Fruit soup - breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert? The best recipes for great fruit soups: hot and cold

Fruit soup - breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert? The best recipes for great fruit soups: hot and cold

Sweet fruit soups are light and tasty dishes.

They can be prepared for breakfast or afternoon tea, served as a useful dessert or treat for children.

And such soup quickly cooked, consist of the simplest ingredients and always turn out successful!

Fruit Soup - General Cooking Principles

For cooking soups use any fruit. They can be fresh, frozen, dried. Berries can be added to them. All ingredients before use, you need to rinse, clean, remove the bones, if they exist. Next, the products are cut or frayed, often from them make decoctions - compotes. They serve as the base, that is, the broth.

Sometimes fruit soups are prepared on the basis of dairy products, juices, jelly, carbonated drinks. Various sweets can be added to them: chocolate, marshmallows, waffles, sweets. For aroma put vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, various essences.

Recipe 1: Rice fruit soup with carrots

The recipe is sweet, but nourishing and nutritious fruit soup. Rice can be used any: long, round, large or small, steamed. Dried fruits give enough sweetness to the dish, but if it is not enough, then you can add sugar.


• 80 grams of dried apricots;

• 80 grams of raisins;

• 50 grams of rice;

• 3 apples;

• 1.6 liters of water;

• 1-2 carrots.

Sugar to your taste.


1. Boil water. Add grated carrot and set to boil for three minutes.

2. Add the washed rice several times and cook together.

3. We wash dried fruits, we remove twigs from raisins, cut dried apricots into cubes.

4. We clean the apples and cut them into cubes too.

5. Alternately throws dried fruit, after which we throw apples. Every time we give the soup to boil. 6. Cook until ready rice. At the end we try, if necessary, then we will sweat.

7. Serve this soup can be hot or cold.

Recipe 2: Fruit and Yoghurt Soup “Ease”

The simplest recipe for fruit soup without cooking. Instead of yogurt, you can use the starter, sour milk, ryazhenka or kefir.


• 1 banana;

• 1 orange;

• 1 apple;

• 500 ml of drinking yoghurt;

• sugar, vanilla, cinnamon as desired.


1. We clean the apple and cut into small cubes no more than 0.5 cm. Otherwise, the pieces in the soup will be tough.

2. We also peel the orange, divide it with slices and cut each into pieces. Sent in a bowl to the apple.

3. Add a banana, which also needs to be peeled and cut. Here the size of the pieces can be any, as the banana is quite soft.

4. If yogurt is sweet, then you can add nothing. If unsweetened dairy products are used, then add sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, mix well to dissolve.

5. Fill the sliced ​​fruit and you can taste the soup!

Recipe 3: Okroshka Fruit Soup

Children will be delighted with this fruit soup. Wonderful dessert, especially for the summer. Instead of lemonade, you can use any other sparkling water, but only so that it does not contradict the taste of the fruit, for example, cola or tarragon will not work.


• 2 bananas;

• 1 liter of lemonade;

• several chocolate cubes;

• 2 peaches or 4 canned halves;

• 1-2 kiwis;

• some ice cream.


1. Peel bananas, first cut along, and then across.

2. Cut the peaches in half, remove the bone, then cut it in half and cut it into thin slices.

3. We clean the kiwi, cut into four parts and also into slices.

4. We stir fruit, we arrange in plates.

5. When serving, pour lemonade, put a spoonful of ice cream and 1-2 cubes of chocolate.

Recipe 4: Fruit Soup with Dumplings

It turns out, dumplings are tasty not only in the usual first dish. In the fruit soup they will also find a place! Dried fruits can be used absolutely any: raisins, apples, prunes, pears, dried apricots, etc. But it is better to mix, not one kind.


• 200 grams of dried fruit;

• 2 liters of water;

• sugar;

• 100 ml sour cream;

• 2 eggs;

• flour;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Wash dried fruit, pour water and boil. But not to full readiness. Fruits should not boil and become tasteless.

2. Add sugar to taste.

3. For dumplings, beat two eggs in a glass with a pinch of salt and top up with milk or water. Combine with flour and knead soft dough. According to the consistency, as for pancakes.

4. Scoop the dough with a spoon and drop it into boiling compote. The smaller the pieces, the more accurate the dumplings will be.

5. Boil for about three minutes until cooked.

6. Add a spoonful of flour to the sour cream, stir it and put it into the soup, give the dish to boil well and turn it off. Before serving, cool to 5 degrees, but can be consumed chilled.

Recipe 5: Fruit soup with rice dumplings

A special feature of this fruit soup is the addition of rice dumplings. For the dish, you can use absolutely any fruits and berries, we will cook with apples.


• 700 grams of apples;

• 300 ml of milk;

• 100 grams of round rice;

• 30 grams of sugar;

• 50 ml of cream.


1. Wash the apples, remove the skin. Cut into cubes, pour water and boil until soft pieces. But make sure that they do not boil down. Especially often this happens with summer apples. Cool broth.

2. Wash rice, but not until clear water. We need a viscous porridge, so simply wash away the pollution.

3. Boil rice for 10 minutes in boiling water. Drain the broth, pour in boiling milk and boil a thick gruel, add granulated sugar. 4. Put the porridge in a plate in an even layer and cool. Then cut the dumplings. Any form: cubes, squares, diamonds, triangles. If the porridge is well frozen, it will be easy to do.

5. Spoon the dumplings into plates, pour over the chilled soup and add cream.

Recipe 6: Fruit and Chocolate Soup

Fruit soup with chocolate is just a miracle! To make it you need any juice: orange, apple, grape, you can take a mixture of several types. Chocolate can take milk or black.


• 4 yolks;

• 100 grams of chocolate;

• 4 spoons of powdered sugar;

• 1 pinch of vanilla;

• 500 ml of juice;

• 500 ml of water.


1. Pour the water into the saucepan, add the chocolate pieces and set on the stove. The chocolate will melt, let the mixture boil.

2. Combine yolks with powder and vanilla, stir and add a little juice, pour a thin stream into hot chocolate. In the process you need to constantly stir, so that the egg is not curled.

3. Enter the remaining juice, warm up the mass, it will become thicker.

4. As soon as it starts to boil, you need to turn it off. Done!

Recipe 7: Fruit Yoghurt Soup

You can cook such soup with any fruits and berries, but it is especially successful with melons, bananas, peaches and oranges. Yogurt can be taken natural or with additives, but drinking, it should not be thick.


• 0.5 kg melon;

• 8 dried apricots stuff;

• 1 orange;

• 0.5 pomegranate;

• 1 liter of yogurt.


1. Clear the melon, cut into neat and small cubes, throw in a bowl or saucepan.

2. Soak dried apricots with hot water, but not boiling water, let them swell and cut each into 4 parts, send to melon.

3. Add peeled and diced orange.

4. Fill with yogurt, stir and pour into plates. 5. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds on top and you're done!

Recipe 8: Fruit Noodle Soup

The recipe is a wonderful soup made of fruits, very tasty and quite rich. It can be cooked not only with pasta, but also with other pasta.


• 1 apple;

• 1 pear;

• 0.5 cups of small vermicelli;

• 1 scoop of starch;

• 1 liter of water.

Add sugar to taste.


1. Boil the vermicelli in salted water in the usual way, then throw in a colander.

2. Cut the apple and pear into cubes, boil in 900 grams of water, we will compote the compote.

3. In the remaining water, dilute the starch and add to the boiling broth.

4. As soon as the soup begins to thicken, put in it cooked pasta.

5. Give boil and can be poured into plates!

Fruit Soups - Tips and Tricks

• If you want to sugar fruit soup, it is not necessary to use sugar. For this purpose, honey also performs remarkably well. Losing weight people can use a low-calorie substitute.

• When cooking compote for soup, fruit does not need to be brought to full readiness. Otherwise they will be tasteless.

• How to decorate a sweet soup? You can sprinkle with coconut, chocolate chips, add a ball of ice cream, squeeze the whipped cream on top. Spectacular fruit slices or contrasting berries look impressive.

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