How to roll up birch sap with orange

How to roll up birch sap with orange

More recently, many housewives put marinades, pickles, and jam for the winter for the winter, as you have to start all over again. Well, what in March you can prepare for future use? Birch sap. This natural drink has unique properties. Besides the fact that it acts as a prophylactic for urolithiasis, it is rich in volatile production of vitamins and vitamins, it helps to cope with fatigue and depression, birch sap is an excellent cosmetic product. They can wash, rinse hair, make various masks and baths. But, like any other product, fresh birch sap has its own shelf life. To save and have a tasty and healthy drink at home, you can roll it up in cans. Of course, during conservation, it will lose some of its beneficial properties, but there is no other way to preserve it.

So, to roll the birch sap into jars, you will need

  • freshly harvested birch sap
  • sugar (at the rate of half a cup in 250 g per one 3-liter jar)
  • citric acid (1 teaspoon without a slide for one 3-liter jar).

For taste, you can put a sprig of currants, mint, a handful of dry apples, add vanilla on the tip of a knife. In this case, we will prepare “exotic” birch sap, so take oranges (half for each jar). We filter fresh birch sap through cheesecloth in order to clean it and remove any branches, bark and other forest garbage. This procedure is quite complicated. If you have a large amount of juice, you don’t strain it alone, so be sure to call for helpers. When this work is done, pour the purified juice into a large saucepan (its volume will depend on how much fresh juice you have) and put it on the stove to boil.

Banks need to be prepared in advance: select the desired volume and quantity, look at the absence of chips and cracks, wash and sterilize (be sure to do it!).

In the pre-prepared jars add the specified amount of sugar, citric acid, put the oranges. When the juice boils, do not boil it, but remove it from the stove and immediately pour it into jars. We roll up the sterilized covers.

Tip: so that the bank does not burst from the hot juice poured into it, put the usual tablespoon inside, when you fill the half of the can with juice, remove it from there. Such birch sap is stored in a dark cool place.

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