We give unloading to an organism, we prepare fish cutlets for a couple. Replacing fried dishes with steamed fish cutlets: the best recipes

We give unloading to an organism, we prepare fish cutlets for a couple. Replacing fried dishes with steamed fish cutlets: the best recipes

Steam cooking is a technology unfairly ignored by many housewives.

Indeed, if you yourself do not think of dishes without a crispy toasted crust, then tune in to the thoughts of steam cutlets is not easy.

But if you go to the menu, putting in the forefront of the favor, the steam kitchen will move many recipes.

Preparing in this way any food, you have to rely on the strong natural taste of products.

Hence the wealth of experiments with spices, additions in the form of cheeses and sauces.

Well, lovers of traditional flavors may be advised to add slightly more fried onions to the mince. One of its flavor is enough to steam the burgers turned out, as they say - you will lick your fingers!

Steamed Fish Cutlets - General Cooking Principles

• Actually the process of heat treatment of steamed fish cutlets does not take much time. Most of it is spent on cleaning and cutting fish. But if you take ready fillets or purchased minced meat, the cooking time will be almost halved.

• To cook steam cutlets you need a stove with a double boiler, or a slow cooker. For grinding fish and products - a meat grinder (manual or electric) or a blender, a grater with medium and large cells.

• You will need to take two chopping boards as your kitchen equipment. One for fish, the second (separate) - for cutting additional products.

• And of course, be sure to need a bowl for kneading minced meat.

• The fish should be chosen not too fat and at the same time not dry, the sea is best suited. It has fewer small bones that can get into cutlets. Especially if you decide to cook minced, and not from minced meat twisted in a meat grinder.

• If you decide to take a river fish, better grind it with a blender. In this case, even very small bones will not be visible.

• You can add onions, carrots, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, soaked bread and cream to minced fish. It all depends on the recipe. • Remarkably tasty fish cakes steamed with a filling of cheese and greens.

• In a double boiler or a slow cooker, you can cook not only the main course. If you want to save time, cook steam fish cakes simultaneously with a side dish. There is always room for him in the lower tank.

• As a side dish, you can cook rice, corn porridge, potatoes, or choose according to your taste. But at the same time consider the time needed to bring the side dish to readiness.

Steamed fish cutlets with corn porridge in a double boiler


• 600 grams of sea fish fillets;

• two onions;

• 2 chicken eggs;

• 11% cream - 100 ml;

• 60 grams of butter;

• 4 tbsp. l white bread (wheat) crackers;

• evaporated salt, black crushed pepper, olives.


• corn grits - 2 glasses;

• 1 carrot;

• 50 grams of sweet cream butter;

• herbs and salt to taste.


• green pea;

• paprika;

• Bulgarian pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the breadcrumbs with cream and leave for some time to swell.

2. Spread crushed onions in butter to a frosted glass and cool.

3. Cut the fish fillet into pieces and, together with onions and soaked bread crumbs, chop the meat grinder through a fine grate.

4. Add to the cutlet mass of eggs, whipped with salt, a little black pepper. Salt and mix well.

5. In small silicone molds, put on a full, with a slide, a tablespoon of cutlet mass. Place an olive in the center, drown it slightly, and level the surface.

6. Cut the carrot into small cubes.

7. Wash the cornmeal under water and mix with the carrot. Add salt to the grain, add herbs to your taste.

8. Fill the cereal with 400 ml of boiling water and transfer everything to the double boiler.

9. Put the cereal container on the lower level, and the mincemeat tins on the top.

10. Cook steamed fish cakes with a side dish for half an hour.

11. Put the finished patties out of the molds. Sprinkle with paprika, green peas, garnish with thin strips of sweet pepper.

Steamed fish cakes with rice garnish in a slow cooker


• 400 gram cod carcass;

• 250 grams of 9% cottage cheese;

• one raw egg;

• a small slice of white wheat long loaf;

• 72% butter;

• fresh greens.


• three multi-cups of rice cereal (160 ml glass);

• two carrots and one sweet (Bulgarian) peppercorn;

• small garlic head.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the whole fish thoroughly under the tap. With a knife in the direction from the tail to the head, carefully scrape the scales and rinse again. Cut off the fins, remove the tail. Cut the abdomen and gut the fish well.

2. Remove the skin, cut it in half lengthwise. Remove the ridge, select all the bones and cut the meat into pieces.

3. Soak the bread in the water. Remove crusts, and squeeze the flesh well.

4. Pass the fish fillet along with the curd and soaked bread through a meat grinder. Enter spices, salt, raw egg, chopped greens, and carefully knead the minced fish.

5. Form small oval blanks from minced fish. When forming in the center of each put a small piece of butter.

6. Pour two spoons of refined oil into the crock-pot. Put sliced ​​vegetables - carrots and bell peppers.

7. Rinse the rice to clean water and transfer it to a container of vegetables. Fill the rice with five cold water multi-cups. Salt, pepper.

8. From the garlic head, remove the upper thin husk and press in the center of the rice.

9. In a steamed greased vegetable oil bowl, place the fish cakes and place it in the slow cooker.

10. On the panel, set the option “Pilaf” and start cooking. After the beep, the fishcakes and side dishes will be ready.

Steamed fish cakes with cheese filler, in a slow cooker


• 400 gr. minced cod;

• small onion;

• one egg;

• 200 gr. semi-hard cheese;

• chopped fresh dill;

• “Fish Spices”.

Cooking Method:

1. In a cod mince on a medium grater, rub the onion. Add an egg, “Spices for fish”. Salt and knead well until smooth. 2. Make a flat cake out of a small amount of minced meat. Put some greenery on it, a small bar of cheese. Cover the cheese with a second cake of the same kind and form an oval cutlet.

3. Grease the container of the double boiler with oil and place the prepared semi-finished products in it.

4. Pour three multi-cups of cold drinking water into the brew bowl. Set the processor mode “Steaming” for half an hour and start the execution.

5. After shutting down, place the steam cakes on a dish and sprinkle lightly with melted butter.

Steamed potato patties in a slow cooker


• eight small potatoes;

• a pound of minced fish;

• onions - head medium size;

• one carrot;

• two cloves of garlic;

• a tablespoon of natural butter;

• a small bunch of fresh greens;

• crumb from loaf - 80 grams;

• pasteurized milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Milk loaf of bread and soak for 10 minutes, take out the bread, squeeze out the remaining milk with your hands.

2. Through the medium grinder skip minced fish together with carrots, onions, garlic, greens and bread crumb.

3. Add melted butter over low heat. Sprinkle with spices, salt and knead thoroughly. From the prepared minced fish, mold the blanks of the desired shape and size, transfer them to the grid of the steam container.

4. Cut the potatoes into small pieces and put them in a bowl. Add butter to the potatoes.

5. Insert the container with blanks into the multicooker and set the option “Baking” on the remote control. Prepare the dish should 40 minutes.

Steamed fish patties made of pollock ice-cream with potatoes


• a pound of pollock;

• three potatoes;

• 2 onions;

• one egg;

• 150 grams of fresh greens.

Cooking Method:

1. Pollock rinse thoroughly. Scrape the fish with a knife, removing the remnants of the scales, and divide it into fillets. Remove the ridge and bones.

2. Without removing the skin, chop pieces of fish mixed with onions and potatoes in a meat grinder.

3. Add egg, ground pepper and chopped greens to the rolled meat meat. Salt to taste and mix thoroughly. 4. Form small patties with wet hands and place them on a steaming grid. Grease the grill itself with oil.

5. In a saucepan, pour in half the volume of hot water, boil. Put the grill on top of the pan and cook the patties for a couple of 25 minutes.

Chopped steamed fish cutlets with cheese in a slow cooker


• kilogram of cod fillet (preferably chilled);

• large onion;

• white loaf crumb - 100 gr .;

• hard, easily melted cheese - 150 gr .;

• 2 raw eggs;

• 22% cream - 200 ml;

• Dill greens - 3 branches without stems.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the chilled cod fillets into small cubes. The smaller, the better.

2. Onions cut into small pieces, you can chop up with a meat grinder or grater.

3. Grate cheese with medium cells, finely chop the greens. Sirloin long loaf of bread with a blender, you can scroll through a meat grinder.

4. Place the fish in a deep bowl, add the crushed loaf and pour all the cream.

5. Stir in the same chopped greens, onions and eggs.

6. Add quite a bit of salt, cheese chips, and again mix everything well with your hands. Cover the bowl with a lid (as an option - with a film) and remove for half an hour in a cold place. Do not worry if the cooked mince will turn out to be somewhat watery. When cooled, it thickens and becomes quite plastic.

7. From the chilled mincemeat mold oblong meatballs, slightly beating the stuffing on the palm. It is convenient to do this by transferring the workpiece from one hand to another.

8. Install a steam container in the multicooker. Pour water into the bowl so that it does not reach it by 2 cm.

9. Lubricate the container with oil and place the patties on it. Cook for 20 minutes by selecting the “Steaming” mode.

Steamed fish cakes for kids (with semolina)


• half a kilo of salmon fillet;

• onions - a small head;

• a bunch of fresh herbs (any, to taste);

• one small carrot;

• two tablespoons of semolina;

• one egg;

• half a cup of breadcrumbs;

• to taste - spices.

Cooking Method:

1. Whisk the eggs and mix them with semolina. Let the mixture stand for 20 minutes. 2. Through a medium-sized grill in a meat grinder, twist the fish fillet with carrots and onions.

3. Add chopped greens. Use hands or a spoon to mix everything into a homogeneous mass.

4. Stir the mixture of semolina with egg, salt in the minced fish and stir well again. If the mass turned out to be watery, add some breadcrumbs into it and put the cutlet mass in the cold for a while.

5. Knock minced meat on the table and, using wet hands, mold small burgers out of it.

6. Prepare such fish patties on the stove in a double boiler. The cooking time is 30-40 minutes, from boiling water in the bottom container.

Steamed Fish Cakes - Tricks and Tips

• To prevent fish cakes from breaking up during cooking, the minced meat should not be liquid. Adjust the texture by adding breadcrumbs.

• If you add a little spice and bay leaf in a bowl of water, fish steam cakes will be more fragrant.

• The best steam cutlets are obtained from meat of large fish species. As a rule, it has a strong own taste and large bones are easily removed from it. And there are practically no small bones there.

• To make the burgers more fluffy, add cold mashed potatoes to the cutlet mass, but not more than a third of the original volume.

• If cream is used according to the recipe, add two-thirds of the norm to the cutlet mass. The rest enter whipped, immediately before the formation of meatballs.

• Steamed fish patties will be more succulent if you sprinkle onions in butter for a bit.

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