On which butter to fry pancakes

On which butter to fry pancakes

Pancakes are not a new dish and there seems to be no one who would not know how to make pancakes. But almost everybody has the same question every time, on which butter do these pancakes bake?

Previously, hostesses about this somehow did not think, because pancakes were baked in cast-iron frying pans with a thick bottom, on which not one pancake burned, but, fried, bounced off the pan, as if by magic.

For baking pancakes, a ritual with certain actions was worked out: dough kneading, dough raising, since there was no talk of soda and it was not possible - the dough was placed on yeast. And then came the baking itself. Before each pancake the pan was greased with butter, lard or lard and poured the dough.

Now it has become fashionable to talk about the harmfulness of a particular product, in particular - oil, and kitchen utensils have become completely different. There were ceramic pans, frying pans with Teflon and non-stick coating, pancake. And here it turned out that not any pan can be baked pancakes. They are not removed from one pan, they burn to the other.

Best of all, of course, you need to buy a special pancake pan with low edges. After all, in such a pan and turn over pancakes easily. And on what to fry?

Most often, pancakes are now fried in refined sunflower oil. It is available, does not burn, does not foam.

And in order not to bother smearing the pan in front of each pancake, sunflower oil is poured directly into the dough, stirred well and only then begin to bake pancakes. But before the very first pancake it is necessary to lubricate the pan with oil and to heat it well. If this is not done, the first pancake will stick to the pan and it will have to be scraped off. If the oil overheats to a haze, then the pancake will burn, not having time to bake. Therefore, after the initial calcination, many hostesses put the frying pan aside for a few seconds and only then start to bake pancakes.

If, however, pancakes stick, you need to add a little more sunflower oil to the dough and periodically lubricate the pan with butter using a silicone brush or a piece of potato impaled on a fork. Pouring oil into the pan is not recommended, since then the pancakes will be very fat and unappetizing.

Now some housewives use when frying olive oil. But if it is well combined, for example, with fish products, then pancakes, flavored with olive oil, do not like everyone.

The same can be said about rapeseed oil, which, when heated, acquires a peculiar odor, giving the pancakes an unpleasant taste.

Pancakes in butter are tasty, ruddy and fragrant. Of course, if the butter is real, and not the spread, which is sold at every turn. But butter burns strongly, so those hostesses who cannot imagine pancakes without butter go for all sorts of tricks. For example, almost before each pancake they wash or wipe the pan from the burnt butter, which greatly increases the baking time of pancakes. If, nevertheless, pancakes are fried in butter, then the fire should not be strong, and the pan is better to take the old, cast-iron, as they say, “from grandma's closet”.

Instead of butter, you can use ghee. Pancakes in melted butter are tasty and fragrant, with an appetizing crust. But in this case, you need to use the minimum amount of melted butter, because it is very easy to shift. And then the pancakes will be very fat, which will not only worsen their taste, but also adversely affect the liver.

Pancakes are well fried (and removed) in a pan, greased with a piece of bacon. To do this, put on a fork a piece of fat and grease the bottom of the pan before each portion of the test. The only negative - with such frying in the pancakes is often the smell of fat. Therefore, if pancakes are made sweet or stuffed with a sweet filling, then it is better not to use such a lubricant.

After weighing all the pros and cons, we can conclude that it is best to use refined sunflower oil intended for frying. After all, it can be heated up to 180 °, which does not affect its taste and quality. But pour it directly into the dough, and grease the pan once only - at the beginning.

And then baking pancakes will not cause much trouble, and the hostess will not exclaim in their hearts: “Again, damn it!”

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