Shawarma in pita - we regulate caloric content independently. Prepare shawarma in pita in the home kitchen: surprise your family!

Shawarma in pita - we regulate caloric content independently. Prepare shawarma in pita in the home kitchen: surprise your family!

Shawarma - a dish that has been spread relatively recently. Its peculiarity is that it is not so difficult to prepare. And the products it contains are varied and tasty.

In our country, shawarma is associated with fast street food, and in eastern countries it is a complete dish loved by the whole family.

There is nothing difficult in making shawarma in pita for your loved ones. It is only necessary to study the recipe, stock up on quality products and include fantasy and good mood.

Shawarma in pita bread - general cooking principles

Shawarma consists of pita bread filled with grilled meat, fresh vegetable salad, spices and sauces.

Prepare the dish, observing such proportions: two parts of vegetables and one part of meat.

The meat is chopped into small pieces and marinated. Almost all of its species are used: chicken, turkey, veal, lamb and pork.

The meat is roasted on a vertical grill, and at home - in a frying pan.

Cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers are added to vegetables from shawarma.

Classic sauce is made from mayonnaise and sour cream, as well as garlic. But you can add and ketchup, and mustard, and yogurt - who likes what more.

Shawarma needs heating, so it is placed for a few minutes in an oven heated to 180 degrees or on a grill pan.

1. Shawarma in pita with chicken and fried potatoes

They say that it is better not to put potatoes in shawarma. But in this recipe it is he who adds the highlight to the hearty meal.


• Four pita bread.

• Four potato tuber.

• 0.350 kg of chicken meat.

• Two tomatoes.

• Two fresh cucumbers.

• Three pickled cucumbers.

• Four Art. spoons of mayonnaise.

• Two Art. spoons of sour cream.

• Onion.

• Greenery.


Onions cut into rings and leave in vinegar solution for a day.

Peel potatoes and cut into large strips. Boil the meat and divide into pieces. Fry meat in separate pans until crust appears, and potatoes until tender. Salt and pepper. Put on plates.

Add sour cream to mayonnaise and mix.

Cut vegetables into diagonal half rings.

Arrange the pita bread and put on it two tablespoons of sour cream sauce with mayonnaise. Above the path to pull greens.

Then alternately place the tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh, pickled, pickled onions, potatoes and meat.

Pita bread from all sides and send in the oven for five to seven minutes.

2. Shawarma in pita with cabbage and carrot salad

Shawarma with tender meat, sweet and sour vegetables and lots of seasonings is a luxurious dish that can be used to feed not only your family, but also your closest neighbors


• Seven or eight pita bread.

• Three small chicken fillets.

• 0.800 kg of white cabbage.

• Eight cherry tomatoes.

• Carrot.

• 150 grams of cheese.

• One hundred grams of ketchup, mayonnaise and sour cream.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• Paprika 1 teaspoon.

• Chicken seasoning 1 teaspoon.

• Salt 1.5 teaspoons.

• Five sprigs of dill.

• Pepper.

• Vegetable oil.


Cut the meat along and beat through the cling film. Divide into pieces, salt and pepper. Sprinkle with chicken seasoning.

Fry in a well heated pan. Then it will immediately grab and remain juicy inside.

Finely chop the cabbage.

We rub carrot large. Mix both vegetables in the same pot and squeeze well to highlight the juice.

Slice the tomatoes into strips (not very fine).

Shred the dill.

Cooking sauce: mix sour cream, ketchup and mayonnaise. Squeeze garlic and fall asleep paprika. Add the dill and mix everything.

Hard cheese grind grated large.

Fold the pita bread. Brush with two tablespoons of sauce.

We spread carrot with cabbage and meat from one side. Then - a little tomato and cheese. Pour over the sauce.

Carefully fold the edges of the pita and tightly spin the shawarma. Sent in the oven for a few minutes.

3. Shawarma in pita with mushrooms

Fragrant, juicy and very nutritious shawarma successfully prepared at home. This snack will be indispensable at a country picnic.


• Two Armenian pita bread.

• One and a half chicken breasts.

• A couple of tomatoes.

• Cucumber.

• 150 grams of sour cream (22%) and mayonnaise.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• 0,200 kg of cabbage.

• 0,200 kg of mushrooms.

• For a teaspoon of hot pepper, sweet paprika and hops-sunels.

• Ketchup.


Cooking in a blender sauce: mix sour cream with mayonnaise. We add hops-suneli and chopped garlic. Turn on the blender for two minutes. Then add salt, paprika and mix again.

Cut tomatoes and cucumbers into thin half rings.

We cut the mushrooms, salt and pepper them. Fry until ready.

Chicken breast cut into strips. Then - on small squares. Fry until brown crust. In the end, salt to taste.

Lay out the pita bread and grease it with two tablespoons of sauce. Top we lay out the cabbage first, then four or five slices of tomatoes, then cucumbers. On cucumbers - meat and mushrooms. Squeeze out the striped ketchup and add two tablespoons of the sauce.

Fold the pita bread, leaving the top open. Dry and heat the grill on the griddle for a couple of minutes on each side. The finished dish can be additionally dipped in the sauce.

4. Shawarma in pita with pork

Not the fastest way to cook. But shawarma will turn out juicy, nourishing and high-calorie. Having eaten it for lunch, you can easily do without dinner


• One thin pita.

• 80 grams of pork pulp.

• 50 grams of carrots in Korean.

• 40 grams of white cabbage and pickled cucumber.

• 40 grams of sour cream and olive mayonnaise.

• 120 grams of onions.

• Half of garlic.

• A mixture of peppers, salt.

• Polpuchka greens.

• Two teaspoons olive oil.


Cut pork in the usual way.

A little more than half the onion cut into ringlets. It is used to marinate pork. On a flat plate, spread out half the chopped onion, salt and pepper it. Put a layer of pork on top and also add and season a little.

The rest of the onions fill the meat. Cover the plate and press it down.

Straws chop cabbage. Fold it into a bowl.

Cut the cucumber: first along the stripes thinner, and then - across. Fold in a bowl.

In the same bowl pour carrots in Korean

Prepare the sauce: mix sour cream, mayonnaise, black pepper and crushed garlic. Cut the greens as small as possible and send in the sauce.

Cut the remaining onion for the filling into half rings and send to a separate bowl.

Pickled pork free from onions and cut into small pieces. Pour two spoons of olive oil and mix.

Heat the pan well and send the meat there. Fry over high heat, not forgetting to stir.

Combine meat, cabbage, cucumber, Korean-style carrots, onions and sauce in a large plate. To mix everything.

Send a large pita bread and put the mixed ingredients, leaving space on the bottom and on both sides.

Pita bread is wrapped twice, turned down and twisted to the end. The top edge remains open.

5. Shawarma in pita with minced meat

Can be served as a hot appetizer or as a separate dish.


• Thin pita bread.

• Four potatoes.

• 300 grams of minced pork.

• Two tomatoes.

• 0,120 kg of green onions.

• 0.200 kg Dutch cheese.

• 40 g of mayonnaise and ketchup.


Boil the potatoes with salt and turn into mashed potatoes.

Mince salt, pepper and fry until ready.

Tomatoes and cheese cut into strips.

Mix mayonnaise with ketchup in a separate plate, add chopped green onions, salt.

Spread the pita bread in half and spread on each piece on top two tablespoons of sauce, spread along the pita bread.

Top alternately lay out potatoes, minced meat, cheese, tomatoes. Put a small layer of sauce and wrap the pita in a roll, closing on all sides.

Fry in a skillet and serve immediately.

6. Shawarma in pita with egg

A hearty meal should be cooked for the morning meal - and there will be enough energy with plenty before lunch. Ingredients:

• Armenian pita bread.

• 300 grams of cheese.

• Three feathers green onions.

• Five eggs.

• One and a half Art. spoons of sour cream and homemade mayonnaise.

• 80 ml of milk 3.2%.

• Salt.

• Pepper.

• Two teaspoons of sweet paprika.


Boil three eggs for eight minutes, and after they cool - peel and grate.

On the same grater, grate the cheese.

Cut onions into small pieces.

Mix mayonnaise with sour cream. Add salt, sweet paprika, pepper.

In a separate plate to move the eggs, cheese, green onions and the resulting sauce. Mix.

Two eggs break and mix with milk.

Pita bread cut into two parts. Smear on top of each filling and roll into a straw.

Dip the pita bread in the mixture with eggs and milk, move for a couple of minutes to the grill pan.

7. Shawarma in pita with cheese and tomatoes

A simple recipe for a moderately high-calorie hot snack with vegetables and cheese. There is no meat and sauce in the dish, but its taste remains special.


• Pita.

• 0.100 kg of suluguni cheese.

• A tomato.

• Cucumber.

• Third of the dill bundle.

• Salt pepper.


Cut the cheese into thin slices. Tomato and cucumber - on small half rings.

Dill cut large.

Put the cheese, dill, cucumber and tomatoes on top of the pita bread. Salt and pepper.

Pita bread wrap tightly so that all parties are closed.

Put on the grid, and send in the oven.

8. Shawarma in pita with yogurt sauce

The dish combines the sweetness of vegetables with the sourness of natural yogurt. Together with spicy meat, all this creates a spicy and original taste.


• 300 grams of lean beef.

• Four pinch of jeera.

• A slice of garlic.

• Two cherry tomatoes.

• Cucumber.

• 100 grams of cabbage.

• Carrot.

• Onion.

• Chilli.

• Sugar, salt.

• Vinegar and vegetable oil.

• A glass of natural yogurt.


Beef cut into slices.

We rub cabbage and carrot, mix vegetables and add sugar and salt. Season with vegetable oil and vinegar. The result was the first salad. Cut the cucumber into strips and mix with finely chopped cherries. We salt and add sugar, we mix. The result was a second salad.

Crush the garlic, pour the cumin on top and cut another with a knife. Move to yogurt and mix well.

Cut the onion. Pour it onto a heated frying pan and, after frying a little, add the meat.

Sprinkle with meat and add chili pepper.

Lubricate the pita with sauce. Top two spoons of lettuce with cabbage and carrot. Next - fried meat. Pour over the sauce. Then cucumbers and tomatoes. Pour a spoonful of sauce and wrap the pita bread on all sides.

Send it to the oven or to the pan.

Shawarma in pita - tricks and useful tips

  • It is important to choose the right pita. It should be soft and thin, but at the same time - strong. Otherwise, the pita leaf will break, and all the contents will fall out.
  • It is not recommended to warm up shawarma in the microwave, since the pita bread in it will dry out and become tough. The filling will lose its taste.
  • Shawarma can be wrapped in foil to cool.
  • Forming a dish, for convenience, all compound fillings should be decomposed into a separate dish.
  • It is not recommended to put fresh cucumbers in shawarma: they become too soft. It is better to replace them with salty.
  • Mayonnaise is mixed with sour cream to make the sauce soft.
  • It is not bad to use slightly acidified white dry wine as a marinade for meat. You can add a little vinegar.
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