How to dry browns

How to dry browns

Not everyone knows what the brownberry looks like. Maybe only in the pictures and saw ...

But the inhabitants of those areas where the birch grows, brownberry collect in sufficient quantities. And these mushrooms are not only marinated or salted, but also dried.

After all, dried browns are not worse than the same white mushrooms. Is it only when drying they darken. But dishes from dried browns are very tasty and fragrant! Especially if before cooking soak dry mushrooms in milk. Then their original taste returns to them.

But this is still far away, because first the bobbins need to be collected and dried. And the quality of dried mushrooms will depend on the correct sequential actions.

How to prepare bobbins for drying

Mushrooms that are going to dry, can not be washed. This also applies to browns. After all, the spongy layer of mushrooms instantly absorbs water, which will not allow the mushrooms to dry.

Therefore, tearing the mushroom, you should immediately inspect it for any damage. You can not harvest those mushrooms that have already been eaten by worms. After all, the worms crawl from one mushroom to another. And if you leave such a mushroom in a basket, then the rest of the mushrooms may be wormy soon.

Then they clean the mushroom from blades of grass and other debris adhering to the cap. This is easily done with a dry or slightly damp cotton cloth.

With the leg, the situation is different. The lower part of the leg, stained with earth, cut with a knife. The leg itself is quite wet, so it is not always possible to clean it with a regular napkin. Therefore, the adhering dirt is completely cleaned with a knife. You can even remove the top layer.

How to dry browns in the sun

If there is a hot cloudless weather, and there is not even a hint of rain, the mushrooms can be dried on the street. To do this, construct a stand or flooring with a grated bottom.

Mushrooms are sorted by size. Small mushrooms are dried whole. In large mushrooms, caps are separated from the legs. Hats are cut into two or four pieces, and the legs are cut along in half or across into several pieces.

Mushrooms laid out on the gratings. And also strung on skewers and placed horizontally or vertically so that between them remained space. Mushrooms should be constantly turned over for even drying. Drying lasts several days.

You can also string mushrooms on a strong thread or fishing line and hang them on the sunny side, where they will be blown away by a breeze. So that the mushrooms do not touch each other, they are placed freely, or paper sheets are put between them, also strung on a fishing line.

But still, it is better after this to complete the drying in the oven or oven.

How to dry browns in the oven

In order for the mushrooms to dry and not to ripen, the temperature in the oven (in the oven) must not be lower than 50 °, but not higher than 70 °, since in the latter case the mushrooms will simply burn and have an unpleasant taste.

But if the browns in the sun can be dried whole, then for drying in the oven they need to be cut.

Mushrooms are cut into thin plates along so that each plate has a piece of stem and cap. This method of slicing mushrooms is called mushroom noodles. Mushrooms, cut in this way, are much faster to dry, and therefore the raw material is obtained with better quality. The sliced ​​mushrooms are laid out on a baking sheet covered with parchment and placed in an oven heated to 50 °. The oven door needs to be kept ajar so that condensation from evaporation of moisture from the mushrooms can evaporate somewhere.

Drying mushrooms alternate with periods of cooling and airing, when the pan is removed from the oven for a few minutes.

When the mushrooms stop emitting moisture and dry up, the temperature in the oven is raised to 70 ° and drying is continued. At the end of the process, the temperature is again lowered to the original, and the mushrooms are brought to the desired state.

Sliced ​​mushrooms can be laid out not on baking sheets, but strung on skewers, and they, in turn, should be laid out on lattices. Under the grate is placed a tray for dripping moisture. The rest of the principle of drying is similar to drying on trays.

Since mushrooms dry up unevenly, ready-made mushrooms must be removed from the pan in time so that they do not burn.

Dried mushrooms do not emit moisture, do not break with a bang, but only bend. They should not crumble under your fingers.

How to dry bobs in dryers

Podborezoviki convenient to dry in a dryer or electric dryer.

Sliced ​​mushrooms are laid out freely on the screens and placed in the dryer. Since the mushrooms in the dryers dry unevenly, the sieves periodically swap places, moving them from bottom to top and vice versa. The temperature in the dryer is maintained at about 60 °.

The same principle of drying in the electric drier. But in this unit, the process is much more efficient, since it is equipped with a ventilation function that does not let the mushrooms get tired. To dry the mushrooms quickly, it is not necessary to fill the electric dryer to capacity.

How to store dry browns

Dried mushrooms are stored in fabric bags in a dry, ventilated room. If the humidity in the room is high, then the mushrooms can become moldy. In this case, the mushrooms are best kept in glass jars with a screw cap.

Mushroom powder can be made from dry brownberries. It is enough to grind dry mushrooms in a coffee grinder and pour them into a glass jar or bottle with a lid (cork).

To improve the taste and color to the dark mushroom powder from boletus, it is recommended to add one or two parts of the powder from dry white mushrooms.

The shelf life of dry brownberries with proper storage is several years.

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