Chicken with potatoes in a pot - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken in pots.

Chicken with potatoes in a pot - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken in pots.

The final taste of any dish depends largely on the dishes in which it was cooked. After all, the truth is, even ordinary scrambled eggs on a griddle with a ceramic coating are much tastier than ordinary ones. The same thing happens with any dish, but if we talk about chicken cooked in clay pots, it’s just fingers you will lick. The dish is made with a special aroma and extraordinary taste, and even all the ingredients in it are much more tender. In clay pots, you can cook a lot of different dishes, but today you and I will learn how to cook chicken, season it with original spices, add a few more ingredients and serve it straight from the oven hot to the table.

Recipe 1. Chicken with potatoes in clay pots

This dish can be successfully cooked in ceramic pots - the taste will be the same. So, to start cooking chicken and potatoes, we need to prepare pots, gently wash and dry them. Of the ingredients we need: chicken breast or any part of it - 1 kg; potatoes - 1 kg; garlic - 1 head; butter - 20 g; onions - 3 pcs; Cheese - 1 tbsp. on 1 pot; Mayonnaise - 1 tbsp. on the pot; curry, pepper and salt to taste; broth cube - 1 pc.

Let's get started If you have a prepared breast, then you need to cut it into cubes. If you use other parts of the chicken, then first separate the meat from the bones, and only then cut it in an appropriate manner. Regarding the skins, then each of you can do as you wish - you can leave it, or you can delete it. Fold the meat in a deep bowl, salt and pepper, add a spoonful of curry and garlic passed through the press. Mix gently with a wooden or silicone spatula so as not to destroy the integrity of the pieces of meat and set it aside for half an hour to marinate. Meat should be well soaked with spices! Only in this case it will turn out delicate and fragrant. Peel the bulbs and finely chop into cubes. Melt the butter in a skillet, and when it starts to sizzle a little, send sliced ​​onions to it, stir and simmer until low heat until transparent. Remove from heat.

Peel the tubers of potatoes and cut into cubes with a side of 1 cm. It is not necessary to put large cubes of potatoes in the pot, so that as a result you will not get it undercooked. Remember that the meat you have marinated, it will cook in a pot quickly.

While you have prepared all this, it’s time to marinate chicken meat, accordingly, it’s taken as the main process - we put all the products in the pots. At the bottom of the pot, the first layer, we lay out roasted onions, pre-distributing it into 6 servings. That is how many pots you should get from this amount of ingredients. The second layer is marinated meat cubes. Further, in each pot we drop a spoonful of mayonnaise. The next layer is potato cubes. Please note that when filling pots with food, you should remain free about 2 centimeters to the top. Do not risk to fill the pots completely to the top, because in the process of cooking, the ingredients will swell, respectively, the excess will come out. After the potatoes, in each pot, drop a tablespoon of grated cheese.

From the bouillon cube prepare the broth, adding to it 300 ml of boiling water. Pour into pots, close them with lids and send them in the oven for 1 hour. Cooking dish in pots at a temperature of 200 degrees. After an hour, take out one pot and make sure that the potatoes have reached full readiness. If there is no cheese crust in the pot, and the potatoes are still damp, then send the pot back to the oven for a few minutes.

The finished dish can be immediately from the oven to serve!

Recipe 2. Chicken in pots with mushrooms and potatoes

As you understand, the presence of mushrooms in this dish will not only improve the overall taste of the dish, but also give it a unique flavor. So, prepare: chicken breast - 0.5 kg; champignon mushrooms - 250 g; potatoes - 4-5 pieces; carrot - 1 pc; cream - 5-6 tbsp. l .; cheese - 120-140 g; Bulgarian pepper - 2 pieces; pepper and salt to taste; curry and fresh parsley and basil leaves. We proceed to the process: well wash the chicken fillet, dry and cut it into cubes. Peel the onions, then cut them into rings. Mushrooms and bell pepper cut into thin slices. On a frying pan, preheat the vegetable oil and fry the onion ring in it to a transparent color. Immediately after that, add the Bulgarian pepper and mushrooms, mix and continue to simmer another 5 minutes under the lid closed over low heat. Peel and wash the potatoes, then cut them into small cubes. Just do the carrot. Hard grated cheese rubbed on a coarse grater and cut into small cubes.

Prepare the sauce. Pour 400 grams of boiling water into a bowl and add cream to it. Pepper freshly ground pepper, add salt and curry to taste. Stir.

We take the prepared pots and begin to lay out our ingredients in layers. First, lay out a layer of potatoes, then chicken, on top - fried onions with mushrooms and bell peppers. Fill the products with prepared creamy sauce for 2/3 of the pot, and top with cheese. Cover the pots with lids and send them to the oven on the middle shelf for 1 hour. Cooking a dish at a temperature of 180 degrees. After an hour, check the dish for readiness with a toothpick. Potatoes and carrots should be soft! If you suspect that they have not yet fully prepared, you can send the pots to the oven for a few more minutes. Sprinkle the parsley and basil with the finished dish on top, then cover for another 2-3 minutes. Now you can serve the cooked dish to the table.

Recipe 3. Potted Chicken

Unlike previous recipes, now we will cook chicken wings or thighs in pots. To do this, we need to prepare: thighs or wings - 300 g; potatoes - 7-8 pieces; carrot - 1 pc; onions - 1 medium head; mayonnaise, herbs, salt and pepper.

Let's start cooking. Prepared meat chopped into small pieces. If you wish, you can remove the bones, but in this case you will need to prepare more meat so that you end up with 300 grams. Fry the prepared meat pieces in a small amount of butter. Separately, you still need to fry the onion half rings. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes, and rub the cleaned carrots on a coarse grater. Combine carrots with carrots and salt a little. Take a ceramic or clay pot and lay out the bottom layer - fried onions. Then lay out a layer of meat, on top - potatoes with carrots. Then again a layer of meat, then - potatoes and sprinkle with salt. Each layer needs a little salt - this is important! Fill the products with butter, in which the meat and onions were fried, add in each pot a shine of mayonnaise and a piece of butter. Now pour boiled water, cover with lids and send to prepare in the oven for 1 hour at 180 degrees. Serve hot ready right in the pots.

Chicken with Potted Potatoes - Secrets and Good Tips from the Best Cooking Masters

- To make the dish tender and tasty, the meat is pre-marinated or fried in a frying pan. Potato cubes should be small so that they can cook well in the allotted time.

- Instead of potatoes, you can add other vegetables to the dish - tomatoes with bell peppers, green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, etc. Just do not forget to bring them about half-ready.

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