How to clean the mushrooms

How to clean the mushrooms

Dishes with mushrooms are very tasty and savory. Mushrooms are often added to meat, sauces, various salads and snacks. There are many recipes that make up this product, and mono-dishes are also popular when mushrooms are the main ingredient.

Champignons hold the lead among all types of mushrooms, they harmoniously combine taste, health safety and affordable price. It is these mushrooms that most often end up on our table, and in order for their dishes to be tasty, the mushrooms must be properly cleaned.

How to choose champignons

First, a few words about how to choose the freshest champignons. If you buy good quality mushrooms, then you do not have to clean them too much.

Choosing champignons give preference to the brightest, even and smooth, without wrinkles, mushrooms. To the touch they should be elastic, and the cut light. If the cut is already visible in the recess - it is better not to take such champignons, they have already lain decently and weathered, and the rotting process could go deep into the fungus.

Pay attention to the size of the mushrooms - large ones are easier to clean, medium ones are stuffed, and small ones can be cooked whole. Do not complicate your work and immediately select the desired size of champignons, cooking will become easier and things will go faster. Do not store purchased champignons in a plastic bag, even in the refrigerator. They will quickly be covered with mucus, stained and darkened - these mushrooms should not be eaten. Yes, and their taste will be far from perfect. It is better to put the mushrooms in a basket or a bowl and put in a dark cool place - so the mushrooms can be stored for several days without loss of quality. If you are left from cooking mushrooms and in the near future you are not going to use them at the expense, do not throw out the product. Put the mushrooms in the bag, you can whole, or you can cut it, and send them to be stored in the freezer. On occasion, defrost and add to soup, julienne or salad.

Clean the mushrooms correctly

Peeling mushrooms is quite simple. They can not wash under water, but only to wipe with a wet towel. In the extreme case, rinse them under running water, but you should not soak and soak the mushrooms in water - they will absorb a lot of moisture and become tasteless, but what is the use of such mushrooms?

If there are any inclusions on the mushrooms, they should be lightly crushed with a knife, or neatly cut. Also , be sure to update the cut on the leg of the mushroom, it is not necessary to cut a lot, just a few millimeters is enough.

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