Cheesecakes with dried apricots - dessert can be useful! A selection of step-by-step recipes cheesecakes with dried apricots and pineapples, raisins, prunes

Cheesecakes with dried apricots - dessert can be useful! A selection of step-by-step recipes cheesecakes with dried apricots and pineapples, raisins, prunes

Everyone knows about the benefits of cottage cheese, but, unfortunately, not everyone loves this product. This is especially true of children. From cottage cheese cook many tasty dishes. The most popular and familiar since childhood - cheesecakes.

Cheesecakes with dried apricots - the basic principles of cooking

The main ingredient of the dish is cottage cheese. The taste of cheesecakes depends on the quality of this product. Ideally, of course, use a homemade product, cooked on your own. This will not be a big deal. All you need is sour milk. It is heated until the flakes of cottage cheese float to the surface. Then the sieve is covered with gauze and milk is thrown back. Gauze is collected in the form of a sac, suspended and left until all serum is drained.

As a rule, cheesecakes are cooked with raisins. But no less tasty they are obtained with dried apricots, which has a pleasant sweet-sour taste. When buying dried fruits, pay attention to their appearance. Natural dried apricots will not have a bright color. In addition, this product is quite hard, so it is advisable to steam it up in hot water and dry it before adding it to the dough.

The dough is kneaded on the basis of cottage cheese with flour or semolina. Sugar can be added, or cook cheesecakes without him. Do not knead too steep dough so that the pastry does not turn out to be rubber.

Serve cheese cakes with sour cream, condensed milk or any jam.

Cheesecakes fried in a pan or baked in the oven. The second option of preparation is preferable for those who adhere to a diet.

Recipe 1. Cheesecakes with dried apricots


600 g of cottage cheese;

30 ml of sunflower oil;

150 g dried apricots;

50 grams of flour for breading;

1 egg;

3 g cinnamon;

1/2 stack wheat flour;

3 g of salt;

5 g potato starch; 3 g food soda.

Method of preparation

Rinse dried apricots with a tap. Place it in a deep bowl and cover it with hot water. Leave the dried fruit to soak for 20 minutes.

Put the curd in a deep cup. Beat in an egg and knead it with potato mash until a homogeneous mass. Add cinnamon, starch, salt and baking soda. Stir.

Drain water from dried apricots, dry it and place in a blender container. Crush and send to the curd mass. Mix thoroughly.

Sift the flour through a sieve into a cup with curd mass. Knead well with a spoon. With a wet hand, take a little curd mass, roll it into a ball, slightly flatten and tan in flour.

In the pan, heat the vegetable oil. Spread cheesecakes and fry them until golden brown on both sides. Cool slightly and serve cheesecakes, watering with sour cream.

Recipe 2. Cheesecakes with dried apricots and semolina


cottage cheese - 350 g;


white sugar - 100 g;

flour - 50 g;

baking powder - bag;

semolina - 100 g;

two chicken eggs;

dried apricots - 50 g

Method of preparation

Put the cottage cheese in a blender container and perebeite it until smooth. Put the fermented milk product in a deep cup. Add the semolina, baking powder and granulated sugar. If the curd mass turned out to be watery, add more decoys. Mix thoroughly and beat two eggs. Knead well again.

Wash dried apricots and soak in warm water. Drain the infusion and rinse dried apricots under the tap. Put on a disposable towel and dry. Crumble dried fruits into small cubes.

Add dried apricots to curd mass and mix gently. Take a little dough with wet hands and form balls. Roll them in flour. Heat frying pan with vegetable oil. Lightly flatten the balls. Put on the pan and fry for five minutes on each side. Serve warm cheese cakes with honey, condensed milk or topping.

Recipe 3. Cheesecakes with dried apricots and raisins


300 g low-fat cottage cheese;

refined cooking oil;

30 g of white sugar;

100 g of flour;

a pinch of salt;

50 g of raisins;

3 g of food soda;

10 pieces. dried apricots;

1 egg;


Method of preparation

Dried apricots and raisins. Go through, separating tails. Put in a deep bowl and pour dried fruit with hot water. Leave for half an hour. Then pour the infusion, and put the dried fruits on a paper towel and dry. Dried apricots, slice and mix with raisins.

Put cottage cheese in a deep dish. Add a mixture of dried fruit, soda, egg, salt, white sugar and sift the flour. Stir, thoroughly rub the mass.

Dampen your hands in water. Take a tablespoon of cottage cheese dough, put it on the palm and form a ball. Lightly flatten and roll in flour.

Pour some sunflower oil into a hot frying pan. Spread cheesecakes and fry over medium heat until golden brown. Gently turn the blade over and browse on the other side.

Recipe 4. Syrniki with dried apricots, raisins and pineapples in the oven


250 g of cottage cheese;

dried pineapples;

two chicken eggs;

dried apricots;

white sugar - 50 g;

light raisins;

100 g of semolina;

40 g of flour;

30 g sour cream.

Method of preparation

Rinse dried apricots, pineapples and raisins. Put the dried fruit in a deep bowl, pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Then pour the infusion, put the dried fruit on a napkin. Pineapples and dried apricots melenko cut.

Curd the curd through a sieve or mash with a fork so that no large lumps remain. Beat two eggs, add methane, granulated sugar, flour and semolina. Smash everything with a mixer or blender to obtain a homogeneous tender mass.

Add dried fruit to the curd dough and stir. Silicone molds for muffins lightly blot with butter. Lay out the dough, filling them two thirds. Turn the oven on at 200C. Put the dough into it and bake for half an hour. Turn off the oven and leave the cheesecakes in it for another five minutes. Put on a plate and serve with jam, honey or sour cream.

Recipe 5. Cheesecakes with dried apricots and prunes


9% cottage cheese - 230 g;

flour - 60 g;

dried apricots - five pcs .;

one egg;

prunes - 4 pcs .;

refined oil.

Method of preparation

Put the cottage cheese in a deep cup, add the egg and rub it well with a fork.

Wash dried fruit. Put the cucumber and prunes in a deep bowl, pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Put the dried fruit on a paper towel and pat dry. Crush them in small pieces.

Add dried fruit to curd mass. Mix gently. Cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of oil and heat it over moderate heat.

Divide curd mass into seven equal parts, each time wetting hands in cold water. Form the balls and lightly press down. Put the cheesecakes in a preheated pan and fry for about five minutes until an appetizing crust forms. Carefully turn the cheese cakes with a spatula and bring to readiness.

Recipe 6. Dietary cheesecakes with dried apricots


vanillin - bag;

low-fat cottage cheese - 250 g;

dried apricots - 50 g;

one chicken egg;

sour cream or yogurt.

Method of preparation

Wash dried apricots. Place in a deep bowl and fill with boiling water. Steam for half an hour. Then rinse again and dry on a napkin. Dried fruits chopped.

Curd well rub with egg. Add dried apricots, vanilla and mix gently.

Turn on the oven 180 degrees. Deco pave the parchment. Dip a tablespoon into the water, take a small amount of dough and place it on the parchment. Bake cheese cakes for half an hour. Serve with yoghurt or sour cream.

Recipe 7. Cheesecakes with dried apricots, white chocolate and cookies


cottage cheese 9% - 300 g;

Cookies "Jubilee" - three pieces;

flour - 80 g;

white chocolate - 30 g;

white sugar - 75 g;

dried apricots - 50 g;

one chicken egg.

Method of preparation Put the cottage cheese in a deep cup, add granulated sugar to it and rub it with a fork until smooth. We drive in egg and we continue to knead.

Sift flour into curd mass and stir.

Dried apricots pour boiling water. Leave half an hour. Drain the infusion and dry the dried fruit on a napkin. Cut dried apricots in small pieces. We break cookies to a condition of an average crumb. Chocolate is tiny crumbled. Dried fruits and chocolate are added to the curd dough and gently stir.

Wet hands divide the mass into equal parts. Roll them into balls and lightly press down with your palm.

Warm up a frying pan with vegetable oil over medium heat. We spread in her cheesecakes and fry until appetizing crust. Carefully overturn the blade and bring to readiness under the lid.

Dried apricots cheesecakes - tips and tricks

To cheesecakes turned out lush and tender, cottage cheese must be ground through a fine sieve or interrupted with a blender.

Cheesecakes get airy, if the whites are whipped into a strong foam, and only after that gently enter into the dough.

For flavor you can add orange, lemon, vanilla or dried apricots zest.

For a change, you can add fresh berries, pieces of fresh fruit or marmalade to the dough.

If the cottage cheese is too wet, put it in cheesecloth and squeeze it well.

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