Dry-cured sausage at home - naturally! Recipes dried sausage at home from different meats

Dry-cured sausage at home - naturally! Recipes dried sausage at home from different meats

Dried homemade sausage is different from the store counterpart. It is much harder, the product is harder to cut, and the taste is not so bright. After all, it does not have glutamate and all these eEshek. But it is natural, it smells of meat and the spices that you add. This product is not terrible to take with you on a trip, to offer to relatives and to put on a festive table. And how wonderful it goes with beer! Much better than chips and crackers. Let's hit on a natural sausage?

Dried sausage at home - general principles of cooking

Dried products are not prepared from finely twisted minced meat. It should have pronounced pieces. Meat just cut. It can be passed through a meat grinder, but only if there is a large mesh. Lard is also added to sausages, it is allowed to use the peritoneum with layers. After preparing the meat products, spices are added. Often put alcohol-containing drinks, vinegar. They prevent spoilage and inhibit the development of bacteria.

What else is added:

• salt, sugar;

• fragrant spices, herbs;

• garlic.

With spices, you need to be careful, it is important not to shift the excess, since after drying, their concentration in the product will increase.

Prepared by the recipe products fill the sausage casings, and the semi-finished products are sent to fade. It is very important to find a suitable place with a temperature of no more than 15 degrees. The room should be ventilated, ideally intensively purged. Often, fans are installed for this purpose or sausages are hung under the hoods. Drying sausage is long and on average takes from 2 to 5 weeks.

Recipe 1: Dry sausage at home from veal

A simple option for making natural dried sausage at home. It will require natural chereva (guts), but if they are not able to get them, then use gauze. Ingredients

• 1.5 kg of veal;

• 600 grams of fat;

• 5 cloves of garlic (you can not put);

• 50 grams of cognac;

• 30 grams of sugar;

• 3 tablespoons of salt;

• 1/4 spoon black pepper.


1. Wash pieces of fat, drain and rub with a portion of salt (use a third) with chopped garlic. We put it in a container, ship it in the fridge and keep it for 12 hours, you can leave it longer.

2. We wash the veal too, dry it, pour it with the remains of salt, pepper it right away. Then add sugar, cognac, mix well and also send to the cold, withstand from 12 to 24 hours.

3. We take the meat and cut into small pieces or twist through a meat grinder with a large grid. The mass should be chopped, heterogeneous.

4. Salo dried in the air and grind too. Better in small cubes, so that the fat was clearly visible in the sausage and not mixed with the total mass.

5. Combine bacon with beef, mix, add garlic and fill round. Or wrap the meat in cheesecloth, rolled in several layers.

6. Now sausages need to be cleaned in a cool and well-ventilated room for at least 14 days. The temperature should not exceed 15 degrees. You can then evaluate the product.

Recipe 2: Dry-dried sausage at home from chicken

To make chicken sausage, you need a breast, more precisely, two things. Spices can add any, not just those that are listed in the recipe.


• 2 chicken breasts;

• 1 clove of garlic;

• 20 grams of salt;

• 10 grams of sugar;

• black pepper;

• guts or parchment.


1. Separate the fillets from the breasts, remove the skin and bones. Cut chicken into small pieces.

2. Add crushed garlic clove, you can put more.

3. Put sugar and salt, sprinkle pepper and mix well, try to work out each piece. We leave the workpiece on the air for 2 hours. 4. Fill the guts with chicken breast with spices. Or we tear off a piece of parchment, spread the cushion in the form of sausage, wind it up, tie the tips.

5. Dry the sausages in a cool place. If they are from the guts, then you can hang. If parchment was used, then put it horizontally on the grill to ensure air flow from below.

6. After 2 weeks, the sausage will noticeably decrease in size, will be covered with white bloom and it will be possible to take a sample.

Recipe 3: Dry sausage at home with nuts

Another way to cook dried sausage. The final product has a terrific nut flavor. Meat for it, you can use any. For drying we will use an electric dryer, but you can do without this device.


• 800 grams of meat;

• 0.5 tablespoons of coriander;

• 0.5 tablespoons of sugar;

• 1.3 tablespoons of salt;

• vinegar 6%;

• 200 grams of salted lard;

• 70 grams of nuts;

• pepper.


1. Combine salt with sugar, coriander and pepper.

2. Cut the meat into thin layers, sprinkle with vinegar and rub with spices. We put in a container, put a small oppression (0.5 kg is enough) and keep the day in the cold.

3. We get, we dry and cut into pieces, we twist through a meat grinder.

4. With the fat, remove the skin, cut into cubes and send to the meat.

5. Walnuts need to chop with a knife. The size of the pieces do to your taste. Someone likes to grind them into powder, someone likes to feel the nucleoli.

6. Mix nuts with meat products, form sausages in any way.

7. We put in the electric drier and lightly press it to grab the upper crust. Usually enough 2 hours. It is undesirable to keep items in the appliance for longer than 4 hours, as the fat will flow and for cooking you need a lower temperature.

8. We take out the blanks and send to reach readiness in a cool room. On average, this process will take about two weeks.

Recipe 4: Dried sausage at home with ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid is an additive that will help preserve the color of the meat and prevent its attenuation. You can buy it in a pharmacy, in stores for food production, in online stores. Recipe for pork, use fatty pieces.


• 1 kg of pork;

• 35 grams of salt;

• 0.5 g of ascorbic acid;

• 0.5 tsp. dried garlic;

• 30 grams of cognac;

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• 1 bay leaf;

• black pepper, can be red or a mixture.


1. Cut the pork in such pieces, which will be in the meat grinder.

2. Add cognac to the meat, spices, mix. Take a piece of gauze or cotton cloth, moisten it in water, squeeze and cover the pork.

3. We clean in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. Daily we get and we mix. As soon as the pieces darken and become dense, you can start cooking.

4. Scroll the meat through a meat grinder, bay leaf should be removed immediately.

5. Add ascorbic acid, mix.

6. Fill the minced meat with intestines, tie the ends with threads. It is necessary to make several punctures with a thin needle. If during the filling of the shells formed bubbles, then we prick straight into them.

7. We remove the blanks for 14-20 days in a cool place with a temperature of 7-15 degrees.

Recipe 5: Mixed dried sausage at home

It is believed that for cooking delicious dried sausage at home is better to use several types of meat. But it is very important that everything is fresh and of high quality.


• 600 grams of veal;

• 600 grams of pork;

• 300 grams of peritoneum;

• 60 ml of brandy;

• 60 grams of salt;

• 1/3 scoops of peppers;

• 40 grams of sugar.


1. Wash the meat, leave to air dry. Then cut into layers, as in chops. Peritoneum also. 2. Mix all the spices, pour the pieces of meat and lard, but remove it in a separate dish. In the meat add brandy to the peritoneum is not necessary.

3. Put the containers in the fridge, withstand 48 hours. Periodically swap lower pieces with upper slices.

4. Twist the meat. We hold the peritoneum for an hour in the freezer and then cut it into cubes. We mix everything.

5. Fill the casing and send the sausages to fade for 3 weeks to the ventilated room.

Recipe 6: Dry sausage at home from horse meat (elk)

Horsemeat sausage, like moose meat, is considered a real delicacy. If you managed to master a good piece of meat, then why not prepare it for future use? The recipe for dry-cured sausage at home for these types of meat is the same.


• 2 kg of meat;

• 200 grams of fat;

• 70 grams of salt;

• 2 tablespoons of vodka;

• 30 grams of sugar.

For a pinch of the following spices: cumin, coriander, hops-suneli, dill dry.


1. Elk must be soaked for 24 hours in water. Vinegar is usually added to it. Horse meat can be used immediately.

2. Cut the pieces under the meat grinder. Twist together with lard, always through a large grid.

3. Add all the spices, vodka, mix. We remove for 36 hours in the refrigerator, do not forget to stir every 5-6 hours.

4. We take out meat, we wring out from the released juice, we fill covers.

5. Suspend sausages in a dry and cool place, dry for at least two weeks.

Recipe 7: Dry Salted Sausage “Salchichon” at Home

Italian recipe for dry sausage, honed under the home conditions. Ideally, it is made from special pork from animals of certain breeds and only carbonade is used.


• 500 grams of carbonade;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 50 grams of bacon;

• 1.5 tablespoons of salt;

• Red pepper;

• Italian herbs.


1. Put the carbonade in the freezer and keep for 2 days. 2. Then we get, we thaw, we merge water, we cut into pieces, we sprinkle with spices and we clean for a day just in the refrigerator.

3. We take out the meat again, cut it into small cubes, add twisted lard, chopped garlic.

4. Fill the shell, tie the ends.

5. Real salchichon is dried for at least two months in special drying chambers. But since this is a simplified recipe, three or four weeks is enough.

Dried sausage at home - tips and tricks

• How much salt should be put in dried sausage? An unsalted product is tasteless, salted is not good either. It is difficult to determine exactly, as the taste will depend on the degree of shrinkage. But on average, for 1 kg of raw meat is 35-40 grams of salt.

• Lack of intestines is not a reason to abandon the preparation of homemade sausages and feed chemicals to households. Round can be replaced with food films, parchment, cloth. You can also order artificial and natural casings on the Internet. They are already processed, do not require additional preparations.

• The best time to prepare dried stocks is autumn or spring, when the temperature is above zero, but not more than 15 degrees. Blanks can be hung on the balcony, in the shed, in the attic. And if the temperature suddenly drops or rises, then you can always go down to the basement or temporarily put it in the fridge.

• Dried sausages are themselves hard, and if you use the meat of old animals, they will not be able to chew. Use only tender veal, tenderloin of young pigs.

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