What seasonings are suitable for chicken

What seasonings are suitable for chicken

Fried chicken, smoked, grilled - mind mm ... you will lick your fingers! Everybody loves chicken meat - it is not only tasty and tender, but also dietary. Chicken is equally good as a festive dish, and during the daily lunch or dinner.

Chicken dishes can be varied not only due to the method of preparation, but also by adding a variety of spices and seasonings. Spices will help to emphasize the taste of the product, give it a completely new shade and even muffle unwanted odors. After all, it was not for nothing that in ancient times, because of spices, whole wars unfolded, they could pay tribute and dues, and the price per gram of some seasonings was equal to the price of gold.

In the modern world, wars due to spices are no longer being waged, but they have not lost their value and values ​​at all.

Classic chicken seasonings

Choosing seasoning for chicken, it should be noted that it is tasty in itself, and the added spice should not muffle its natural taste and aroma, but only slightly emphasize it and add a little shade.

Chicken meat, of course, needs a little spiciness, which it will give red and black pepper, salt and garlic - the classic seasonings, familiar to every hostess.

When cooking or stewing, a mixture of peppers is added 10 minutes before the end of cooking, as they can add a little bitterness during the heat treatment. If the chicken is baked, a raw carcass is rubbed with peppers. Spicy chili pepper will add a special piquancy to meat. Garlic gives the chicken a dizzying scent that is impossible to resist. It can be lightly fried in oil, in which the chicken will later be fried, or rub it with a raw carcass.

What other seasonings can be added to chicken

When adding spices, you should consider the method of cooking chicken, since the taste of a particular seasoning with different heat treatment can give a completely different flavor and color.

  • Turmeric - it has a spicy and unobtrusive aroma, the taste is slightly spicy. Turmeric is well suited for marinade, sauce or broth - it will give the dish not only recognizable taste, but also a beautiful golden hue. Turmeric is especially often added to chicken pilaf. The seasoning will form an appetizing crust on the grilled chicken and subtly emphasize its taste.
  • Thyme (thyme) is a very fragrant spice with a slight tinge of bitterness, can be used both in dried and in fresh form. Thyme is perfect for cooking rich chicken broth.
  • Rosemary - will be wonderful in the marinade, will give it a pleasant aroma of game and fresh needles. Some fresh leaves added while roasting chicken will add a bit tangy taste with a slight bitterness. When adding rosemary, you no longer need to use bay leaf - they do not fit well together.
  • Curry is not distinguished by pronounced taste, but it is famous for its stunning aroma and beautiful bright yellow color. Curry will be especially good in cream sauces and pickles.
  • Coriander - the seeds of this plant are used for chicken. Whole seeds can be added to chicken broth or marinade, but for frying or baking, it is better to crush the seeds into powder. Coriander a la shish kebab is especially good - it will turn out incredibly fragrant.
  • Oregano - is most often added to chicken mince, to which it will give a delicious taste and aroma. Cutlets and meatballs made from such stuffing will not leave anyone indifferent. Just a pinch of this herb, added five minutes before the end of cooking, will open its unique flavor when cooked - therefore it is extremely important not to overdo it with the quantity. Spice is perfect for cooking chicken broth and marinade.
  • Marjoram is a seasoning with a spicy-floral aroma, resembling camphor in taste. Can be added to chicken broth, sauces and marinades, as well as used for stewing and roasting chicken.

Of course, you shouldn’t add all the spices and seasonings right away; you only need to use 2-3 spices of your choice.

Marinades and Sauces

Fried chicken dishes will be even more delicious if you prepare a gentle sauce for them. The most common sauces for chicken include sour cream, cream and white, as well as bechamel sauce. Thanks to the spices and spices, the choice of which is shifted to the hostess’s shoulders, the light sauce can acquire a completely different taste and aroma. Such spices and herbs as sage, marjoram, dill, parsley, cilantro, cinnamon, ginger, tarragon, coriander and thyme are most suitable for adding to sauces.

In order for the chicken to acquire a special tenderness and aroma, they often resort to pre-marinating the carcass. Mineral water, cream and mayonnaise are most often used for pickling. But before pouring the marinade, the carcass is well rubbed with your favorite spices, and such spices as ginger, young garlic and onion shoots, celery or even honey, sour apples and pineapples are added to the marinade to get a sweet and sour taste. You can add a little tomato paste - this marinade will give the finished chicken a beautiful dark golden color.


A variety of ready-made spices are sold in supermarkets and markets for different ways of cooking chicken - for example, hops-suneli. All of them contain a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices, selected in optimal quantities so as not to spoil the taste of the finished dish. However, through trial and error, it is still worth finding your own composition of seasonings that will meet your personal taste preferences and will become your trademark secret of making the original dish.

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