Smoked chicken salad with prunes - it will be delicious! Recipes simple and puff salads from smoked chicken with prunes

Smoked chicken salad with prunes - it will be delicious! Recipes simple and puff salads from smoked chicken with prunes

Smoked chicken salads are not only simple dishes, but also very tasty. Especially if prunes are present in the ingredients. A selection of the most delicious salads!

Smoked chicken salad with prunes - general principles of cooking

Smoked chicken breasts or chicken legs are usually used for appetizers, wings are not suitable. The pulp is cut into strips or cubes. Prunes are also chopped, but a little smaller. If necessary, then pre-soak. These ingredients are then mixed or stacked.

What else is added:

• eggs, cheese;

• nuts;

• vegetables and fruits;

• mushrooms.

Usually these salads are seasoned with mayonnaise. If chicken legs are used, then this layer is smeared with a small amount of sauce. Breast can be soaked more abundantly. Mayonnaise is added to the mixed salad to taste.

Smoked Chicken Salad with Prunes and Walnuts

The recipe for a terrific smoked chicken salad with prunes. Walnuts are used only walnuts, no other will not fit. For a better flavor, the kernels can be fried in a dry frying pan.


• 250 g chicken;

• 130 g of prunes;

• 3 eggs;

• 50 g of nuts (possible and more);

• 250 g cucumbers;

• mayonnaise.


1. Dry prunes must be soaked, let stand a little in warm water, swell.

2. Chop the chicken finely, lay it out as the first layer, coat it with mayonnaise.

3. Cut the prunes into cubes or straws, sprinkle chicken layer.

4. Now there are chopped nuts. As already mentioned, they can be pre-fry. Sprinkle on prunes.

5. Clean the boiled eggs, remove the yolks, rub the whites or chop with a knife, cover the nut layer, salt and grease with mayonnaise.

6. Cut the cucumbers into cubes, lay them on top, coat with mayonnaise. His a little salt. If the salt gets on the cucumbers, they will quickly flow.

7. Sprinkle the top with yolks and you're done! Decorate to your liking.

Smoked chicken salad with prunes and mushrooms

For this salad used marinated champignons. But you can take other mushrooms, but not slippery. Otherwise, it will be difficult to assemble layers.


• 1 smoked chicken leg;

• 200 g of mushrooms;

• 4 eggs;

• mayonnaise;

• 120 g of prunes;

• 150 g cucumbers;

• 150 grams of cheese.


1. Eggs need to boil, cool, cut into cubes.

2. Remove the skin from the chicken leg, cut the flesh into cubes too, put it right on the bottom of the salad bowl. Layer must be well greased with mayonnaise.

3. Prunes are washed, diced, laid out on chicken.

4. Now marinated mushrooms go. It is important to drain all liquid from them. Cut into thin pieces, laid in an even layer, grease a little.

5. Spread the previously crushed eggs. We coat the layer, it is possible to salt a little.

6. Now go pickled cucumbers. If the skin of a vegetable is hard, it is best to clean it Lubricate the sauce.

7. Cover the salad with grated cheese on top, the sides can also be covered. Decorate to taste, insist 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Smoked Chicken Salad with Birch Prune

The recipe is stunningly beautiful and elegant salad of smoked chicken and prunes. This dish will decorate any table. Mushrooms are used raw.


• 300 g smoked chicken;

• 100 g of prunes;

• 250 g of champignons;

• 1 large onion;

• 3 eggs;

• 200 g cucumbers;

• mayonnaise (how many will leave);

• oil, greens.


1. We wash prunes, we postpone a few things to decorate the salad. The rest of the product is filled with warm water, let it infuse.

2. Cut the mushrooms and onions, together lay out in a skillet with butter, fry until done. Fill with spices, cool to cold.

3. Cut the boiled eggs (yolks and proteins separately).

4. Cut the fresh cucumbers into small cubes.

5. We take out the soaked prunes, squeeze and also cut. Can be diced or straws.

6. Putting the salad. We spread smoked chicken, cut into cubes, grease with sauce. 7. Sprinkle with chopped prunes on top.

8. Spread the fried mushrooms with onions, grease, sprinkle with yolks.

9. Spread cucumbers and grease too, just a little.

10. Fall asleep salad with grated proteins, hide under a layer of mayonnaise.

11. Cut prunes left for decoration, cut them into strips, lay out strips on the white background of mayonnaise and proteins, like those of a birch trunk. Additionally, decorate with greenery, you can put around.

Smoked Chicken Salad with Prunes and Corn

Option not puffed salad of smoked chicken and prunes. Everything is cut, mixed, mixed with sauce. Quick and easy.


• 300-400 g of chicken;

• 1 can of corn;

• 150 g prunes;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• 2 cucumbers;

• 1 bunch of greens;

• 150 g of mayonnaise;

• 3 eggs (boiled).


1. Cut the boiled eggs, lay in a salad bowl.

2. Add corn, freed from the liquid.

3. Cut the chicken into cubes, the size of a corn or slightly larger. Add to the salad.

4. We also cut prunes, if necessary, soak them.

5. Cut cucumbers in the same way, also in small cubes.

6. At the Bulgarian pepper we remove the seeds, cut them into thin straws, then across in small pieces.

7. Salad need to fill with salt and mayonnaise. Can be decomposed into portioned bowls. Top decorate with a sprig of greenery.

Smoked chicken salad with prunes and pineapples

Recipe for a savory salad, for which you can use fresh pineapples, but canned product is more accessible. You can use chicken legs or breasts.


• 300 g smoked chicken;

• 5 pineapple rings;

• 100 g of prunes;

• 150 ml of mayonnaise;

• 2-3 eggs;

• a small handful of nuts.


1. Cut the chicken into cubes, put it in a salad bowl.

2. Add prunes, chopped into small pieces, a spoon of mayonnaise, stir and level with the first layer.

3. Cut the rings of pineapple. Spread on chicken.

4. Rub on top boiled eggs. Lightly sprinkle with salt. We grease with mayonnaise.

5. Chop the nuts, fry for a minute in a dry skillet until a pleasant aroma appears. Cooling down. 6. Sprinkle the salad on top, leave for a few hours in the refrigerator so that it is well soaked.

Smoked chicken salad with prunes and potatoes

Option nourishing mixed salad, which is prepared with boiled potatoes. Smoked breast is used, but you can take about the same amount of chicken leg meat.


• 150 g prunes;

• 1 smoked breast;

• 3 potatoes;

• 0.5 onions;

• 150 g of mayonnaise;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 boiled carrots;

• 2 cucumbers.


1. Potatoes can be boiled with carrots. Vegetables are cleaned, cut into cubes, as for Olivier. Fold in a large bowl.

2. Onions are also peeled, cut finely. If the vegetable is sharp, then you can pour it with boiling water. Sent to the next salad. No less tasty is obtained with green onions, but in this case, it must be added before serving.

3. Add chopped chicken and prunes.

4. We cut cucumbers, we also shift them.

5. Eggs can not add. But with them it turns out more delicious.

6. Dress the salad with mayonnaise, try. If necessary, add salt, pepper, squeeze a small clove of garlic. For beauty, put on top a few sprigs of dill or parsley.

Smoked chicken salad with prunes and beans

Option nourishing salad, which will need canned beans. It is better to use white, it is more tender.


• 1 can of beans;

• 250-300 g smoked chicken;

• 100 g of prunes;

• 2-3 cucumbers;

• 150 ml of mayonnaise;

• 4 slices of stale loaf;

• 1 clove garlic;

• some oil;

• 0.5 buns of dill.


1. Cut the loaf into small cubes. Pour a couple of spoons of oil into the pan, heat it up. Spread sliced ​​bread, fry in a pan.

2. In mayonnaise squeeze garlic, add chopped dill, you can pour the pepper or add mustard to spice. Stir, leave the sauce to stand.

3. We cut the chicken and cucumbers into cubes, throw them into a salad bowl.

4. Open the jar of beans in your juice, turn in a colander. If the syrup is slimy, like jelly, then the beans are rinsed, let drip and pour into a salad bowl. 5. Add the chopped prunes.

6. Fill up the salad with the infused dill and garlic sauce, stir. We shift to the salad bowl for serving.

7. Before putting on the table, sprinkle the dish with the top of the croutons.

Smoked chicken salad with prunes and egg pancakes

Option nourishing salad with prunes, smoked chicken and egg pancakes. Preparing is very simple.


• 300 g chicken;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 100 g of prunes;

• 2-3 cucumbers;

• 4 eggs;

• 50 g of nuts;

• mayonnaise, salt, butter.


1. Beat one egg, add salt, pour into a small diameter frying pan greased with oil, fry a thin pancake on both sides. Similarly, cook pancakes from the rest of the eggs, cool, roll and cut into strips.

2. Cut the smoked chicken and prunes into strips, shift them to the eggs.

3. Cut the cucumber into strips, lay out to the rest of the products.

4. Add garlic to mayonnaise, stir and dress the salad.

5. Sprinkle with walnuts on top.

Smoked chicken salad with prunes - tips and tricks

• It is better to remove the skin from the smoked leg, it is not added to the salad. But you can throw in a saucepan with a bone when cooking the first dish. The soup will have a pleasant aroma of smoke.

• To prevent puffed salads from breaking up, you can use a pastry ring or a rim from a split cake mold to assemble.

• Decorate salads only with those products that are part of the dish.

• Mayonnaise for salads is best purchased in packages. It is very convenient. You can cut the corner and draw the mesh.

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