Pork goulash in a pan - tender meat in a gravy! Recipes for delicious pork goulash in a pan with vegetables

Pork goulash in a pan - tender meat in a gravy! Recipes for delicious pork goulash in a pan with vegetables

Pork pulp with different types of gravy is the simplest dish from the category of “elementary culinary school.” But, if someone decides to joke about the taste of pork goulash - will fall into the sky with a finger.

Pork stews in the pan turn out to be tender and juicy, without having any special delights, these dishes are home-style tasty.

The common Soviet proverb of the Soviet times: do not take cutlets, take goulash - it is difficult to spoil it, - in fact, not such a joke. An elementary sense of proportion does not allow spoiling a dish of five ingredients: pork, tomato, onion, oil, water, all the rest can be ignored, and you still get goulash. Well, you can add, making "for classical motives" complex gravy and experimenting to the delight of all eaters.

Pork goulash in a pan - general principles of cooking

• Pork goulash according to the above recipes is prepared only from the pulp. The meat should contain a small layer of fat, such a tenderloin, or even trimming, is obtained in tender and juicy goulash. The flesh is usually cut into square pieces up to two centimeters in size, although the shape of small cubes is quite suitable.

• Goulash prepared with the addition of a thick tomato, in some cases it is replaced by tomatoes. To gravy with fresh tomatoes turned out to be homogeneous, skin is removed from them, and then tomatoes are ground on a grater.

• The dish can not do without vegetables, and they should be a lot. Onions are always used, along with added carrots, sweet Bulgarian pepper. Not bad if you add mushrooms to the dish.

• A large amount of gravy is a characteristic feature of the dish. The basis may be water, or meat broth, which is poured on already roasted vegetables and meat, and then stewed to readiness. Sour cream, mayonnaise or cream is added to soften tomato flavor, and flour to thicken.

• Goulash can be served with crumbly cereals, pasta of any shape, mashed potatoes.

Recipe for pork goulash in a pan with tomato


• a pound of pork pulp; • 150 gr. unsalted tomato;

• medium bulb;

• garlic;

• three tablespoons of watery sour cream;

• black pepper peas - 5 pcs .;

• a spoonful of the mixture of “Italian herbs”;

• three small leaves of laurel;

• black pepper - a third of a small spoon.

• sunflower oil;

• 0.5 spoons of a mixture of ground assorted peppers.


1. Rinse the whole piece of pulp and cut into slices of arbitrary shape. It is important that they are not large, but do not shrink.

2. In a deep thick-walled pan or cauldron, pour a few spoons of oil and place to warm at an average temperature. When the fat warms up, lower the pieces of pulp into it. Fry the meat on an intense fire, be sure to stir it systematically. Above it should quickly grab a golden crust, which will help keep the pieces juiciness.

3. To the browned meat, add onion half rings and crushed garlic. Continue to fry until the onions are browned.

4. Season with spices, lower the lavrshka and peppercorns, mix. Add sour cream mixed with tomato, pour in a little less glass of non-hot water. Wait for boiling, then lower the heat so that the gravy only boils slightly, and continue cooking under the lid for about forty minutes.

Pork goulash in a thick gravy pan


• kilogram of boneless pork;

• 1 Bulgarian pepper;

• a tablespoon of any white flour;

• two small bulbs or one large;

• ground black pepper - 0.5 tsp;

• water or meat broth - 300 ml;

• non-aromatic oil;

• one third spoonful of hot crushed pepper.


1. Lightly grill the sliced ​​onions in vegetable oil. Do not fry until golden, the pieces should become transparent and only lightly browned.

2. Put small pieces of meat in the pan, add the heat and, stirring systematically, fry until golden. At the end, add the flour and, stirring, cook everything together for about a minute.

3. Add spices, add warm water (broth), stir. Cover the pan and continue cooking for forty minutes at minimum heat.

4. Lay out small pieces of Bulgarian pepper and, having carefully stirred, bring the dish to readiness, continuing to stew for another 25 minutes.

Pork goulash in a frying pan with a delicate creamy gravy and vegetables


• 50 gr. stalked celery;

• chilled pork pulp - 500 gr .;

• medium sized bulb;

• 100 gr. leek;

• a small leaf of laurel;

• ready seasonings for meat, not too sharp and spicy;

• three tablespoons of 22% cream;

• 20 gr. butter;

• 60 ml of wine “Riesling” or “Aligote”;

• refined oil - one spoon;

• allspice - 4 peas;

• A sprig of fresh or dried thyme.


1. Put a spoonful of butter in the pan. When melted, add vegetable oil and immediately lay out the pork cut into medium-sized ones. While stirring, quickly fry the meat on intense heat.

2. To browned pieces pour wine, add cream and leave to simmer at moderate temperature. Just a couple of minutes, when the gravy gets a light coffee shade, add laurel, thyme and allspice of allspice, salt.

3. Top up with hot water to cover all the meat, season with spices. Leave the stew under the lid at minimum heat.

4. Celery cut into small cubes, and carrots and leeks - into slices. Transfer the vegetables to the meat. Set the fire to minimum and continue to simmer all together for at least forty minutes.

Pork goulash in a pan with fresh tomatoes


• tenderloin with a small layer of fat - 400 grams;

• four small fresh tomatoes (can be replaced with two spoons of tomato);

• white onion - 2 heads;

• 60 gr. white flour of any kind;

• half a spoonful of black pepper, crushed in a mortar;

• Spoon 20% sour cream;

• one third of a spoonful of fine refined sugar;

• two laurel leaves;

• drinking water - two glasses;

• Fresh fat - 70 gr.


1. From the fat, remove the skin, cut into small blocks and put in a heated pan to drain the fat. In order not to overcook, set the heating slightly below average, cover with a lid.

2. During this time, wash the meat with water, dry and cut into two centimeters in cubes.

3. Remove the bacon from the pan, and lower the pulp into the fat. Increase heat to the maximum and evaporate all the meat juice, while stirring. Let the slices fry until light browning, add salt. 4. Pour half a glass of hot water into the pan under the lid and leave on low heat.

5. After twenty minutes, remove the lid and cook, slightly increasing the heat. When the remaining liquid is completely evaporated, add chopped onion. Mix well, fry for about five minutes.

6. Gently pepper, mix, add flour. Continue cooking until flour takes on the color of baked milk. Add the blender slabs to a consistency of mashed tomatoes and sugar. Warm up for two minutes, then gradually pour in a half cup of water.

7. Remove the sample and dosolite if necessary, add lavrushka. Bring to a boil, then turn the heat down to a minimum, simmer for 20 minutes under the lid. Add hot water as necessary, and add the sour cream five minutes until cooked.

Pork goulash in a pan with mushrooms under sour cream-tomato sauce


• pork neck - 500 gr .;

• 1 carrot;

• 500 gr. fresh small champignons;

• onion;

• 2 tomatoes;

• tomato spoon;

• two teaspoons of flour;

• 100 gr. rare sour cream;

• lean non-aromatic oil - 2 spoons.


1. Slice the onions and the washed mushrooms into large slices. Grind carrots on a large grater.

2. Pour boiling water over tomatoes for a minute. Drain hot water and place tomatoes for two minutes in a bowl under running cold water. Peel the vegetables and chop them on a fine grater.

3. Pour into a frying pan and heat 2 spoons of butter, put the sliced ​​meat into it. Fry at medium heat for ten minutes.

4. Add chopped vegetables to the meat - onions and carrots. Stir for five minutes. Salt, taking a sample, pepper it within reasonable limits, add mushrooms and tomatoes, mix.

5. Dissolve tomato paste with a glass of cold water, add flour and carefully blab it. Pour the mixture with the dish, stir and leave to cook, without covering with a lid. Set the heating level so that the sauce barely noticeably boil.

6. After a quarter of an hour, when the pieces are soft, add sour cream. Wait for the first signs of boiling and, before removing from the stove, stir over low heat for about a minute.

Pork goulash in a pan with beer in Bavarian


• kilogram of pork tenderloin;

• 100 gr. fresh bacon;

• two bell peppers;

• garlic - 6 small slices;

• a small red pod of hot peppers;

• 400 ml of dark, dense beer;

• two bulbs;

• 150 gr. tomato puree;

• A spoon of dried cumin seeds.


1. Cut the bacon into thin pieces and melt the fat out of it on a small fire. Put the cracklings out of the pan.

2. In the hot fat lower half the onion, add the cumin. Fry, stirring from time to time, until the onions are noticeably soft.

3. Put in the pan slices of pulp of sweet peppers, add the tomato, stir and leave to simmer.

4. Cut the washed piece of pulp into cubes measuring three centimeters. Add the chopped garlic, pieces of hot pepper, mix. Put the pieces of pork in the pan to the vegetables, add enough beer so that it completely covers everything, and leave to simmer over low heat. Be sure to cover the pan with a lid.

5. The dish will be ready when the meat is soft.

Pork goulash in a pan - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Do not shred, cutting meat. It burns well, especially if there is a fat layer. Small pieces can dry out during frying.

• Add tomato only after the pulp softens well. If you put tomatoes or tomato paste at the beginning, the cooking process will be delayed.

• If the pork is oily, fry in vegetable oil. Lean flesh is preferable to cook on the melted fat, otherwise the dish will come out too high in calories.

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