be custard, but if desired, honey cake cakes can be sandwiched with other creams to taste.

Ready cake should be removed in the refrigerator for at least two hours to soak and cure the cream.

Classic honey cake: step-by-step recipe with photos

Dough Ingredients:

• a pound of wheat flour of the highest quality;

• three chicken eggs;

• 100 g butter or margarine;

• 70 g of natural flower honey;

• 20 g baking soda or baking powder for dough

For cream:

• 300 ml of melted or regular milk; • 200 g of granulated sugar or powder;

• 150 grams of butter;

• one egg;

• 30 grams of wheat flour;

• 1 g of vanilla.

Cooking Method:

1. For dough in an enamel cup, mix sugar, honey and butter.

2. Put the mixture in a water bath. To do this, take a bigger pot and put a smaller pot in it. In a large pot you need to pour water, and in a small mixture of honey. Water should be a bit.

3. Heat the honey mixture, stirring with a spoon or a whisk.

4. When the consistency becomes homogeneous, add soda.

5. Stir and remove from the water bath.

6. Cool slightly. Pour back into the cup or bowl.

7. Break eggs into a cup.

8. Beat with a whisk to mix.

9. Wheat flour must be sifted.

10. Add portions of flour to the liquid components of the dough.

11. Stir the dough into medium uniformity.

12. Put the dough on the table and knead with your hands.

13. Cut the resulting dough into 7-8 slices.

14. Put in different plastic bags or on a cutting board so that the pieces do not touch each other.

15. Remove all the dough in the fridge to “ripen”.

16. In half an hour to get the dough.

17. In the meantime, you can turn on the oven for heating to 180-200 ° C.

18. Alternately roll out pieces of dough with a rolling pin to circles of the same size. Can be guided by the diameter of a round detachable baking dish.

19. If there is too much dough left, make an additional cake from it for chopped topping of the finished honey cake.

20. Prepare a baking dish. Spread it with baking paper or sprinkle with flour.

21. Put a circle of dough.

22. Put the dough into the oven, preheated.

23. After 4-5 minutes, remove the form.

24. Remove from it the baked cake.

25. Put the next rolled out sheet of dough.

26. Bake like the first.

27. Then cook in the oven all the remaining cakes, including an extra circle of dough trimmings.

28. In a separate bowl, mix a little soft butter with a mixer (a little less than a minute). 29. To make the cream, pour sugar and flour for the cream into an enamel bowl.

30. Smash the same egg.

31. Pour 3 tablespoons of milk.

32. Cover up vanillin.

33. Beat the weight with a mixer until the structure is homogeneous.

34. Add the remaining in the list of products for cream or baked milk.

35. Put the bowl in the water bath.

36. Warm up, always stirring.

37. Then, when the mass begins to thicken, remove the preparation for the cream from the water bath.

38. Begin to beat with a mixer at low speed.

39. At the same time, with a spoon, introduce a little butter.

40. Beat until mixed and uniform. Cream on step-by-step recipe honey cake with a photo ready.

41. All spreads for honey cake lay out one at a time on a large flat plate and generously lubricate the custard.

42. Then, when all the cakes are laid out, grease the cake from above and laterally with the remaining cream.

43. Additional crust of dough scraps to break into pieces.

44. Grind the cake in a blender until crumbs.

45. Sprinkle this cake on all sides. Honey cake is ready!

Walnut honey cake: step-by-step recipe with photos

Dough Ingredients:

• 150 g of granulated sugar (or powder);

• three chicken eggs;

• 100 g butter;

• 100 g of liquid honey;

• 15 g baking soda (or 10 g baking powder for the dough);

• 450 g of wheat flour of the highest quality.

For cream:

• 300 g of sweetened condensed milk;

• 150 grams of butter;

• 200 ml thick sour cream;

• 1 tsp. vanilla;

• 150 g pitted prunes;

• 150 g peeled walnuts (or pecans).

Cooking Method:

1. Start with the dough. Sift wheat flour through a sieve. This procedure will help to saturate the flour with air and remove excess impurities from it.

2. Pour sugar into an enamel cup.

3. Break eggs there.

4. Stir the mass or beat with a mixer until the sugar is dissolved.

5. For now, set this cup aside.

6. In another cup, mix the liquid honey and butter. If honey is thick, it will also work.

7. Put the mixture on a slow fire. 8. Stir until complete mixing of honey and oil until a homogeneous liquid structure.

9. Remove the cup from the heat and cool slightly.

10. Trickle pour the sweet-creamy mixture into the cup with eggs and sugar.

11. Warm up a little for the dough in a water bath. This is done simply. On a stove, put in a pot of a slightly larger diameter than a pan with a blank for the dough. Pour water into it and wait for a slow boil. Put a cup of dough on a saucepan with water.

12. Stir the test mass and heat for 3-4 minutes.

13. Beat the mixture with a mixer until a homogeneous in structure delicate mass. You can also use a blender for this procedure.

14. Pour soda or baking powder into sifted wheat flour, depending on what is used.

15. In the whipped mass in a few steps to fill the flour.

16. At the same time mix.

17. When the dough is cooler, knead with your hands.

18. Divide dough into 6-7 parts.

19. Baking paper cover with baking paper or silicone. Can be used detachable form.

20. Put there one part of the test.

21. Smooth out the dough with your hands to get a layer uniform in thickness.

22. Preheat oven to 180-200 ° C.

23. Form the dough to bake for 8-10 minutes.

24. Then pull the form out of the oven.

25. Pull out the cake along with the paper.

26. And in the form again lay baking paper.

27. Put the second part of the test into the form.

28. Bake like the first cake.

29. Thus, prepare the cake layers from all parts of the dough.

30. Put the cakes on the table one by one to let them cool.

31. Be engaged in cream and filling homemade honey cake. Step-by-step recipe with a photo follows the preparation of prunes.

32. Rinse it in warm water.

33. Pour in clean water in a bowl and leave for 5-10 minutes.

34. During this time, put the walnuts in a frying pan without oil.

35. Put it on a slow fire.

36. Fry the nuts until golden brown.

37. Put them on a plate and cool.

38. Hands to exfoliate dark skin from walnuts. 39. Clean light nuts chop into a crumb in the bowl of a blender, a coffee grinder or a regular knife on a cutting board.

40. Next, remove the prunes from the water and slightly dry it with a paper napkin.

41. Finely chop the prunes into cubes with a knife.

42. In a separate bowl for the cream, beat with a mixer a minute of soft butter.

43. Add sour cream, condensed milk and vanillin with sugar.

44. Beat it all together for 1-2 minutes until smooth.

45. Take a flat plate for the cake.

46. ​​Put the first cake on it.

47. Then smear cream.

48. Put some prunes.

49. Cover with the next cake.

50. Lubricate it with cream.

51. Sprinkle with nut crumb.

52. So spread all the cakes and grease them with cream, alternating sprinkling with prunes and nuts.

53. The last cake is generously smeared with cream, as well as the sides of the cake.

54. Sprinkle cake on all sides with nut crumb.

Honey cake (step-by-step recipe with photos) - tricks and tips

• It is better to add baking powder, vanillin and soda at the very end of the dough kneading directly into the flour.

• The dough, if desired, can be made in the form of a biscuit, which, after cooking, will need to be cut into cakes.

• Dough residues after cutting can be immediately put on a baking sheet. It does not matter what form they will be, because they will still need to be crushed.

• Dough for crumbs can be placed in a disposable bag and crushed with a rolling pin.

• If you wish, you can add a thickener to the sour cream, so the cream will be better placed on the cakes.

• To make the cake better soaked sour cream is better to take a low-fat one. For lovers of fatty and juicy cakes, this dairy product should be taken with more fat.

• Cake if desired, you can decorate on your own.

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