Glycerin (E422): effect on the body

Glycerin (E422): effect on the body

Each of us knows what glycerin is. However, few can assume that this colorless thick liquid with a sweetish taste is quite widely used in the food industry. Products in which it is contained are labeled E422.

Today, glycerin as a food additive is officially approved in many countries around the world. However, this chemical substance obtained by washing or hydrolysis of fats of both animal and vegetable origin is not at all as safe as it seems at first glance.

Benefit and scope of the E422

For the first time, glycerin was synthesized at the end of the 18th century, but for a long time this substance was not practically used. Subsequently, it began to be used in pharmacology and the chemical industry, in the manufacture of explosives and paper.

Since the middle of the last century, glycerin is very often added to all kinds of cosmetics, considering that this substance has a very beneficial effect on the skin. However, recent scientific studies have shown that glycerin not only softens, but also strongly desiccates the epidermis. Therefore, soap and creams with glycerin are not suitable for everyone. From about the mid-80s, the scope of glycerin, which by then had already become known as the food additive E422, has expanded significantly. The thing is, the stabilizing properties of this substance were discovered, which, among other things, is capable of imparting a special thickness to various food products. Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays E422 can be found in many sweets and confectionery products, which are produced using different creams. Glycerin is added to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which, for various reasons, cannot use regular sugar.

The ability of the food additive E422 to easily dissolve in other substances was highly appreciated not only by representatives of the food industry, but also by pharmacologists. It is glycerin that today is the safest way to quickly and effectively reduce intracranial pressure. However, the dietary supplement E422 has a lot of side effects that can cost a person not only health, but also life.

What is harmful glycerin?

This substance, like a sponge, pulls water from any tissue. Therefore, in people who suffer from kidney disease, dietary supplement E422 can provoke an exacerbation of the disease. In addition, glycerol has a very negative effect on the blood circulation processes in the body and the state of the vessels.

The maximum permissible dose of this substance, despite its danger, has not been determined. The whole point is that it depends on the individual characteristics of each person. Someone with a few drops of glycerin contained in a chocolate bar can be brought to the hospital bed, and for others a tablespoon of the substance will be completely safe. However, it is not worth experimenting, since the effect of using products with glycerin can be very unexpected and unpleasant.

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