What spices are suitable for mutton

What spices are suitable for mutton

Lamb - meat with an unusual taste, quite fat and with a specific smell, and you need to know how to cook it properly. Not everyone likes lamb - how many people, so many opinions. But true gourmets appreciate mutton for its delicate taste and unusual flavor.

Lamb is the most environmentally friendly meat, as animals do not tolerate any antibiotics and chemical supplements.

The secret to cooking lamb

There are many ways to cook lamb, and often they depend on the culinary traditions of a particular country. When choosing meat, preference should be given to a young lamb weighing up to 15 kg. Such meat will be less fatty and sinewy.

To cook older mutton, you will need to soak the meat for a long time and use a lot of spicy spices to beat off the strong smell. Fortunately, lamb is a very appreciative product for flavor combinations and perfectly absorbs the flavor of any supplement.

The characteristic smell of lamb comes from fat, so before cooking it can be removed. Also when cutting the carcass should remove the film - it is not edible.

You can not digest or roast meat - it will turn out hard and dry.

Spices and spices for lamb

The secret of cooking lamb is not only in the method of heat treatment, but also in the use of a variety of spices and seasonings, which will give the meat a pleasant aroma and help you better digest fatty foods. Pepper, salt, parsley, dill, garlic and bay leaves are the main arsenal of spices that every hostess has in the kitchen. This simple set is great for cooking lamb. Spicy and fragrant peppers, which will kill a little the specific taste of meat, as well as sweet ground paprika, are best suited for lamb.

Depending on how the meat will be cooked, such spices as zira, mustard seeds, fragrant saffron, oregano and thyme are well suited to it. The main thing is not to overdo it with these herbs - a small pinch is enough.

The original dish is obtained if you add lemon or lemon juice. You can experiment and add to the meat ready-made mixtures, such as hops-suneli or other Asian mixtures that can be bought on the market from Eastern merchants.

To give the finished meat a spicy taste, before serving it can be coated with a mixture of chopped greens, spices, mustard and garlic. And in order to give the meat a dizzying aroma, before baking, you can make small cuts on the piece and put garlic cloves there.

Sauces and marinades

The taste of the finished dish is greatly improved by various sauces and marinades.

Mutton is often cooked on an open fire, and any kebab, as is known, needs marinade. The meat is soaked for several hours, or even better for a day, be sure to add lemon, dried barberry, thyme, rosemary, and also salt and pepper. All seasonings are mixed and filled with mineral water. Nut marinade is made from grated almonds, salt and lemon juice. There are also added a few sprigs of rosemary and a head of garlic.

For spicy marinade well-suited homemade adjika with chili, as well as red pepper and cinnamon. Marinade is filled with white wine.

Unusually juicy and tender turns lamb, soaked in a marinade of fermented milk products. Salt, pepper and turmeric mixture is added to kefir or natural yogurt, as well as fresh greens - cilantro, parsley and green onions.

Garlic, mint or rosemary sauce works well with lamb. Chopped cilantro, turmeric, salt and white pepper are added to the sauce based on natural yoghurt.

Tomato sauce are tomatoes without peel and seeds, onions, parsley and coriander.

Very tasty is the mustard sauce, which is prepared as follows: chopped onion is lightly fried, and dry white wine is added to it. After the wine is half evaporated, cream, mustard, white pepper and salt are added. The sauce is cooked over low heat.

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