How to freeze porcini mushrooms

How to freeze porcini mushrooms

On high-yielding days, mushroom pickers from a “silent hunt” return with full bags of mushrooms. Most mushroom pickers rejoice very beautiful beautiful borovichkam. So they call white mushroom.

White mushroom is good in any form: both fried and boiled. It is dried, salted and pickled. But the best way to preserve the natural taste and flavor of mushrooms is to freeze them.

After all, freezing preserves all the nutrients in vitamins, vitamins, as well as their natural taste, not modified by vinegar and spices. Moreover, the white fungus lends itself well to freezing, remaining almost as light as it was fresh.

For freezing, those mushrooms that were picked up recently - just a few hours ago are suitable. After all, long storage of mushrooms before processing significantly affects their taste. And also mushrooms can just spoil.

How to prepare porcini mushrooms to freeze

White mushrooms sorted out, removing wormy and spoiled, cut the edges of the legs.

Then the mushrooms are washed under running water. Soak them should not be, because any mushrooms, like a sponge, quickly absorb water, which later will affect their quality when frozen.

Pure mushrooms spread in one layer on a cloth or paper towels and dried. To speed up the process they can be blotted with a towel and on top.

But, as practice shows, many hostesses do not wash the mushrooms, but only gently scrape the rubbish from the caps, or wipe the mushrooms with a damp cloth, considering that the mushrooms do not need excess moisture. Moreover, the mushrooms are not consumed raw, and in any case they are subjected to heat treatment.

How to freeze porcini mushrooms

Young mushrooms are frozen intact, and large boletus mushrooms are cut into thin slices or diced. After all, the smaller the pieces, the faster the freeze will occur.

To prevent the mushrooms from freezing together, they are first laid out in a single layer on a tray and sent to the freezer for several hours.

When the mushrooms freeze and become hard, they are packed in plastic bags, well tied and put back in the freezer.

Chopped mushrooms can be immediately folded into plastic containers, covered with lids and put into the freezer. But you need to remember that mushrooms can not be re-frozen, so they need to be packaged in such portions so that they can be used for one time, for example, for cooking soup.

How to freeze boiled white mushrooms

Peeled and washed white mushrooms cut into slices, dipped in small batches into lightly salted (or without salt) boiling water and boil for ten to fifteen minutes.

Then the mushrooms spread in a colander or on a sieve and wait until all the water is drained.

Mushrooms cool well.

Boiled slices of mushrooms put in plastic containers, covered with lids and put into the freezer.

This method is suitable if mushrooms were bought on the market and there is a fear that they were not collected in an ecologically clean area. It is known that mushrooms absorb both useful and harmful (toxic) substances from the external environment. And thanks to boiling all the harmful substances from the mushrooms pass into the water. The advantage of boiled mushrooms over raw ones is that boiled mushrooms occupy less space in the freezer, which is very valuable with a small volume of the refrigerator.

The resulting mushroom broth is not poured, and boil until then, until it decreases in volume and slightly thickens. The broth is cooled, poured into small plastic bottles and frozen. This decoction can be used in the preparation of soups, sauces and other dishes.

How to freeze fried white mushrooms

Pure and chopped mushrooms are fried in small portions in sunflower oil until the liquid boils away. Salt and spices in this case do not add.

Ready mushrooms are well cooled, packaged in a container suitable for freezing, covered with lids and frozen.

How to defrost porcini mushrooms

All frozen products are defrosted in the refrigerator or at room temperature away from heating appliances. But mushrooms are most often used for cooking in frozen form. For example, to make soup, frozen mushrooms are immersed in boiling water and boiled until ready.

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