Cutlets in the oven (step-by-step recipe) is an alternative to steam cutlets. Variants of cutlets in the oven: dietary and with sauce

Cutlets in the oven (step-by-step recipe) is an alternative to steam cutlets. Variants of cutlets in the oven: dietary and with sauce

Cutlets in the oven are juicy, soft, with an appetizing golden crust. This method allows you to cook with a minimum amount of oil or fat.

Cutlets in the oven (step by step recipe) - the basic principles of cooking

Cutlets are made from any meat. Stuffing is made from pork, chicken, turkey, beef, or cooked platter. Cutlets can be made from minced meat or minced meat. For the preparation of minced meat take the flesh, cleaned it of all the excess, washed and cut into small pieces. Crush the meat in mincemeat using a blender or meat grinder. For chopped meatballs, the pulp is cut as small as possible. This will be easier to do if the meat is slightly frozen. To cutlets turned out juicy and tasty, the meat must be only fresh or chilled.

Cutlets are cooked not only from ground beef, but also from fish or vegetable.

Garlic, onions, white bread, eggs, spices and greens are required to prepare the cutlet mass.

Onions for meatballs can be taken onion, green or red. The bulbs are peeled and twisted in a meat grinder, or chopped into thin pieces. Green onions are rinsed and chopped into thin rings.

Garlic is peeled and squeezed through a garlic press, or ground on the smallest grater.

Bread or roll should be stale. It is soaked in milk or water, or grated in a crumb and added to the stuffing.

Cutlet mass can be done differently: put mince into a blender tank, add the remaining ingredients and smash everything together until smooth.

Eggs are added to minced meat, salted, seasoned with spices and herbs. In addition to the main ingredients, boiled or raw vegetables, mayonnaise or sour cream are added to it. For juiciness, add some water or broth into the mince. All thoroughly knead their hands, slightly beating on the bowl. It is advisable to put the cutlet mass in the refrigerator for a while.

Then with wet hands we form cutlet mass of cutlets of the same size, and spread them on a baking sheet, covered with parchment. In some recipes, cutlets are first fried on intense fire until golden brown, and only after that they bake in the oven for no more than half an hour. If the cutlets are raw, they are baked in the oven for 15 minutes, and then continue to cook, adding broth, sauce or sour cream. Cooking time depends on the composition of minced meat, so you must clearly adhere to the recipe.

Bake the patties at 180-200 degrees. It is at this temperature that the cutlets are perfectly baked inside, remaining juicy, and have an appetizing crispy crust.

Cutlets can be baked in foil. Especially juicy they are obtained under creamy or tomato sauce. In this case, it turns out a meat dish with gravy, which is ideal for any side dish.

Recipe 1. Juicy patties in the oven (step-by-step recipe)


half a kilo of pork and beef;

ghee and vegetable oil;

300 g boiled potatoes;



freshly ground pepper;

two cloves of garlic;



75 g semolina;

75 g finely chopped dill;

1/4 cup cream.

Method of preparation

1. Wash beef and pork, dip it with a paper kitchen towel. Cut off streaks and films. Cut the meat into small chunks and grind to a state of minced meat using a blender or meat grinder.

2. Cut off the root of the bulb and remove the husk. Cut it into four pieces. Garlic cloves also free from the upper shell. Put the onion and chives in a blender, pour in a couple of tablespoons of water and perebeyte all until smooth. Garlic-onion gruel add to minced meat. Or twist the vegetables with meat.

3. Wash the tubers of potatoes, put in a saucepan, cover with water and put on fire. Boil until soft vegetable. Then drain the broth, and cool the potatoes. Remove the thin peel from the tubers. Grate the vegetable grated with small sections. Chopped vegetable, add to stuffing. Here also hammer a chicken egg.

4. Sort through the dill, remove the dry and yellowed twigs. Rinse the greens and finely crumble. Add the dill in minced meat. Season it with salt and spices. Pour the cream into the mince and add the semolina.

5. Knead the stuffing thoroughly, lightly beating it on the bowl. It should be a homogeneous, dense mass. Cover the bowl with the minced meat with cling film and leave to rest for half an hour.

6. Now start to mince into patties. To make them the same size, put the stuffing on a cutting board and distribute it over the entire area in a rectangle of equal thickness. Using a sharp knife, cut the layer with a sharp knife along and across to form the same portioned pieces. From each form an oval cutlet. 7. Cover the baking sheet with parchment or foil. Lightly oil and place the patties. Turn on the oven at 210 degrees. As soon as it warms up to the desired temperature, put the pan on an average level and bake for half an hour. In order to form a delicious ruddy crust on top, turn on the grill for a couple of minutes at the end of cooking.

8. Cutlets in the oven (step-by-step recipe) serve with any side dish, either with tomato sauce or ketchup.

Recipe 2. Diet patties in the oven (step-by-step recipe)


450 g minced chicken or turkey;

vegetable oil for lubrication;

150 g onions;


1/2 cup oatmeal;

freshly ground pepper;

two tablespoons of green cilantro;


75 ml of ice water;


garlic - two cloves.

Method of preparation

1. Minced meat for meatballs can be taken ready, or you can cook it yourself from poultry meat. To do this, remove the fillet from the bone, cut off the skin and grind it in a blender or meat grinder.

2. Onion peel and rinse. Cut into large pieces, put in a blender container and kill until a homogeneous slurry. Put the onion in the stuffing. Pour ice water here.

3. Kinza bust, rinse, lightly dry and finely chop. Send to bowl with minced meat. Free garlic chives from the upper skin and squeeze the mince directly through the garlic crush. Add salt, oatmeal and season with spices.

4. Knead the minced meat with clean hands, lightly beating it on the bowl, until a homogeneous dense mass is obtained. A bowl of minced meat covered with foil and put in the refrigerator for half an hour. During this time, the meat is saturated with the aromas and flavors of spices, and the oatmeal swells.

5. Cover the deep form with foil, lubricate it with vegetable oil. Moisten hands with water and form small round patties of the same size from minced meat. Put it in the form.

6. Heat the oven to 220 degrees. Put the cutlet in the oven on an average level and bake for 20 minutes. Diet burgers in the oven (step-by-step recipe) are suitable for people who are overweight and baby food.

Recipe 3. Cutlets in the oven: a step-by-step recipe with gravy


Half a kilo of ground beef;

30 ml of sunflower oil;

tablespoon flour; 3 g of spices;

200 ml of broth;

two onions;

two cloves of garlic;

80 g tomatoes in their own juice;

slice loaf;

30 ml of milk;

Bay leaf.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the loaf into small pieces. Put it on a plate and cover it with cold milk. Leave it for ten minutes.

2. Free onions and garlic cloves from the husk. Wash. Bulbs cut into four parts. Put everything in a blender and interrupt until a homogeneous slurry.

3. Mix the minced meat with vegetables. Squeeze the bread slightly and add to the minced meat bowl. Season everything with spices and salt. Knead the stuffing well until smooth. Cover the bowl with wrap and leave for 20 minutes. This is necessary so that the stuffing is soaked with spices.

4. Make small patties of round or oval shape from mince. Grease the deep heat-resistant form with oil. Ceramic or glass is best for this. Turn the oven on 180 degrees. Place the cutlets tightly together.

5. Put the pan on the stove. Pour onto a dry, preheated pan flour and fry it until golden brown. Add the flour to the tomatoes in their own juice and mix thoroughly so that no lumps remain. Pour the broth into the tomato mixture and stir again. Cook all a couple of minutes.

6. Fill the tomato sauce with tomato sauce. Put bay leaves between cutlets. Put the form in a preheated oven and cook for about half an hour. To grill cutlets on top, turn on the grill for a few minutes at the end.

Cutlets in the oven (step by step recipe) - tips and tricks

To make burgers soft, airy and juicy, twist the meat through a meat grinder a couple of times.

Add a couple of spoons of any liquid to the mince so that the cutlets do not turn out too tight.

For juiciness add a little fat in the mince.

In the minced meat is better to add eggs not entirely, but only the yolks.

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