Why does red caviar taste bitter

Why does red caviar taste bitter

Red caviar is a real delicacy. Each bright orange bead has a huge supply of nutrients and vitamins. However, all the pleasure of enjoying caviar can ruin the bitterness, which she often sins. Today we will talk about why caviar gorchitsya and how to return her excellent taste.

At the very beginning it should be said that sometimes a little bitter red caviar is quite normal. Yes, do not be surprised! For example, fresh caviar of pink salmon is bitter, but only a little, caviar of the same salmon may seem too bitter. However, not always the bitterness of the caviar is bestowed by nature.

Why else can caviar taste bitter?

1. Poor product. This is the most obvious reason why caviar is bitter. In this case, a substandard product also means the use of preservatives for long-term storage. It has been proven that the bitter taste of caviar may indicate the presence of hexamine in the jar with a delicacy banned for use as a food additive in Europe. 2. During the harvesting of caviar the technologies were not observed. For example, it may be that when cutting a fish, the gall bladder was damaged, which “awarded” caviar bitterness.

3. Failure to comply with the rules of transportation and storage may also lead to the fact that red caviar becomes bitter. In particular, if the caviar was frozen, then the appearance of bitterness is not at all surprising. Finding caviar for a long time in the open air is also not the best way affects the taste characteristics of the product. Therefore, if you do not want the tasty and healthy orange beads, standing in a jar on a shelf in the fridge, to be rancid, follow the rules for storing red caviar.

How to rid red caviar of bitterness

Above, we presented the main reasons why caviar is bitter. If the taste of delicacy spoils the bitterness, while you are sure that the reason lies neither in the variety of caviar, nor in the fact that its shelf life has expired, then you can try to disguise the bitterness. There are several proven methods.

1. The easiest and fastest - caviar washing under running water. This method will help only if you do not like the taste, if caviar is characterized by a bitter smell, then washing is unlikely to help. It is worth noting that some hostesses assure that if you use soap, the situation can be corrected, although after such water procedures the benefits of the product are questioned. 2. Slightly damp the bitterness by adding some vegetable oil to the caviar.

3. If none of the methods helped, then the bitter red caviar can be combined with the other, distinguished by more attractive taste, caviar.

Now you know the reasons why red caviar is bitter. Perhaps you know others that have not been mentioned above. We and other visitors of our portal will be grateful if you supplement the text with your knowledge, leaving a comment below. You can also share your own ways of returning the caviar of the former excellent taste.

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