How to check the quality of honey

How to check the quality of honey

No one doubts the benefits of honey. It has been repeatedly proven that honey helps with colds, it is effective when coughing. Wishing to lose weight comes to the rescue honey with cinnamon. Well, those who are not worried about the problems of excess weight, can pamper themselves with a piece of honey cake. It should be noted that only natural honey has the most valuable properties. Unfortunately, nowadays some beekeepers are not chasing after product quality, but for volume. As a result of bad faith, it became quite easy to stumble upon a fake and under the guise of honey to acquire something that does not even smell like honey. Today you will learn how to determine the quality of honey at home.

The ideal option would be to determine the quality of honey even during the purchase, then you can protect yourself not only from wasting money, but also from buying, which will not bring you any benefit. It is known that some in order to increase the volume of honey simply feed the bees with sugar. Such honey is almost the same in taste as in honey, however, it is clearly lagging behind in its beneficial properties. There are several recommendations for choosing honey, we have already introduced you to them before, but it will not be superfluous to repeat them. So, to determine the quality of the product of beekeeping by the following criteria:


The color of honey depends on its grade and can vary from light yellow to brown. Flower varieties are usually light, lime honey has an amber color, and buckwheat honey produces a brown color. At the same time, the honey should be transparent, without sediment, if the product is cloudy, it means that there are additives in it. Often in honey there are bee products - bees, pieces of honeycombs, you should not be alarmed because this is a sure sign of high quality honey. Aroma

Natural honey has an obvious smell, which is not confused with any other. If medok is characterized by a slightly perceptible aroma, then, most likely, you have a product with added sugar.


You can set the quality of honey by its viscosity. Scoop up honey with a spoon and lift it above the plane; natural honey will stretch with a continuous thread and forms a slowly spreading hill on the surface of the honey.


Anyone who even once tasted natural honey, will confirm that the product had a delicate texture. Take a drop of honey and try to rub it between your fingers. If the product is absorbed, then this is a sure sign of its high quality, fake honey with a similar manipulation rolls into lumps.


And of course, the naturalness of the product can be established by tasting the medka. This honey has a tart sweet taste. Slightly savor the honey, if you are treated to a natural product, then you will surely shut up in your throat.

If you do not trust your senses, and are accustomed to rely only on the results of research, then you can determine the quality of honey at home by experiment.

How to check the naturalness of honey with water

Place a spoonful of honey in the heated water. If bee nectar has melted in a short time, and does not lie in a lump on the bottom of the glass, then you can be sure of the quality of the product.

Tea with honey is not only a delicious drink, but also an excellent method for determining the quality of honey

If you drop a spoonful of honey into tea, then the natural product will immediately turn dark.

Milk with honey will help when coughing and will allow to identify low-quality product

It is known that you can get rid of cough, if you undergo a course of treatment with milk and honey. However, this will help not only to cure the disease, but also to determine the quality of honey. So, if you add unnatural medok to milk, it will be curtailed.

How to check the naturalness of honey by blotter

Take a piece of blotter or napkin and put on it a little honey. After a couple of minutes, look at the back of the paper. If a watery spot was found, then it is necessary to state the poor quality of honey.

Iodine and vinegar - indicators of honey quality

Fill a glass with warm water and dissolve a teaspoon of honey in it. Then add a couple of drops of iodine to the liquid. If a few minutes later the water in the glass turns blue, this indicates that the honey contains starch.

Instead of iodine in water with honey you can add vinegar. This will determine if the product contains chalk. As a rule, in the presence of impurities, the water in the glass begins to sizzle and seethe.

How to check the quality of honey using bread

Can determine the quality of honey and a slice of stale bread. Dip the bread in a container of honey. If the bread became soft after a few minutes, then you have to admit that honey is unnatural.

The quality of honey can be judged by spreading it on a piece of bread. As a rule, the natural product lays down evenly, does not drip from the edges and rather quickly turns soft bread into hard bread.

Heating is an effective method for determining the quality of honey

Fill a tablespoon of honey and heat it over the fire. The natural product is charred, honey containing impurities will ignite.

A chemical pencil will help to identify low-quality honey.

Spread a drop of honey on a piece of not very thick paper and draw a chemical pencil over it. The appearance of blue stains reports that the honey contains flour or starch.

Time will put everything in its place

If you do not want to conduct experiments, you can simply leave medok alone for several months. Time will do everything for you! So, if after a couple of months, the honey began to thicken and crystallize, then this suggests that the product is natural. If honey remains liquid even after half a year, it means that it contains a large amount of fructose. If the honey does not thicken, but is divided into two layers - liquid and thick, then be sure that you have purchased a non-mature product. Of course, it does not pose a health hazard, but it is characterized by a short shelf life.

We are sure that after all that has been said, it will not be difficult for you to determine the quality of the honey, and if necessary, you can easily bring the seller-bee-keeper to clean water.

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