Mushroom cream soup: classic and original. Recipes light mushroom cream soup for business and home dinner

Mushroom cream soup: classic and original. Recipes light mushroom cream soup for business and home dinner

The beauty of this soup is that it is not very “heavy”, but at the same time quite nourishing and nutritious.

The dish is ideal for business dinners, regardless of what nationality the guest is invited to the meal.

Widely used in vegetarian and diet menus.

Champignon Soup with Cream - General Cooking Principles

The main ingredients are 25% cream and fresh champignons, but dried mushrooms are also suitable.

Depending on the recipe, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and grits are added to the soup.

To make the dish, the garlic is made from garlic and ground black pepper.

Soup is always served with chopped fresh herbs.

Ideal with crackers.

Champignon soup with “Classic” cream

This is the easiest recipe for cooking mushroom cream soup. The broth can be purely both mushroom and vegetable.


• One liter of vegetable or mushroom broth;

• A pound of fresh champignons;

• Fifty grams of margarine or butter (butter);

• Green onions;

• Three garlic feathers;

• One tea. Spoon fresh or half tea. spoons of dried thyme;

• Fifty grams of flour;

• Cream - one glass;

• Spices and salt.

Cooking Method:

Mushrooms chop into small pieces.

Heat oil in a pan, add chopped green onions (finely), thyme, and fry.

Then put the mushrooms and spices. Roast a few more minutes on the reduced gas. At the end of frying pour flour.

Removed from the stove, pour broth and stir. Put on the gas and bring to a boil, stirring.

Then the fire is diminished and the soup is left to cook for another couple of minutes. At the end of cooking add a glass of cream, warm up, do not boil.

When serving, decorate with fresh herbs in a la carte plates.

Champignon soup with cream and potatoes

In addition to mushrooms, potatoes are used for this soup recipe. And if you skip the cooked ingredients through a blender, you get a delicious cream soup.


• A half a kilo of fresh mushrooms - champignons;

• Half a kilo of medium-sized potatoes;

• Two bulb onions;

• Half a liter of low-fat cream;

• Sunflower oil;

• Black pepper (ground).

Cooking Method:

Potatoes are peeled and cut into strips or cubes.

Pour water, a little salt. Next - cook almost to readiness. Chop onions finely. Mushrooms are chopped into pieces.

Onions are fried in sunflower oil. Add crushed mushrooms.

Heat until water evaporates.

Drain the water from boiled potatoes and, together with the mushrooms, grind them in a blender.

The resulting soup is poured into a saucepan, add cream and sprinkle with spices. Warm up, but not brought to a boil.

Champignon soup with cream and nutmeg

Nutmeg will add a unique flavor flavor to the mushroom cream soup.


• Three hundred grams of champignons;

• White leek;

• Three garlic feathers;

• Cream;

• Nutmeg ground;

• Three hundred ml. tap water;

• Butter;

• Salt and spices - to your taste.

Cooking Method:

A creamy little warmed up in a high pot and stew finely chopped leek.

Mushrooms chop and boil in boiling water for about ten minutes. Then add to them chopped onions and cook for another three minutes.

The resulting mass is crushed with a blender or mixer to a uniform consistency.

The cream is heated and poured into a saucepan, add pressed garlic. Then - ground nutmeg, a little salt and to taste - pepper.

Hot soup is poured into plates. Sprinkled with fresh herbs - served for dinner.

Soup from champignons with cream “From mother-in-law”

The number of ingredients in this recipe is calculated for cooking soup in a large company. Everyone can ask for supplements. Ingredients:

• Three liters of running water;

• Four potatoes;

• Eight hundred grams of champignons;

• Three hundred ml low-fat cream;

• One onion bulb;

• Salt and spices (better pepper);

• Fresh herbs: dill, parsley.

Cooking Method:

Potatoes cut into cubes. The champignons are well washed and cut each mushroom in half, and each half into slices.

Add vegetables and mushrooms to boiling water and boil for twenty minutes.

Meanwhile, chop the onion and pour it into the pan with preheated fat. Roasting gas is lowered, stirring all the time.

Mushroom broth is boiled for about fifteen minutes, then put the browned onions, cream, a little salt and pepper.

Bring to a boil, but not to boil.

The soup is served hot, thickly sprinkling with fresh herbs.

Champignon soup with cream and cauliflower

Diversify the method of cooking mushroom soup, you can use cauliflower. It will give the dish a new taste, add nutrients and calories.


• Half a kilo of cauliflower;

• Half a kilo of champignons;

• One glass of 25% cream;

• Two onions;

• One and a half liters of water;

• Fifty grams of flour;

• Fifty grams of butter (butter);

• Salt and pepper (preferably ground);

• Fresh greens.

Cooking Method:

Mushrooms are washed and cut into strips, and fried with onions in a pan. At the end of the quenching salt and pepper.

In a saucepan, heat the water and put the roast in it, bring to a boil. Cauliflower is divided into umbrellas, washed and spread in mushroom broth. Cook about seven minutes until cooked cabbage.

Flour the flour in a frying pan with heated butter and pass it to a light brown color.

Warm cream is poured into the pan with flour, add spices and salt, stew, stirring.

The resulting mass is added to the mushroom broth with cauliflower, stirred and heated, not boiling.

Ready soup is mashed with a mixer or blender. Serve the soup puree hot, pre-sprinkled with fresh herbs.

Mushroom soup with cream and white wine

This recipe is for connoisseurs of unusual taste and special gourmet first courses. Add white wine and crackers to the mushroom soup.


• Four pcs. potatoes;

• One onion;

• Four hundred grams of fresh champignons;

• Two garlic feathers;

• One and a half liters of vegetable broth;

• A glass of cream;

• Crackers are small;

• Fifty grams of butter (butter);

• A glass of dry white light wine;

• Thirty grams of olive oil;

• Spices, salt.

Cooking Method:

Potatoes are peeled and boiled. Mushrooms cut into strips and fried in a pan in butter and olive oil.

Add shredded onion to the mushrooms and stew. Then pour in white wine, chop the garlic and add vegetable broth.

All ingredients extinguish under the lid closed until tender. Then add salt and pepper.

When potatoes are cooked, water is drained and mushrooms and onions stewed in wine are laid out on hot potatoes.

Add warm cream and heat up, not boiling. Beat the soup with a blender, served with crackers.

Champignon soup with cream and carrots

With carrot mushroom soup on cream will turn out rich in vitamins and beautiful. And, as always, do not forget about the fresh greens.


• Three hundred grams of fresh champignons;

• Two potatoes (medium size);

• One small carrot;

• One onion;

• Salt to your taste;

• Black pepper at the discretion;

• One glass of cream.

Cooking Method:

For cooking you will need a 2-liter saucepan.

Mushrooms are washed under running water and finely chopped into strips.

First, fry in a pan with butter, then pour water and boil for ten minutes. Start the diced potato.

Then add chopped onion, grated carrot, fried in butter.

Soup seasoned roasting, salt and pepper.

Bring to a boil, pour a glass of cream and warm up. Let it brew and serve hot. Decorate with fresh greens.

Mushroom soup in ghee and cream


• 400 grams of fresh mushrooms (champignons);

• 30 grams of wheat flour (top grade);

• 30 grams of ghee;

• Half a glass of cream (25-30%);

• Green onions;

• Salt, spices.

Cooking Method:

In a pan with melted butter fry the flour to brownish color. Mushrooms are washed, cut into flat slices and cooked.

Then filter the mushroom broth. Cooked champignons combine with roasted flour and bring the broth to a boil. At the end of cooking, add the cream, languish on a slow gas and turn it off. The soup is served hot, sprinkled with green onions.

Champignon soup with cream “Home-style”

When using mushrooms and potatoes in equal proportions, the soup will turn out to be truly homemade. Greens fit the most diverse.


• 400-500 grams of fresh or dried champignons;

• 6-7 large potatoes;

• One large onion;

• Forty grams of butter (butter);

• Salt;

• Pepper (ground);

• Bay leaf;

• One bunch of leeks;

• Parsley;

• Dill;

• Cream.

Cooking Method:

Mushrooms are washed under running water, cut not very large. Then put in a pan with butter, add finely chopped onions and fry until done.

When they are ready, they are laid out in a pan, poured hot water. The broth is cooked a little over low heat and potatoes are added to it, which is pre-peeled and cut into cubes.

Cook the soup until cooked potatoes.

At the end of cooking put lavrushka.

Before serving, cream is poured into the soup and sprinkled with finely chopped greens.

Soup of mashed mushrooms on cream “Useful”

In this recipe, pickled cucumbers are used to make mushroom soup. A dish is served for dinner with bread.

Ingredients: • Two hundred grams of champignons;

• Five pickled cucumbers;

• Flour;

• Vegetable oil;

• One parsley root;

• Dill sprigs;

• Six potatoes;

• One onion;

• Half a glass of pearl barley;

• Salt;

• Bread;

• Cream.

Cooking Method:

Broth is boiled out of mushrooms and crushed skin of pickled cucumbers.

Ready mushrooms are chopped and fried in butter with finely chopped onion. Roasting put in broth. Add flour, spasserovannuyu in oil, chopped parsley and pulp of cucumbers, barley.

Cook on low heat with the lid closed. At the end add cream. Served with dill and toasted bread.

Creamy mushroom soup - tricks and helpful tips

• After adding cream to the champignon soup - the pan is only heated, not boiling. When warming up the dish is also not boiled. When boiling - the cream in the soup will roll up, and the dish will lose its aesthetic appearance and pleasant taste.

• Mushrooms in the soup is better to cut into smaller ones.

• Potatoes are washed under running water before adding to the soup. This removes the excess starch, and starch foam will not appear during the preparation.

• When roasting champignons, it is better to use two types of butter: cream butter is put in olive oil. Thus, roasting does not burn and retains its flavor.

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