Cauliflower soup with cream, cheese, potatoes, carrots. Try all the cauliflower and cream soups!

Cauliflower soup with cream, cheese, potatoes, carrots. Try all the cauliflower and cream soups!

The first dishes of Russian cuisine are not only rich borscht, transparent ear or chicken noodles. Light and nutritious vegetable soups occupy a special place in the hierarchy of first courses. They are tasty, low-calorie, easily digested and diversify the table.

Creamy cauliflower soup is prepared quickly, has a spicy taste and has dozens of cooking options. The nutritional value and benefits of cauliflower are very high, so you should definitely learn a few recipes for this delicious dish.

Cauliflower Cream Soup - General Cooking Principles

Before using the cabbage, it must be properly processed. Heading should be washed, remove insects, divided into inflorescences.

To make the soup tender, the cabbage is pre-boiled separately from the other ingredients. Then you need to mash the buds using a blender. If the device is not, then to obtain a delicate texture, you can wipe the boiled vegetables through a sieve or grate.

Cream for soup needs fat. It depends on their quality, what taste will be in the finished dish.

It will take about 40 minutes to cook a pot of cauliflower and cream soup. You can cook it not only in the pan, but also in the slow cooker.

Cauliflower soup with cream and parmesan

Delicious cauliflower soup with cream has a delicate texture, sweetish creamy taste and spicy flavor. Be sure to replenish this recipe book of culinary masterpieces.


• half a kilo of cauliflower;

• medium white onion;

• two potatoes;

• fifty grams of parmesan;

• 1-2 cloves of garlic;

• a glass of fatty 30% cream;

• two liters of water;

• a piece of butter;

• two tablespoons of olive oil;

• bay leaf;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Wash cauliflower, divide it into flakes.

Peel potatoes, cut into small cubes. Fold the potatoes and cabbage into a saucepan, add water, throw the lavrushka and send to medium heat.

With bulb onions to remove the scales, cut into as small as possible.

Crushed the peeled garlic cloves with a knife and chopped.

Pour olive oil into the pan, put the butter, warm it well.

When butter disperses, toss the onion with garlic, brown until transparent and soften vegetables. The main thing is not to let them burn and roast.

When the cabbage and potatoes are cooked, pour the broth into a separate container, discard the bay leaf.

Put the browned onions and garlic in a saucepan with cabbage.

Pour in the same cream.

Pure all blender, achieving a gentle homogeneous consistency.

Dilute thick puree with vegetable broth to a pleasant texture. It will take about one and a half glasses of broth (300 ml).

Grate parmesan on a fine grater.

Send the soup to the fire, sprinkle with cheese crumb on top.

Wait until the cauliflower soup with cream begins to boil.

Salt to taste.

Serve with a fresh baguette or crispy flatbread.

Cauliflower soup with cream and carrots

A very simple version of the soup, which is prepared from a minimum of ingredients. So simple and tasty that in season you can cook cauliflower soup with cream every day.


• four hundred grams of cabbage dumps;

• two hundred grams of orange young carrots;

• a little sweet butter;

• half a cup of cream;

• salt;

• parsley or dill (optional).

Cooking Method:

Prepare the cabbage for boiling, dividing into woks.

Cut carrots into rings.

Put vegetables in a saucepan, pour in clean water and send to medium heat.

When the cabbage and carrots are cooked, pour in the cream, salt and put oil.

Boil the contents of the pan for two minutes, remove from heat.

Fifteen minutes later, half the broth is poured, and the soup is poured into a blender and pureed.

If the consistency of the soup turned out thick, dilute with broth.

When serving, you can decorate with finely chopped herbs.

Cauliflower soup with cream and potatoes

A real pleasure is to eat a bowl of soup cooked according to this recipe. Wonderful taste with a light garlic aroma and a pleasant velvety consistency will surely please both adults and children.


• half a kilo of cauliflower;

• three potatoes;

• two cloves of garlic;

• a glass of cream;

• tablespoon of sweet butter;

• pepper to taste;

• pinch of nutmeg;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Peeled potatoes finely chopped into slices.

Disassemble into cabbage blossoms, wash well.

In a saucepan, combine the cabbage and potatoes, pour a portion of pure water and bring to a boil.

After the water boils, lower the heat and cook the vegetables until tender.

Onion peel and chop finely.

Dissolve the butter in a frying pan, add onion cubes and fry until transparent.

When the potatoes and cabbage are cooked, add salt to the soup to taste, pour the broth into another pan.

4-5 inflorescences of boiled cabbage to remove and set aside.

Heat the cream (do not boil).

The rest is put in a blender.

Add crushed or chopped garlic, fried onions and ground nutmeg on the tip of a knife.

Puree vegetables.

Heated cream and a glass of hot broth pour in mashed potatoes, beat again.

Add deferred woks in vegetable oil to make a beautiful crust.

Pour the cauliflower soup with cream into a la carte plates.

In each plate put one or two fried inflorescences.

Cauliflower soup with cream and chicken

A hearty soup with a spicy note of smoking can be served for lunch or dinner. This is a hearty full meal that looks beautiful and has a fantastic taste. Be sure to take this version of cauliflower soup with cream on the note.


• six hundred grams of cauliflower;

• one hundred grams of green canned or fresh peas;

• two hundred grams of boiled chicken fillet;

• half a cup of heavy cream;

• fifty grams of raw smoked bacon; • two cloves of garlic;

• two tablespoons of olive oil.

Cooking Method:

Boiled chicken meat cut into small slices.

Cut bacon into transparent slices.

Cook cabbage dumps in salted water.

Boil with cabbage to drain, leaving about a glass for breeding a thick puree.

Heat the cream slightly.

Blender to puree all the ingredients.

Pour in the cream, if necessary - dilute the soup with broth.

Slices of bacon fry in vegetable oil.

Chop garlic cloves with a press or knife.

Add peas and garlic to bacon, fry for about two minutes, stirring constantly.

Put bacon with peas in a portion plate, pour puree soup and serve.

Cauliflower soup with cream and mushrooms in a slow cooker

The real mushroom flavor is set off by the sharp smell of cauliflower. Try cooking another version of cauliflower cream soup. It will especially appeal to lovers of mushroom dishes.


• six hundred grams of cauliflower;

• one and a half glasses of drinking cream;

• three medium sized potatoes;

• two hundred grams of mushrooms;

• half a liter of vegetable broth;

• one raw yolk;

• two tablespoons of butter;

• two cloves of garlic;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

Put the sliced ​​potatoes and cabbage into the slow cooker.

Pour vegetables with vegetable broth and cream, snap the lid on and cook for half an hour on the soup cooking program.

While the cabbage is boiling, dissolve the butter.

Chop the garlic with a sharp knife.

Mushrooms cut into thin sticks or plates and fry until cooked together with garlic.

Ready vegetables combine with mushrooms and yolk in a blender, fry.

Serve garnished with a sprig of parsley or dill.

Cauliflower Soup with Celery

Celery root gives a shade of freshness to cauliflower cream soup and makes it even more useful.


• three hundred grams of cauliflower;

• two hundred grams of celery;

• one clove of garlic;

• half a cup of cream; • one small carrot;

• Bay leaf;

• salt;

• sunflower oil;

• bulb onion.

Cooking Method:

Fry chopped onion in a hot skillet until transparent.

Cook the cabbage, do not pour out the broth.

Celery and carrots cut and fry separately.

Chop garlic.

Ready to combine vegetables, pour cream and puree.

Cauliflower Soup with Cream Cheese

If Parmesan seems too expensive, boil an original soup with melted curds. Tasty and easy.


• a pound of cabbage dumps;

• small carrots;

• two processed cheese;

• two potatoes;

• bulb onion;

• a glass of cream;

• pepper;

• salt.

Cooking Method:

All vegetables should be peeled and cut into small slices.

Boil two liters of water, salt and throw the vegetables in boiling water.

Finely rub the cheese.

Put the grated cheese into the cooked vegetables, let the soup boil again.

Grind everything in a blender.

Pour the soup into the pan.

Heat the cream and pour into the soup, mix, season with pepper and heat again until boiling.

Cauliflower Soup - Tricks and Tips

Caterpillars can remain in cauliflower leaves. To easily get rid of them, you need to cook salt water and lower the cabbage forks there for five minutes. The caterpillars will float.

Fresh cauliflower, from which a particularly tasty soup will turn out, has green dense leaves around a fork. It should be white, without black spots.

If you do not have fresh cabbage, you can cook the soup from frozen for the future sticks.

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