Lecithin E476: effect on the body

Lecithin E476: effect on the body

Animal lecithin, also known as E476 stabilizer, is quite common in food. Many countries of the world officially allowed to use it, arguing that the substance is absolutely harmless to human health. However, E476, also known as polyglycerol, can be a serious threat to humans.

Application area E476

Polyglycerol is usually obtained by processing various vegetable oils and, in particular, castor oil. The result is a fatty, colorless substance, devoid of smell and taste, which gives certain products the necessary properties. Nowadays, animal lecithin is most often used in the manufacture of chocolate, which can significantly reduce its cost. The degree of fusibility of this delicacy directly depends on the amount of cocoa butter content, which is by no means expensive. However, if you replace it with the E476 stabilizer, then in the manufacture of chocolate, its fluidity and fat content will be quite high, but it will cost an order of magnitude less. In addition, chocolate, which includes the stabilizer E476, significantly improves the properties of streamlining, and it is ideal for the production of tiles with different types of fillers. It is noteworthy that the presence of polyglycerol does not affect the taste of chocolate. In addition, today, the E476 additive is widely used in the manufacture of various sauces and ketchup, it can be found on the packaging of some types of mayonnaise and margarine, ready-made soured, and liquid soups in vacuum packaging. Products that include polyglycerol are quite cheap, and, as a rule, are designed for socially unprotected segments of the population.

Why is E476 food stabilizer so harmful?

Direct evidence that polyglycerol can cause serious damage to human health, today does not exist. However, since the production of this additive was put on stream, plants that have undergone gene modification have been used to make it. What is fraught with for the current generation of people is hard to say. But it is possible that such a violation of the molecular chain can lead to irreversible changes in the human body at the gene level and its degeneration.

Studies related to the effect of polyglycerol on human health have shown that E476 stabilizer does not cause food allergies. However, this product may lead to an enlarged liver, impaired kidney function and overweight. In particular, polyglycerol has a very negative effect on metabolic processes in the body. It has also been proven that products that contain such an additive can cause disturbances in digestive processes. Therefore, people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, from eating foods with E476 is best to abstain. By the way, today there is a safer substitute for polyglycerol, which is also widely used in industry. This is soy lecithin known as E322.

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