Red fish cutlets - a festive delicacy and a healthy dinner. Various recipes for red fish cutlets for all occasions

Red fish cutlets - a festive delicacy and a healthy dinner. Various recipes for red fish cutlets for all occasions

In order to cook tasty and light red fish cutlets, no special reason is needed.

This dish is suitable for lunch and dinner, it is good with any side dish, but especially with rice or vegetables.

General principles of cooking red fish cutlets

To prepare red fish cutlets, you can take a budget pink salmon, tender salmon, and noble coho. Yes, any red fish is suitable, from chum to char. If the stuffing is rather dry, butter or cream will come to the rescue. And you can add a little (up to a third of the volume) of some fatty fish, even if not red, such as catfish or halibut.

You can add a little cod or hake to minced salmon (to shade the taste and reduce the cost a bit), but you should not use mackerel or other fish with a bright taste and smell for this purpose: it will be better if red fish cutlets have the smell of red fish .

For making minced meat cutlets, it’s better to do it yourself, and not to take it ready: the taste and quality of the minced meat you buy may disappoint you. For red fish cutlets, it is better to purchase not steaks or, especially, a fillet, but a whole carcass or a large piece. Fillet or thin steak may be frozen or dried. And in fact, and in another case, our delicious red fish cutlets will be dryish.

Choose a beautifully colored carcass, without strange shapeless spots, pleasantly cool to the touch. Fish should not be dry, sticky or as if covered with mucus. Eyes should be normal, not dull, not bloody, gills - fairly bright (and not black and "rotten").

It is better to stay on chilled, rather than frozen fish. It is easier to form an opinion about its freshness and quality (as well as its weight: it is not known how much the fish “lose weight” after thawing).

If you are not going to add any fat to the mince for red fish cutlets, put a small piece of butter inside when forming the product: this will make the dish more juicy. If you are using dry fish, you can sprinkle the minced meat for red fish cutlets with grated butter or a piece of lard, which you need to roll along with the fish in a meat grinder.

You should not get carried away with seasoning: red fish cutlets are very tender, a large amount of pepper or herbs will clog their delicate taste.

Recipe 1. Classic red fish cutlets


Pink salmon fillet (you can take another fish) - 600 g

Onion - 1 onion

Milk - for soaking rolls

Carrot - one small

Egg - 1 piece

Roll - 3 - 4 pieces

Salt pepper

Breadcrumbs, oil for frying, if desired, about 100 g of butter

Method of preparation

Chop onions and carrots with a knife or a blender, let them simmer in a frying pan with a small amount of oil and cool.

Pour milk over the loaf, allow some time to swell and squeeze.

Mince the fillet, bread, onion and carrot through a meat grinder, put an egg in there, salt and pepper. Form patties (if desired, a small piece of butter can be put inside each). Roll in crackers.

Fry under cover until cooked.

Recipe 2. Red Fish “Fragrant” Cutlets


Pink salmon or chum fillet - 500 g

Orange is half large

Onion - 1 onion

Semolina - for breading + 1 tablespoon

Starch - 1 tablespoon

Vegetable oil - for frying

Salt, black pepper, garlic clove

Salo - about 70 g, optional

Method of preparation

Cut the zest from the halves of the orange and chop it. Juice squeeze.

Marinate fish fillets in orange juice.

Chop the onions and fish with a knife as small as possible (no need to use the meat grinder). You can add finely chopped lard.

In the mince beat an egg, add one tablespoon of starch and semolina, salt, pepper, garlic passed through the press. Mix everything well and refrigerate for at least half an hour.

Get the stuffing and make small flat patties out of it.

Mix crushed zest with semolina and breaded cutlets in this mixture.

Put the product on a hot frying pan with hot oil and fry quickly, then reduce the heat to the smallest, cover the pan with a lid and bring the chops to readiness.

Recipe 3. Red fish cutlets with sauce


A piece of red fish - about a kilogram

Lemon small - half

Sour cream - 2 tablespoons

Wheat roll - 3 - 4 pieces

Eggs - 2 pieces

Milk - for soaking rolls

Starch - 2 tablespoons

Onions - 1 medium onion

Salt, pepper, mustard seed, 1 bay leaf

Method of preparation

Cut the fillets from the bones, remove the skin from it. Pour the skin and bones with water so that it only covers the products and boil for 5 minutes. Chill.

Hold bread for about five minutes in milk, then squeeze lightly.

Fish, onions, podvarennuyu skin, soaked in milk loaf grind through a meat grinder. After that, add minced eggs, lemon juice (about one and a half spoons), starch, and spices. Then mix everything and knock out (throw with some force on the table) five times.

Form cutlets and fry them on medium heat for a couple of minutes on both sides.

Meanwhile, strain the broth and mix it with sour cream. Pour the resulting sauce into the pan, add the mustard seed and the smashed bay leaf. Simmer under the lid until tender (minutes 5 - 7).

When serving, garnish with lemon slices and pour over the sauce.

Recipe 4. Red Fish Cutlets “Savory”


Fillet of red fish - 700 g

Pancake Flour - 2 tablespoons

Egg - 1 piece

Breadcrumbs - about glass

Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup - 1 tablespoon

Capers - 1 big spoon

Lemon juice - 2 small spoons

Salt, white pepper, curry - to taste

Method of preparation

Finely chop the fish and capers with a knife. Mix flour, half a cup of crackers, egg, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard. Add spices, juice, squeezed out of lemon, and curry. Put in the fridge at least half an hour.

Remove the mince, knead again. Form the chops, roll them in the remaining crackers and fry under the lid on both sides until cooked.

Recipe 5. Red fish cutlets in the oven


Pink salmon, trout or other red fish (fillet) - 600 g

Roll - 100 g

Milk - soak Onion - 1 is not a very large onion

Garlic - a pair of cloves

Dill - 5 - 6 branches

Eggs - 2 pieces

Butter - 70 g

Mayonnaise - 1 tablespoon

Any cheese - 100 g

Sour cream - 2 tablespoons

Salt, vegetable oil

Method of preparation

Dip a loaf of milk. Fry onion until golden brown. Garlic peel.

Mince the fish fillet, roll, fried onions and garlic.

Beat eggs in mince, put salt and mayonnaise. Finely chop the dill and pour it there. Strongly frozen butter to rub on a grater and put in mince (stir with a spoon, otherwise the butter will melt).

Cheese grate. Sour cream mixed with a few spoons of water.

Form round patties, put them in a baking dish, pre-oiled. Pour with sour cream sauce (it should not cover the patties!), Sprinkle with cheese and bake at 170 degrees for 10 minutes.

Recipe 6. Red fish cutlets with greens


Fillet of any red fish - 700 g

“Hercules” - 2 tablespoons

Dill, parsley - a bunch

Vegetable oil - for frying

Green onions - half-bunch

Onions - 1 small onion

Eggs - 3 pieces

Sour cream fat - 3 - 4 tablespoons

A mixture of Italian herbs, salt - to taste

Method of preparation

Boil two eggs for 10 minutes, then clean and immerse in cold water. Then chop relatively finely.

Grind fillet with “oat-flakes” and onions with a meat grinder. Chop green onions, parsley, dill.

Stir in the minced greenfinch, chopped hard-boiled egg, raw egg, sour cream and dry herbs. Let stand for at least 15 - 20 minutes.

Form cutlets and cook them in vegetable oil, turning several times.

Recipe 7. Red fish cutlets in a cheese crust


Red fish (fillet) - 500 g

Wheat Bread - 100 g

Egg - 1 piece

Milk for soaking rolls

Butter - 100 g

Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons

Parmesan - 100 g

Sesame - 3 - 4 tablespoons

Breadcrumbs - third of glass

Cooking oil for frying

Salt, white pepper or (and) black Method of preparation

Smash a bun, hold it in milk, squeeze a little and turn it along with fish fillets through a meat grinder. Freeze the butter and then rub.

Mix mayonnaise, egg, grated butter, spices into the stuffing. Give the stuffing to brew well (at least half an hour).

Grate cheese very finely and slightly let dry at room temperature. Mix it with crackers and sesame.

Form small flat patties from mincemeat, wrap in breading and fry in a pan with hot vegetable oil.

Recipe 8. Red Fish Cutlets with Green Butter


Fish fillet (pink salmon, chum salmon, trout or other red fish) - 600 g

Semolina - 3/4 cup

A mixture of dry herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano and others)

Butter - 100 g

Dill, spinach, green onions - all together about a bunch

Egg - 2 pieces

A slice of lemon (about a quarter of a small)

Potatoes - 1 large or 2 medium potatoes

Cod or Hake - 200 g


Method of preparation

Let the oil defrost at room temperature.

Greens mince and bring down a mixer or blender with softened butter and lemon quarters juice. Remove the green oil in the freezer.

Skip the potatoes, as well as the fillet of red and white fish through a meat grinder, stir in the minced eggs and half of semolina, add salt. Send in the fridge for half an hour or an hour.

Remove the green oil from the freezer and chop it into small pieces. Dry herbs mixed with the remains of semolina.

Form minced meatballs of elongated shape and press pieces of green oil into them. Roll off products in a mixture of decoys with herbs and fry over low heat, preferably without a lid.

Recipe 9. Steamed red fish cutlets


Coho salmon or pink salmon fillet (you can also use other red fish, but these are the most dietary) - 500 g

“Hercules” fine - 5 tablespoons

Cheese type “Kostroma” - 150 g

Parsley - half-sheaf

Onions - small onion or half large Garlic - 2 cloves

Eggs - 2 pieces

Salt, pepper, nutmeg, dry spicy herbs - to taste

Cream 10% - 3 - 4 tablespoons

Method of preparation

“Hercules” pour cream and let stand.

Meanwhile, chop the fish fillet and onion with a knife or chop. Grind the parsley, grate the smaller cheese, skip the garlic through a press.

Put “oat-flakes” with cream, greens, garlic, knock out eggs, mix cheese, salt and spices in chopped fillet with onions. Mince well knead and knock on the table. Put in a cool place for half an hour.

Form round or oblong patties and cook them in a double boiler or steamed in a colander. It usually takes about 20 minutes, but it all depends on the particular steamer. If desired, you can throw a bay leaf and a few sprigs of rosemary into the water before cooking the cutlets.

Red Fish Cutlets - Tricks and Tips

  • One can take not the whole carcass, but only a part of the tail. More tasty and juicy middle part salted or baked. Cutlets still get tasty, especially if the fish was big and fat.
  • Having divided the carcass, filet is set aside to make red fish cutlets, and the bone, head (removing eyes and gills), fins, skin should be thoroughly washed and used to make soup.
  • In the mince for red fish cutlets, you can add a little grated almond, coriander, mustard seed, and in the breading - sesame and the same almond.
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