Lazy cabbage rolls with rice is a dish without “clothes.” Simple recipes for lazy cabbage rolls with rice in a pan, a slow cooker and an oven

Lazy cabbage rolls with rice is a dish without “clothes.” Simple recipes for lazy cabbage rolls with rice in a pan, a slow cooker and an oven

Who doesn’t like homemade cabbage rolls, appetizing cabbage envelopes with minced meat and rice? But only the culinary experts know that the creation of such a dish is a laborious process and takes a lot of time.

Lazy meat stuffed cabbage with rice is a simplified and somewhat modified version of a classic dish. No innovations, a standard set of products: cabbage, minced meat, rice and spices, the fundamental difference is only in the formation. The absence of clothes from cabbage leaves significantly saves time, eliminating blanching and a painstaking packaging process.

Lazy cabbage rolls with rice - the general principles of cooking

• Stuffing can be anything, just to be non-sacramental. Ideal to choose in equal parts beef and fatty pork. You can use minced chicken or turkey, but be sure to add fat.

• Rice is advisable to take round grain. Unlike the long grain, it perfectly absorbs and retains moisture, which means that the prepared cabbage rolls will not be dry. Groats must be sorted out and lightly welded in brackish water.

• Vegetables. Carrots and onions not only complement the taste, but also give juiciness. Vegetable roasting is added to the stuffing or gravy. Fresh onions may also interfere with the meat.

• Gas station prepares on the basis of a tomato. It can be pasta, tomato juice or mashed potatoes, cooked independently from fresh tomatoes. To soften the taste, you can add sour cream or mayonnaise. The taste of dressing regulate not only salt but also the addition of sugar.

• Cabbage is chopped into strips. If it needs to be combined with minced meat, it is very thin and small, in other cases it is cut larger. Whole leaves can be used. In this case, the head will need to boil a little, so that, disassembling it, not to disturb the integrity of the sheets.

• Most often, lazy cabbage rolls are cooked with white cabbage of late autumnal varieties. But without prejudice, you can replace the young or Beijing. The dish will not suffer from this, and the cabbage rolls will turn out even more tender. It should be noted that in such a case, shorten the cooking time, such cabbage comes to readiness faster. • The method of preparation depends on the selected recipe. Lazy cabbage rolls can be formed from minced meat in the form of large meatballs, oblong. The same dish can be prepared and shifting individual components in layers.

• Meat lazy cabbage rolls with rice baked in the oven, stewed in a saucepan or multi-cooker. If your family likes the taste of food, you should experiment with technology.

Lazy cabbage rolls with rice, in a delicate tomato sauce (in a saucepan)


• pork, beef, lean meat - half a kilo;

• 100 gr. round grain rice groats;

• three spoons of thick tomato;

• A spoon of mayonnaise or 20% sour cream;

• refined oil;

• 300 ml of drinking water;

• Wheat flour;

• 200 gr. fresh not old squirrels.


1. Remove damaged leaves from the head and shred not very large. It is desirable that the strips were thin and not too long. Fill the cabbage straw with boiling water and leave for about five minutes to make it softer. Then we shift it into a colander and leave it in until the right moment.

2. Choose from the rice litter and damaged grains. Well washed, dried, laid out on a sieve, and shift to the stuffing.

3. Add cabbage and a little salt, season with ground pepper and mix well. Use wet hands to form semi-finished products of oblong shape, slightly smaller than the palm.

4. Pour into the pan quite a bit of oil and put on medium heat. After waiting for about a minute, we lower the cabbage rolls, richly breaded in flour. Fry until a light blush appears. The surface should be well grabbed, but not burnt. We shift roasted cabbage rolls in a deep pan.

5. Put tomato and mayonnaise (sour cream) in a small bowl. Add water, slightly salt and mix until smooth. Pour the stuffed cabbage with the resulting sauce and quickly bring it to the boil. Then turn down the fire so that the sauce in the cabbage rolls only slightly “worried”, cover with a lid and cook until ready for at least 40 minutes.

Lazy cabbage rolls with mixed ground rice in tomato sauce in the oven


• steamy pork neck - 300 gr .;

• 350 grams of beef;

• large onion;

• round grain rice - 50 gr .;

• 25 gr. homemade cream or freshly whipped butter;

• sweet carrot;

• 200 gr. white cabbage;

• vegetable oil;

• fresh dill.

In the gravy:

• 400 gr. fresh tomatoes;

• small onion;

• a spoon of wheat flour;

• 50 ml of water;

• tomato unsalted paste - 30 gr .;

• mid-size carrot;

• thyme.


1. Cooking stuffing. Shred onions and fry in sunflower oil until transparent, add carrots dabbed. Cook at moderate temperature, stirring occasionally, until golden coloring and complete softening. Then remove from heat and shift to bowl.

2. We wash the moved rice, we fill in with cold water and we put to cook. Cook after boiling for about three minutes, not allowing the water to boil intensively. Then wash again and decant the remaining moisture, discarding the rice in a colander.

3. Cut from the pulp of the film and grind with a meat grinder in the mode of maximum grinding. Through a larger grid skip the cabbage, but do not mix it with minced meat. Give a little settle, pour out the juice and, slightly wring out, shift the cabbage to the stuffing.

4. Add ground pepper, then lay out the browned vegetables and rice that have cooled down. Sprinkle slightly, sprinkle with chopped dill and mix thoroughly. After that, thoroughly mix the pre-softened butter into the mince.

5. Beat off the mince - several times from a small height hit it on the table, after which, wrapping it in film, put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

6. While the meat mass is cooled, we are engaged in gravy. Cut tomatoes and grind the flesh with a large grater (the rind should remain in the hand). Add tomato paste to the resulting puree and mix thoroughly.

7. In a dry frying pan to cream shades, warm the flour and dilute with cold water. We break all the lumps to get a homogeneous mass. 8. As with minced meat, chopped onions, along with carrots, are passeed in vegetable oil. At the end we add a tomato to the vegetables, and a minute later we add the flour mixture. Season with pepper sauce, add thyme, mix and remove from heat.

9. From stuffing we sculpt stuffed cabbage in the form of oval cutlets the size of a palm and gently, with the help of a skimmer, dip them into boiling water. Maintain in boiling water until the surface of the stuffed cabbage does not turn white.

10. Along the bottom of the refractory form, evenly distribute part of the prepared gravy and gently, in a dense layer, lay out the stuffed cabbage rolls. Fill the remaining sauce and cover the form with foil.

11. If the form is with thin walls, bake the stuffed cabbage initially under the foil for 20 minutes, and then without it for 7 minutes. In clay or porcelain containers, the initial preparation (under the foil) will take half an hour, in open form 10 minutes. We place in a well-heated oven, at a temperature equal to or slightly above 180 degrees.

Simple recipe for lazy cabbage rolls with rice in an oven in layers


• beef and pork in equal parts, in the form of minced meat - only 800 grams;

• 400 gr. cabbage;

• two large onion heads;

• 150 gr. rice cereal (round grain);

• a tablespoon of high-quality thick tomato;

• 300 gr. sour cream with a fat content of at least 20%;

• spoonful of sugar;

• 60 ml of drinking water for cultivation of paste and one and a half glasses for gravy.


1. First we will prepare the sauce. For him, we plant a tomato with 60 milliliters of water and, adding sugar, mix thoroughly. Combine tomato mixture with sour cream, topped up with one and a half cups of cooled boiled water. Salt and mix thoroughly. You can pepper a little sauce and add non-spicy spices.

2. Shred cabbage, coarsely rub the onion with a grater. Put the cabbage in a colander and put it in a deep bowl. Fill the cabbage with boiling water and hold for a minute. Then we raise a colander and place it on a smaller bowl, let it drain all the water, and lay the cabbage on the bottom of a deep form in an even layer. 3. Pour the washed rice for two minutes with boiling water, re-wash, dry and place over the cabbage. Saturate the layers laid out with half the prepared sauce.

4. Combine the onion chopped with the minced meat, adding a little salt and sprinkled slightly. We spread the meat mass on the previous layers. Top with the remaining sauce and place the improvised cabbage roll in the hot oven for 40 minutes.

5. Serve, cut into portions and lightly sprinkled with chopped dill.

Lazy cabbage recipe with rice and Chinese cabbage for the slow cooker


• mixed minced meat, low-fat - one kilogram;

• a pound of rice;

• small forks of Peking cabbage;

• one carrot;

• a raw egg;

• two onions;

• garlic;

• 30 gr. tomato paste;

• seasoning “For meat dishes”;

• meat broth or water - 600 ml;

• 60 ml of lean frozen oil;

• two small leaves of laurel.


1. In brackish water, boil rice until half cooked. Wash and shift to a strainer or colander to decant the moisture.

2. Finely, julienne, shred cabbage. Mince or blender grind one of the onions.

3. Grind the meat mass, add some salt, pour in the egg. Add dried rice, cabbage, slowly slowly knead. We form oblong cabbage rolls, slightly beating the stuffing on the palm, and place them on the cutting board. So that the meat does not stick, pre-moisten hands with water.

4. Having formed all the cabbage rolls, we launch one of the programs on the multicooker panel: “Baking” or “Grilling”. Pour some oil into the bowl, lower the finely chopped onion and ground into a large grater carrot. Cook, stirring, until the vegetables are soft enough.

5. Put the tomato, add 150 ml of broth. After mixing, gently lower the cabbage rolls into the bowl and add the remaining liquid. Add some lightly salting.

6. Cooking lazy duckies for half an hour, changing the mode to “Quenching”.

7. After the end of the established program, put laurel leaves and finely chopped garlic in the gravy. We translate the slow cooker to the “Baking” mode, turn on the timer for another 20 minutes.

Lazy cabbage rolls with rice in a slow cooker under a pot of fresh tomatoes


• juicy belochanka - 300 gr .;

• round grain rice groats - 150 gr .;

• two bulbs;

• a pound of ground beef;

• eggs - 2 pcs.

For fill:

• 200 gr. sour cream 15% fat;

• 2 carrots;

• one bay leaf;

• five large, necessarily fleshy, tomatoes;

• 2 bulbs;

• 30 ml of highly purified oil, sunflower oil.


1. We wash the moved grain and we leave, filling with cold water.

2. Rub one onion on a large grater, mix thoroughly with minced meat. Finely chop the second one and fry in butter in a slow cooker until softened and cool.

3. Pour the washed rice into a clean bowl. We pour water just enough so that it only slightly covers the grain. Boil in the mode “Krupa” or “Rice”, exactly 10 minutes, put it in a sieve and let it cool well.

4. After washing the bowl, pour the oil and warm it. Use the mode “Frying” or “Baking”. First, bring crushed onions to softness, and then add to it a large shabby carrot and continue to warm up to golden brown. Do not forget to stir, so that the roast is not burnt.

5. While the vegetables are fried, prepare the tomatoes. Remove the rind and interrupt the pulp with a blender in mashed potatoes. You can simply cut the tomatoes and grate, but the rind should remain and be removed.

6. Pour the cooked tomato puree to the roasted vegetables, add sour cream and salt. Interfere, remove the sample, if required dosalivaem. Cooking sauce for another five minutes.

7. In a bowl with minced meat lay out the cooled rice and onions. Add salt, eggs, a little pepper and thinly shredded cabbage, mix. Moisturize hands and mold small balls out of minced meat. We beat them, throwing them from palm to palm, and attach an oblong shape.

8. Carefully lower the cabbage rolls into the bowl with the tomato filling and immediately lay the bay leaf. For 40 minutes, activate the option “Quenching”.

Lazy cabbage rolls with “European-style” rice, in the oven


• a medium head of cabbage;

• 450 gr. minced meat;

• three small carrots;

• three onions;

• 600 ml of tomato juice;

• “Poshekhonsky” or “Kostroma” cheese - 150 gr .;

• two eggs;

• 15% sour cream - 100 gr .;

• spices “For mince dishes” and additionally freshly ground pepper;

• Rice for cabbage.


1. Prepare the cabbage: cut a stalk, remove the upper leaves if they are damaged. Put the head out into a large saucepan and pour water over it. It is desirable that the forks be completely covered. Head out, and place the pot of water on an intense fire and prisalivaem.

2. When it boils, gently dip into the water and boil the cabbage, periodically removing the top, easily separated leaves.

3. We clean the vegetables and chop them: finely chop the onion with a knife, and rub the carrot through a medium grater. We heat up the onions in the oil until transparency, after which we add the carrots and simmer them together until softened. Shift roasting in a bowl, let it cool.

4. Lightly cook rice, rinse thoroughly with water. For drying lay out in a colander.

5. Shuffle the stuffing into a bowl, mix one raw egg into it, a third of the browned vegetables, some spices or pepper. Do not forget to salt.

6. Prepare the fill. With tomato juice, stir well sour cream. Add the beaten egg, lightly salt and mix well again. You can add a little sugar.

7. Lubricate with a wide form or baking sheet with high sides with vegetable oil. Slightly overlapping each other so as not to leave gaps, lay cabbage leaves on the bottom, pour over a small amount of prepared sauce. We spread a layer of rice and cover it with cabbage leaves, which are also slightly watered with tomato sauce.

8. Next, lay out the minced meat, it is also covered with cabbage, but do not pour the sauce. Spread the roasted vegetables on top and put the cabbage again.

9. We repeat the laying, soaking only rice layers with the sauce. The top layer should be steamed vegetables, covered with cabbage. 10. Pour all the remnants of the sauce, sprinkled with grated cheese for 40 minutes, send it to the oven. Cooking at 180 degrees.

Cooking technology of lazy cabbage rolls with rice - tips and useful tips

• Shred a late whitewater, lower it into boiling water for a minute. Cabbage will become softer and more tender, which will facilitate the formation of cabbage and reduce the time for cooking.

• Do not over-boil rice, it should not turn into porridge. Lazy cabbage rolls turn out crumbly, if the stuffing is mixed with a few undercooked cereals.

• When using whole leaves, be sure to cut off thick thick veins. Leaving them, you risk getting an unevenly cooked dish. In places of thickening of cabbage leaves, the mince is badly steamed and ducky will be tough.

• If during the formation of stuffed cabbage stuffing breaks up, stir in a raw egg. First, beat it separately, and then mix it in, introducing it in small portions.

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