How to clean svushki

How to clean svushki

For some reason, this fungus is called: svinushka is thin, although it looks more like a sapling or a white steppe. Of course, in form. And his color is yellow-brown, and the leg on the break darkens.

These mushrooms as adults are very large, and their cap reaches 25 cm in diameter.

What svushki collect

But do not collect such large copies. Because all mushrooms have the ability to accumulate in themselves harmful substances: radiation, toxins. And svinushki - especially!

Some mushroom pickers consider them even poisonous, as there have been cases of swine poisoning and even death.

Therefore, only young svinushki are suitable for food. They are easy to distinguish from adults at the curved edges of the caps.

But even young svinushki require a special approach in their preparation. Svushki can not be stored for long after collection. Therefore, they need to be processed as soon as possible after they arrive home.

How to clean svushki

Svushki not as susceptible to the invasion of worms, like some other mushrooms. But still they must first sort out.

Go through the mushrooms.

Remove overripe if these are still in the basket. Also, rotted mushrooms, dry or tainted by pests, are not suitable.

Cut the base of the legs, and at the same time check the mushrooms for the presence of worms and all sorts of larvae.

Remove large debris, twigs, leaves. Scrape off any dirt adhering to the cap with a knife or brush. To remove the skin, such as oil, is not necessary. Fill the mushrooms with cold water and add a little salt. In half an hour all the rubbish that has adhered to the cap can be easily removed. Rinse the mushrooms and put them in another bowl with clean water for another half an hour.

Clean the mushrooms again with water and leave for a few hours. During this time it is advisable to change the water twice. Soaking helps to remove toxins and harmful substances from fungi.

Then drain the water and sort the mushrooms by size. Separate the cap from the legs with a knife. Large cap cut into several pieces. Small mushrooms can be left intact.

Before the main cooking, the pigs should be boiled for 30 minutes in salted water. Both mushrooms and water become dark due to the pigment found in the mushrooms. This water must be poured! Rinse the mushrooms under running water. Some mushroom pickers on this and finish the preliminary preparation. But still you need to once again pour the mushrooms with clean water, put on the fire and cook another 30-40 minutes, adding salt.

Put boiled mushrooms in a colander and wait until the water has completely drained. Mushroom decoction also need to pour.

Now you can fry svinushki, pickle or pickle, but only in a hot way.

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