Chicken in a pot - the best recipes. How to cook chicken in a pot.

Chicken in a pot - the best recipes. How to cook chicken in a pot.

Potted Chicken - General Description

Dishes cooked in a pot have long been present in cuisines of different nations of the world, and their popularity is growing. This is primarily due to the simplicity of their preparation. In this case, the result is a deliciously fragrant and beautiful dish, which is not a sin to decorate a festive table. The pots allow you to save time spent on cooking, and do not require an abundance of fat or oil, which is very appreciated by the adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

Chicken in a pot is one of the most nutritious and healthy dishes, because chicken meat in it, which has long been recognized as dietary, is not fried, but is practically stewed in its own juice. It is also a very versatile dish. After adding vegetables, potatoes, rice or buckwheat to a chicken pot, you can get an excellent side dish. This is why potted chicken recipes are so popular.

Chicken in a pot - preparing dishes

As a rule, for culinary purposes, use ceramic pots for baking, having a different capacity and design. For cooking roast with chicken for a small family, you can use a large pot with a capacity of one and a half liters. For portion quenching, you should acquire pots with a capacity of up to five hundred grams. In addition, the inner, unglazed surface of the pots tends to absorb aromas, so ideally, for cooking dishes from meat, fish, or products that have a specific taste and smell, you should have separate pots.

When choosing dishes to extinguish it is also necessary to be guided by the capacity of the oven. For example, if you have a small oven and are going to cook chicken in pots with handles in it, then more than three dishes in the oven will not fit. This means that if you need a larger number of servings, you will have to cook in several passes. An important detail: pots can be put only in a cold oven, otherwise they can crack from the temperature drop. When removing a pot with a ready-made dish from a hot oven, it should be placed on a wooden board, also with the aim of preventing its cracking.

Chicken in a Pot - Food Preparation

Preparation of chicken for cooking in a pot is the same as when cooking other dishes. The whole chicken should be thoroughly washed and dried with a paper towel, if the dish is cooked from slices - carefully chop the selected part of the chicken (very often it is a fillet) into cubes or arbitrary pieces. It is very important to monitor the quality of the meat. It is better to use not frozen, but chilled or steam chicken, then the meat in the dish will be juicy and tender.

Recipe 1: Chicken in a Pot with Pot

A very simple dish, for the preparation of which, pieces of chicken are marinated in spices before laying in pots, then mixed with roasted onions and potatoes and baked.

Ingredients for 6 pots:

1 kg of chicken breasts;

1 head of garlic;

5 onions;

1 kg of potatoes;

20 gr. butter;

1 tbsp. l grated cheese on each pot;

1 tbsp. l mayonnaise for each pot;

1 cube of chicken broth;

salt, black pepper, curry

Method of preparation:

1. Cut the meat into cubes of about 2 cm and, placing them in a deep dish, salt and squeeze the garlic, add the curry and freshly ground black pepper, mix everything and leave to marinate for half an hour.

2. While the meat is pickled, clean the onions and, finely chopped it, fry in a pan until it is golden brown.

3. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes or strips.

4. Put the products in pots in layers for baking. The first layer is fried onion, then chicken pieces, put a spoon of mayonnaise on top, put potatoes on it, so that it does not reach the edges of the container for about 2 cm. We put cheese on the potatoes. 5. Pour into a separate container 1.5 cups of boiling water and dilute one cube of chicken broth in it, then pour it into each pot in equal portions.

6. Cover the pots with lids, put them in the oven and, warming it up to a temperature of 200 degrees, boil about an hour.

Recipe 2: Chicken in a Pot with Homemade Noodles

Not a complicated dish at all, in which chicken fillet is baked in a pot with home-made noodles and vegetables, carrots and onions. An interesting highlight of it is that the pots on top are covered not with lids, but with homemade cakes of dough, which you can then eat instead of bread.

Ingredients for 4 pots:

400 gr. chicken fillet;

1 carrot;

1 onion;

to taste salt and pepper.

For noodles:

150 gr. flour;

1 egg;

2 tbsp. l water;

rast. butter for frying chicken and vegetables;


For cakes:

200 gr. flour;

1 egg;

3 tbsp. l water;

2 tbsp. l butter;

soda at the tip of the knife; soda;


Method of preparation:

1. Prepare homemade noodles by kneading the stiff dough made from flour, cold water, eggs and salt and leaving it for 20 minutes. Then, sprinkle the board with flour, lay out the dough on it, thinly roll out and cut into narrow strips, then dry for about 2 hours.

2. Cut the chicken fillet into small pieces, fry them and put them into pots.

3. Shred onions and carrots with small straws, fry and put them to the meat.

4. While onions are fried with carrots, we make cakes, for which we mix water, egg, salt, softened butter or margarine, then, adding flour with soda, quickly knead the dough, from which we roll thin cakes.

5. Now add noodles and spices to the meat, pour hot water over it and cover each pot with a flat cake, lubricate it with an egg and bake at 200 degrees for about 50 minutes.

Recipe 3: Chicken in a Pot with Oranges

A dish that is not difficult to prepare, but worthy of even a festive table due to the original and noble taste, which gives orange juice to the chicken. Ingredients:

1 whole chicken;

3 cloves of garlic;

1 orange and half a glass of orange juice;

1/4 cup soy sauce;

1 tsp. fresh grated fresh ginger;

1 tbsp. l Sahara.

salt and pepper to taste.

Method of preparation:

1. Rub the chicken with pre-pounded garlic, salt and pepper.

2. Clear the orange and divide it into slices, put them inside the chicken, and place it in the pot.

3. Grate orange zest and sprinkle chicken on it, add orange juice, soy sauce, ginger, ground pepper, and sugar in a pot.

4. Putting the pot in the oven, bake for half an hour at 230 degrees.

Chicken in a pot - tips from experienced chefs

To make chicken meat cooked in a pot more juicy and tender, it is necessary to submerge the container about 15 minutes before the food is loaded. What does this give? The porous walls of the pot are soaked with moisture, when heated in an oven, water evaporates and the meat is cooked as if steamed. In this way, you can get rid of the need to add fat to the dish and, accordingly, reduce its caloric content.

To get a pot with a dish from the oven should be about 10 minutes before its full readiness, since during this time it will still “reach” outside the oven.

In case there is a need to add liquid to the pot, try pouring not water, but wine, because after evaporation of alcohol, the sauce will get a pleasant taste.

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