Sucralose: benefit and harm

Sucralose: benefit and harm

People suffering from diabetes or dreaming of getting rid of extra pounds, often exclude sugar from their daily diet and replace it with various analogues. They are called artificial sweeteners, believing that such substances can actually become an excellent alternative in the diet. Among such substitutes, it is worth highlighting sucralose, , which is marked on foodstuffs as E955. This synthesized white powder is almost 600 times sweeter than regular sugar, so a few milligrams of the substance are enough to get sweet tea or coffee.

What are the advantages of sucralose?

Food supplement E 955 was developed in 1976 by British nutritionists, who offered their own alternative to sugar. True, this substance is still obtained from granulated sugar by special treatment, with the result that sucralose gets rid of too high a calorie content, without losing its taste. Moreover, E955 has fundamentally new properties, thanks to which this preservative is widely used in the food industry today. Thus, sucralose is not only perfectly soluble in water, regardless of the level of concentration, but also remains stable during heat treatment. At the same time, this supplement does not contribute to an increase in blood glucose levels, which is very important for people who suffer from diabetes. It should also be noted that sucralose does not adversely affect tooth enamel and is not a risk factor in the development of caries, which cannot be said about ordinary sugar. Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays, many manufacturers are very willing to replace it with the E955.

Sucralose Scope

If initially this substance was created for people with various endocrine disorders, today, due to its versatility and relative safety, E955 is used in many sectors of the food industry. This preservative is added to yogurt and milk creams, carbonated drinks and sweets, jams, jellies and various types of desserts. In addition, using E955 canned fruits and extend the shelf life of sauces. Chewing gum, pastries, frozen semi-finished products and even some types of seasonings are not complete without sucralose.

This food supplement is also sold in the form of miniature tablets, which can be added to various dishes and drinks instead of sugar. In addition, E 955 is used in pharmacology, when it is necessary to find an alternative to glucose in drugs.

Is Surkaloza Danger to Health?

Scientific studies of this substance were carried out in various countries of the world, and the longest tests of the E955 lasted almost 15 years, covering various segments of the population. Their results turned out to be quite optimistic, as it turned out that in minimal quantities surculosis is absolutely harmless to health. Moreover, it can be included in the diet of not only children, but also women during pregnancy and lactation, which does not affect their health at all. However, it should be borne in mind that the maximum permissible dosage of this preservative in the human body is 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight. In order to achieve such a concentration of a substance, you have to work hard. After all, surkaloza is easily excreted in the urine within 24 hours after ingestion. Due to this, E 955 poisoning is practically impossible, although with increased sensitivity to this substance, even a small dose of it in some people can cause bouts of mild nausea. In general, it should be borne in mind that surkaloza cannot penetrate into the brain, amniotic bubble, mother's milk or internal organs. And precisely in this lies the danger of the use of this substance as a permanent sugar substitute. The lack of glucose in the body leads to a decrease in the health of the brain, impaired memory, vision, and even dullness of smell.

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