Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

Salads on the New Year's table are always waiting for originality and refinement. One of the products that can give any snack these wonderful qualities is prunes - dried fruit with a very delicate savory taste. It is in perfect harmony with vegetables (especially with beets and carrots), poultry meat, mushrooms, cheeses and various nuts, which gives a wide scope for culinary experiments. We offer you the 10 most interesting salad recipes with prunes - intriguing, spectacular and, of course, very tasty!

Cocktail salad with liver

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Carrots (2 pieces)

• Durum cheese (200 grams)

• Walnut kernels (small handful)

• Onions (2 heads)

• Boiled liver - suitable for both chicken and pork (300 grams)

• Pitted prunes (150 grams)

• Nutmeg (to taste)

• Mayonnaise for interlayer.

How to cook:

1. Finely chop a pair of onions. Fry until golden brown with grated carrot. In the process, vegetables should be salted and lightly seasoned with nutmeg.

2. Cheese also nastrogat on a coarse grater. Chop the boiled liver with a knife, grind the nuts to the state of crumbs.

3. Soak the prunes in boiling water until softened. Cut into small cubes or strips.

4. Arrange the prepared products in ice-cream bowl: the liver is laid first, followed by the onion with carrot, cheese chips and prune slices. Each layer of liver salad is richly smeared with mayonnaise, on top of the prunes sprinkle nut crumb.

Festive salad with prunes and mushrooms

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Cashews (70 grams)

• Prunes (100 grams)

• Chicken thighs (2 pieces)

• Dark seedless grapes (100 grams)

• Butter (50 grams) • Fresh champignons (300 grams)

• Mayonnaise for interlayer

• Cheddar cheese (150 grams).

How to cook:

1. Scald the washed prunes with boiling water. Leave for 5-6 minutes, then cut into thin slices.

2. Thoroughly wash the mushrooms. Chop up the plates and fry in butter (if desired, pickled mushrooms can be added to the salad, not fried).

3. Boil and cool chicken legs. Having freed from the skin and bones, cut into small pieces.

4. Randomly chop up the grated cheese - chips can be both small and large.

5. Layer up the salad: first spread the chicken on a platter, put the mushrooms, prunes, cheese and nuts on top. Each “floor” of snacks is generously covered with mayonnaise, the top is decorated with halves of dark grapes.

Rich salad with prunes and ham

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Boiled eggs (3 pieces)

• Prunes (8 pieces)

• Fresh cucumbers (2 pieces)

• Ham (300 grams)

• dressing mayonnaise

• Greens of onion and dill to taste.

How to cook:

1. Cut ham into medium cubes. In the same way cut into cucumbers, peeled.

2. Finely chop the washed and lightly steamed prunes.

3. Combine products in a salad bowl. Add chopped greens and finely chopped eggs.

4. Flavor the salad with mayonnaise. Place on a serving dish, garnish with dill sprigs and prune slices.

Light salad with prunes and avocados

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Pitted olives (40 grams)

• Sesame seeds (1 tsp)

• Avocado (half fruit)

• Liquid honey (1 tsp)

• Orange (1 fruit)

• Soy sauce (1 tablespoon)

• Arugula (1 bunch)

• Prunes (70 grams)

• Olive oil (35 grams)

• Any hard cheese (50 grams).

How to cook:

1. Mix olive oil, honey and soy sauce.

2. Pour sesame seeds on a hot frying pan without oil. Brown to light golden color. 3. Rinse, dry and pick arugula with your hands.

4. Peel off half avocado. Cut into thin transverse plates.

5. Citrus also rid of the peel. Disassemble into separate slices, each cut into small slices, eliminating the film.

6. Chop hard cheese into small cubes, prunes - thin strips.

7. Combine products in a salad bowl. Add honey-soy sauce, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Spicy Korean Carrot Salad

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Sweet prunes (80 grams)

• Garlic (1 slice)

• Peeled walnuts (20 grams)

• Boiled eggs (3 pieces)

• Korean carrot (150 grams)

• Durum cheese (100 grams)

• Mayonnaise for interlayer

• Chicken fillet (300 grams).

How to cook:

1. Boil or bake the fillet until done. After cooling, cut into small slices.

2. Rinse thoroughly prunes. Soak in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then dry and cut into strips.

3. Peel and finely rub the garlic (you can skip through the press). Stir in mayonnaise and coarsely grated cheese.

4. Separate the egg whites and yolks. Separately, crumble on a fine grater.

5. Heat the pan without oil. Lightly brown the walnuts, after cooling, chop the kernels in any convenient way and mix with seasoned Korean carrots.

6. Gather an elegant salad: lay out an even layer of prunes, cover with salted and slightly peppered chicken, carrots with nuts and cheese mayonnaise sauce (each layer, except for cheese, grease with mayonnaise). Sprinkle the squirrels on top, and then, after the next mayonnaise layer, and yolks (the top of the salad “cake” will be perfectly decorated by any greens). If desired, side snacks can also be covered with mayonnaise.

New Year's salad with prunes and orange

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Canned corn (150 grams) • Boiled eggs (5 pieces)

• Crab sticks (100 grams)

• Garlic (a pair of cloves)

• Prunes (50 grams)

• dressing mayonnaise

• Orange (1 fruit).

How to cook:

1. Peel and dice eggs. Similarly, chop crab sticks.

2. Steam prunes in boiling water. Drain and also cut into cubes.

3. Rid citrus from the skins and films. Cut the flesh into small slices.

4. Combine all prepared products in a salad bowl. Season with mayonnaise mixed with garlic (pre-pass through a press).

5. Spice up the snack to your own taste and garnish with corn kernels.

Refreshing salad with Chinese cabbage

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Baton or bread (100 grams)

• Canned corn (200 grams)

• Sour cream (6 tablespoons)

• Prunes (100 grams)

• Mayonnaise (a couple of tablespoons)

• Apple (1 large fruit)

• Hard cheese (100 grams)

• Beijing cabbage (200 grams)

• Sunflower oil (1 tablespoon)

• Spices and salt to taste.

How to cook:

1. Drain the corn can.

2. Scrape cheese on a coarse grater.

3. Rinse and dry the cabbage leaves. Cut into thin strips.

4. Steam prunes in hot water. Chop in the same way as cabbage.

5. Cut loaf or bread into small cubes. Fry in hot oil until crisp, put on a paper towel and sprinkle with your favorite spices.

6. Wash and finely chop the apple.

7. Combine mayonnaise with sour cream. The optimal ratio is 1: 3.

8. Stir in the salad bowl all products, with the exception of crackers. Salt lightly with salt and sour-mayonnaise sauce. Sprinkle crackers on top just before serving.

Delicious festive salad with pineapple

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Prunes (200 grams)

• Smoked chicken breast (1 piece)

• Canned or fresh pineapple (350 grams) • Apples (2 fruits)

• Mayonnaise (about 300 grams).

How to cook:

1. Boil the chicken breast for 17-20 minutes. Cool, cut into small cubes.

2. Scald prunes with boiling water. Leave in water until swelling for 15-20 minutes, then dry out and finely chop.

3. Randomly chop pineapple and apple pulp (fruits should be removed from the skin beforehand).

4. Put the food on the dish in the following sequence:

- Hen;

- Pineapple (cover with mayonnaise mesh);

- apples (mayonnaise is applied again);

- prunes.

To decorate a festive salad, you can use any greens or walnut kernels.

Layered salad with beets and dried fruits

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• Carrots (1 large)

• Dark raisins (1 tablespoon)

• Garlic (a couple of cloves)

• Pine nuts (1 tablespoon)

• Boiled beets (1 large)

• Dried apricots and prunes (40 grams)

• Mayonnaise (3 tablespoons)

• Hard cheese (100 grams)

• Peeled walnuts (20 grams).

How to cook:

1. Thoroughly rinse all dried fruit. To soften them, you can soak in cold water, the process will take several hours.

2. Cut prunes and dried apricots into small slices. Combine the last with raisins and thin carrot straws, fill with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

3. Cheese also nastrogat as thin as possible. Mix with mayonnaise and crushed garlic through a press.

4. Peel and roughly rub the beets. Combine with prunes and chopped walnuts (separate about 10 grams, the rest will be used for decoration). Season with mayonnaise.

5. Collect the salad using a round culinary form: evenly distribute the carrot mass, put the garlic garlic on it, and then the beetroot mixture, respectively. Each layer is lightly pressed with a spoon.

6. Carefully remove the ring. Put pine nuts on the edge of the top of the salad, in the center sprinkle the remains of walnuts. In conclusion, decorate a delicious dish with green leaves.

Sweet portion salad

Christmas salads with prunes: 10 interesting ideas

What you need:

• 33 percent cream (100 milliliters)

• Apples (3 medium fruit)

• Caster sugar (1 tablespoon)

• Sour cream (200 grams)

• Mandarins (4 fruits)

• Prunes (200 grams)

• Dry white wine (1 tablespoon)

• Peeled walnuts (5 tablespoons)

• Vanilla sugar (0.5 tablespoon)

• Orange (1 large fruit)

• Lemon juice for sprinkling fruit

• Raisins to taste the culinary.

How to cook:

1. Carefully wash the dried fruit. Pour clean water in a saucepan, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. After waiting for cooling (directly in the liquid), dry and chop the prunes into strips.

2. Wash and peel the apples. Chop sticks, sprinkle with lemon juice so that the flesh does not darken.

3. Cut the zest from the washed orange. Crumble all the same fine straw.

4. Disassemble all citruses into separate slices. Each cut into small pieces.

5. Grind nuts in any convenient way.

6. Put the cream in a saucepan. Pour in vanilla sugar and pour in dry wine. Heat the composition for five minutes, then set aside from the stove, add sour cream and stir everything thoroughly.

7. Spread the fruit platter on the ice-cream bowls, interspersed with chopped nuts. Pour wine and cream sauce over each serving.

8. Immediately before serving, sprinkle dessert salad with chopped orange zest.

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