Proven recipes for pike fish cutlets: with bacon, cottage cheese, sauce. Fish pike cakes - for an encore!

Proven recipes for pike fish cutlets: with bacon, cottage cheese, sauce. Fish pike cakes - for an encore!

Cutlets ...

Probably everyone loves them, from young to old. And not only because they are tasty in themselves, but they also come with a side dish!

Cutlets are meat, vegetable and fish.

The latter are particularly relevant today. After all, many of us look after our health.

And what could be more useful than fish?

It contains such beneficial fatty acids, the use of which is a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as well as a huge amount of vitamins: fat-soluble A, D, E, not to mention the phosphorus and zinc, iodine and magnesium, iron, calcium and selenium.

It is believed that the fish is similar to chicken meat, because it contains high-quality protein, easily digestible by our body. The benefits of fish are beyond doubt, and of all its varieties and species, many people prefer pike. Firstly, its meat is softer and softer. Secondly, pikes are large fish, therefore, a smaller number of them will be required for cooking. Thirdly, pike is a dietary fish, it has few calories, but a lot of proteins and vitamins. Pike meat is considered to be a good way to prevent the flu and cold, it has many strong antiseptics that help our body fight bacteria. It is not surprising that it is from pike that the Russian mistresses prefer to make fish patties.

Basic principles of cooking fish cutlets from pike

A set of products for the preparation of fish cutlets from pike is almost the same as for meat cutlets.

To make fish cakes even more filling and juicy, some raw grated potatoes are added to the stuffing, as well as fresh fat.

As a side dish for pike fishcakes, use fried or boiled potatoes. Greens and fresh vegetables are also good.

It is preferable to take fresh fish for making fish from pike, because fish is a perishable product, and its quality and freshness can affect the taste of the dish. From large pike cutlets turn out juicier than from small fish.

To get minced fish without bones, you need to twist the fish several times through a meat grinder.

If you take a pike fillet, then you can not twist it, but simply chop it up with a knife, so the pike cutlets will be more tender.

Pike burgers like even those who are indifferent to the fish, if they are properly and originally cooked. Of all the many recipes, more noteworthy are those that are listed below. In each of them, in addition to the standard fish-cutlet set, there is a zest, which makes fish pike outlets an unforgettable dish.

Pike fishcakes: so delicious that you swallow your tongue!

This recipe, for sure, has long been in the culinary piggy banks of many housewives. His secret is whipped egg white.


2 kg. pike

2 pcs. onions

45 gr. drain oils

110 ml. of milk

1 protein

110 gr. long loaf

120 ml. low-fat cream

60 ml. sunflower oil

salt pepper

Cooking Method:

First of all, you need to wash the pike under cold water to remove all the mucus from it.

Next, cut off the fins, head, tail, clean out all the insides, separate the loin from the ridge. Knife scrape the fillet from the skin and chop into small pieces, put in a large bowl.

We clean the onion, cut it into small cubes, pass it in vegetable oil.

Cut bread into small pieces and soak in milk for 10 minutes.

We twist in a meat grinder pulp of pike, onion and bread with milk residues twice to make the meat more homogeneous.

Add to the mince cream, salt and pepper.

In the second bowl, beat the egg white until thick, add it to the minced meat.

We form cutlets, wetting hands with water. Fry them in oil on both sides until light golden brown. Then we leave in the oven for an average temperature and hold there for 15 minutes.

A delicious recipe for pike fish chops with bacon: softer and juicier

Due to the fact that in this recipe one of the main ingredients is lard, pike burgers become more juicy, savory and tender.


A kilogram of cleaned lake pike

150 gr. fresh lard

a pair of slices of loaf or rolls

1 egg

half a cup of milk

onion head

pepper, dill, parsley

sunflower oil

Cooking Method:

Pulp long loaf cut into pieces and pour milk, leave to swell for 10 minutes.

With pike, remove large bones and ridge, cut into fillets and fat cubes and twist in a meat grinder.

Soften loaf squeeze, pour the milk.

Peel the onions and cut into four.

Twist together with pike fillet and lard loaf and onion three times in a meat grinder with a fine sieve.

Add to the resulting mass an egg, as well as pepper, salt and seasonings to taste.

All mix thoroughly until smooth.

In a heated frying pan fry fashioned burgers on both sides over medium heat until beautiful brown crust.

Recipe for pike fish cutlets in the oven: fewer calories, more flavor

Fish cakes are prepared in the oven according to this recipe, so they are considered less high-calorie, because they do not use vegetable oil and fat. But the taste of this does not become worse, but on the contrary, richer.


half a pound of pike

4-5 Art. spoons of semolina

100 gr. bacon

1 egg

1 carrot

1 onion head

a few cloves of garlic

salt, spices to taste

1 tsp mayonnaise

Cooking Method:

Frozen fat cut into small pieces, together with onions twist in a meat grinder.

Add carrots, grated in advance, in a bowl, mix.

We twist the pike fillet several times, add the minced fish to the fat and carrots.

In the garlic press we press the garlic, send it to the stuffing, mix.

Add egg and semolina, salt, pepper, dill. Knead the stuffing.

We place foil or special parchment on a baking sheet. Form the patties and lay them on the foil. Add mayonnaise to each cutlet on top.

We put in the oven for half an hour at an average temperature.

When the burgers have acquired a golden color, remove them.

Recipe for delicious steamed pike fish cutlets in a slow cooker: for those who take care of their body

Steamed dishes are good for your health and body. And pike fishcakes are no exception. They can regale themselves without fear of gaining extra pounds.


Kilogram pike

2-3 eggs

onion head

2 pieces of loaf or rolls

half a cup of milk


spices, salt

Cooking Method:

Soak slices of bread in warm milk.

Twist the pike fillet with onions in a meat grinder, can also as an option crush in a blender.

Beat the eggs a little and add them to the stuffing. Pepper and salt. You can add greenery.

We form cutlets - small and round, we roll them down in flour.

In the bowl multicooker pour 200-300 ml. water, put a bay leaf.

In the device for cooking a couple lay out our patties, not very close to each other.

We select in the Menu the program Cooking for a couple, set the timer for 25 minutes.

After the end of the program we get ready-made fish cakes from pike.

A quick recipe for cooking pike fish cutlets: please your loved ones!

This recipe differs from the others in that we do not use either potatoes or milk in it. It is strict in content, but it is bright in taste.


Kilogram pike

2-3 eggs

Onion Head

salt, pepper to taste


refined sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

Clean the pike, fillet cut. Twist it in a meat grinder twice.

Onion is better not to grind, and chop into cubes.

Mix onions, eggs with the resulting fish mass, pepper, salt to taste.

We make oblong patties and, rolling them in flour, fry in butter until golden brown.

Unusual pike fish cakes with tomato sauce: worthy of a restaurant

In this recipe plays a big role sauce. It is he who gives a note of originality and sophistication to fish cakes.


Kilogram pike


3 cloves of garlic

3/4 cup milk

slice of bread

salt, pepper to taste



refined sunflower oil

4 tomatoes

Onion Head

2 tablespoons of water

Cooking Method:

Bread without crust put in a bowl, add milk, leave for 10 minutes.

We clean the pike, make fillets, cut not too small.

Peel onions and garlic, cut into large pieces.

Grind all ingredients with a blender, add spices and seasonings.

We make cutlets in flour breading. Fry in butter until crisp.

Making the sauce: chop the chopped onion, add grated tomatoes. Pour water and leave to stew for a few minutes, at the end put salt and pepper.

Fish cutlets are laid out with a side dish and sprinkled with tomato sauce.

Recipe for tender fish cutlets made of pike and cottage cheese: appetizing looks and melts in the mouth

The unusual combination of cottage cheese and pike led to the creation of a very tasty and savory dish, which your family and guests will not soon forget. Such fish patties can be served both on weekdays and on the holiday table.


350 gr. pike fillet

150 gr. cottage cheese

1-2 eggs

4 garlic cloves

Two tablespoons of butter

60 gr. flour

60 gr. cereals rolled oats

refined sunflower oil

salt pepper

Cooking Method:

Cut pike fillets into small cubes, add peeled and crumbled onions to it.

Cottage cheese is well rubbed with a spoon, at first without anything, then we break eggs there.

Continuing to grind products together, pepper and salt to taste.

Put the curd-egg mixture in fish, mix well.

We form from this stuffing tortillas. Laying the cake on the palm or board, in the middle of each place a cube of butter. Carefully close and roll out between the palms. Fry with a spoon of sunflower oil garlic crushed in a garlic press. Remove it from the pan, we no longer need it.

Cooking patties in butter, pre-rolling them in a mixture of flour and rolled oats. The color of the finished products should be dark golden.

Tips and tips on cooking fish cutlets from pike

  • Twist the fish pulp through the large grate, but the vegetables and onions through the shallow, then the cutlets will have a more saturated taste.
  • Kitchen tools for working with minced meat should be chilled so that the stuffing does not stick to them and be more uniform.
  • Sometimes in order to make the cutlets more lush, mashed potatoes are added to the mince, but you need to be careful and not overdo it.
  • You can add apples, cheese, boiled eggs to fish stuffing from pike, which makes the meatballs taste more expressive.
  • Minced fish is best to knead with your hands so that there is not a lump in it.
  • After the mince is ready, it is necessary to leave it in the fridge for a while so that it is more convenient to shape the burgers later.
  • For juiciness, you can put a piece of butter or ice in the middle of each patty.
  • Mistresses should know that the higher the content of onions in the fish mince, the more perfect the burgers.
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