Pizza dough on the water: how to cook and bake the most simple Italian flatbread. Pizza dough recipes on the water

Pizza dough on the water: how to cook and bake the most simple Italian flatbread. Pizza dough recipes on the water

An endless variety of recipes pizza favorite by Italians gradually came to our country.

Homemade pizza cooked with your own hands is always better and tastier than shop.

Making pizza dough is easy and simple using our unique recipes.

And as a filling fit everything that is in the fridge.

General principles of cooking

The main ingredients are white flour, water, butter. For convenience of preparation of dough, pour the flour on a flat wooden surface. In the center make a recess into which the vegetable oil is poured, add salt / sugar. When using dry yeast - they are also poured into the recess. The leaven of fresh yeast is gradually combined with a small amount of flour and also poured into the hill with flour. Knead the dough gradually so that no lumps form.

There are recipes with eggs, honey, olive oil and even garlic powder. Mixed dough is always covered with a natural cloth (linen towel) and allowed to stand. According to some recipes, the dough is left in a warm place for a couple of hours; according to others, it is removed in the refrigerator for a longer time.

Pizza dough on the water

Yeast pizza dough for this recipe is prepared half an hour. Add the filling and bake the Italian dish.


• One and a half cup of boiled water;

• One table. spoon of olive oil;

• Fifteen grams of yeast;

• Two hundred and fifty grams of wheat flour;

• Salt.


Take half a cup of warm boiled water and add yeast to it. Then pour two tablespoons of flour. Mix to obtain a liquid slurry. Give the boil to stand for twenty minutes.

The rest of the flour is poured on the table in a slide, a recess is made in the center and salt is poured there. Then pour the brew. Gently knead the dough, gradually adding the remaining water and adding flour.

While the dough is still sticky, add olive oil and continue to knead.

When the dough is ready, form two balls of it, cover with a large dish or towel. Two hours later, the dough is rolled out and pizza is made.

Pizza dough on soda water

This recipe makes a dough for three pizzas. Each of them can be cooked with different fillings or put the rest of the dough in the freezer for storage.


• Pollitra highly carbonated water;

• Three table. spoons of olive oil;

• One tea. spoon of dry yeast;

• A pound of wheat flour;

• One table. spoon of sugar;

• Twenty grams of salt.


In soda water, dry yeast is diluted and left for ten minutes. Sift the flour, pour the brew into it, add olive oil. Knead the dough, gradually adding the rest of the soda.

The walls of the food pelvis are oiled and put dough there. Cover and leave in the cold for 12 hours (usually at night).

After the time, the dough is taken out of the dish, crushed and left in a warm place for two hours. Then the dough is divided into three parts and rolled into balls. From one part roll out the dough, and the other two - cleaned in the refrigerator while waiting for the queue. Enjoy your meal!

Okop water dough for pizza

Making pizza dough will take more time than usual. But the resulting dish you will be satisfied.


• Four hundred grams of white flour;

• Twenty grams of yeast;

• Four table. spoons of sunflower oil;

• Salt, water.


Flour flour on a wooden surface and build a small “trench” in it. The yeast is thoroughly kneaded with fingers and placed in a “trench”. In a glass of warm water diluted with a teaspoon of table salt and poured into the recess. Beating, knead the viscous dough, avoiding lumps. To do this, periodically lift it from a wooden surface and slap them heavily on it. The dough should be elastic and easy to move away from the fingers. Then roll the dough into a ball and make an incision with a knife, like a cross, to ensure the dough rises. Then put it in a wide dish, sprinkled with flour, wrapped with towels, blankets and put in a warm place for two hours. Classical recommendations say that the dough is considered ready, if after this period it will add twice to its volume.

After that, the dough is removed from the dish and again beat it on a wooden surface. A high-edged broiler is oiled, finely smoothed over the dough, and after filling the pizza with what was found in the refrigerator, placed in a hot oven.

Pizza dough on the water

Sugar is added to the dough in this recipe. The consistency of the dough is soft and elastic.


• One hundred and fifty grams of warm water;

• Two hundred and fifty grams of flour;

• One tea. spoon of dry yeast;

• Two tables. spoons of sunflower oil;

• One teaspoon of sugar;

• Half Chin. spoons of salt.


Warm water is poured into a deep dish, salt, granulated sugar and oil are added.

Sift flour, add dry yeast.

A mixture of yeast and flour is poured into the dish and the soft dough is kneaded. Roll it into a ball, cover with a linen towel and leave in a warm place for an hour. This time, prepare the pizza filling. Then the dough is rolled out with a thin layer, laid on a baking sheet and filled with stuffing.

Pizza dough on water and honey

This is an exquisite recipe for making pizza dough on water with honey. The baked pizza will have a sweet taste.


• One glass of wheat flour;

• One third cup of warm boiled water;

• One table. spoon of vegetable oil;

• One tea. spoon of dry yeast;

• Dry onion or garlic powder;

• Half table. spoons of honey.


In a container of warm boiled water, dissolve the yeast and honey. Pour the resulting solution into another deep container, add sifted flour. Add vegetable oil. Put a little onion or garlic powder. All ingredients are well mixed. It should be elastic dough. Let it stand in a warm place and begin to chop.

Non-yeast pizza dough on water

Instead of yeast for kneading dough using chicken eggs and flour only the highest grade. This is a guarantee that the dough will rise and will not get clef.


• Two raw eggs;

• Half a glass of water;

• Two glasses of flour (top grade);

• Two tables. spoons of vegetable oil;

• One tea. spoon of salt.


Flour and salt are poured into a deep food bowl.

In a separate container mixed vegetable oil with water and eggs. Beat with a whisk or blender. The resulting mass is gradually poured into the flour with salt, stirring all the time, so as not to form lumps.

The dough turns out sticky, so when it butchering your hands should be sprinkled with flour periodically.

When the dough becomes elastic and stops sticking, balls are formed from it. They are put in a deep dish, oiled, covered and allowed to stand. Half an hour later, they roll into boards and cook a pizza.

Pizza dough on water “Rustic”

According to this recipe, thick sour cream is added to the pizza dough on the water, preferably rustic. The baked product will turn out rich and crumbly.


• Two table eggs;

• Two tables. spoons of butter (melted);

• Two glasses of water;

• Two glasses of wheat flour (top grade);

• One hundred grams of thick cream;

• One tea. a spoonful of salt;

• One tea. spoon of soda.


Blender beat eggs with salt. In a separate bowl mixed sour cream with a thick consistency of soda, pour the egg mixture. Beat again.

After that, melted butter and sifted flour are added to the resulting mass.

Quickly knead the dough until elastic. The surface is sprinkled with flour and rolled out. If the dough turned out very soft, then you can roll directly on the baking sheet, after it has been lubricated.

Pizza dough on the “Classic” water

One of the easiest recipes for making pizza dough on the water.


• Two hundred and fifty grams of flour;

• Fifty grams of butter or margarine;

• Twenty-five grams of yeast;

• One glass of warm water.


Sifted flour is poured onto the table, making a well in it. They put the prepared yeast, salt, mix thoroughly. Then add small pieces of butter or margarine and water. Put in a warm place for two hours. Then roll out is not very thin, put the stuffing and bake.

Pastry dough on water “In a hurry”

If guests are on the doorstep, without hesitation, take advantage of this recipe for quick kneading pizza dough.


• A quarter bag or two tea. spoons of French granulated yeast;

• Three and a half glasses of water;

• Two glasses of flour;

• Two tables. spoons of sunflower oil;

• 50-70 grams of butter or margarine;

• Two tables. spoons of sugar;

• One table. spoon of salt.


On a wooden surface sift flour in the form of a hill, make it a recess. Eggs are broken into it and stirred with flour, gradually pouring in lukewarm water. Ensure that there are no lumps. Add salt, sugar, vegetable and butter (room temperature) butter, yeast. It should turn out semi-fluid mass.

The dough is put in an enameled container, sprinkled with flour. Top dough is also sprinkled with flour so that it does not wind up, cover with a towel and put in a warm place.

When the dough has come, add flour and knead it until it no longer sticks to your hands.

Home-made pizza dough

Pizza dough on the water home-cooked according to this recipe of Italian cuisine.


• Three hundred fifty-four hundred grams of flour;

• Twenty grams of yeast; • Chin one. spoons of sugar and salt;

• One hundred grams of margarine or olive oil;

• Water.


Sift the flour into a bowl, make a well in the middle, crush the yeast into it. Add a small amount of warm water and flour, knead the starter. Dusted her flour, cover and leave to approach, until the starter does not start to bubble. Then the rest of the water, salt, olive oil and sourdough together with flour knead the dough. Knead until dough begins to bubble. Two balls roll out of it, a cross-shaped incision is made at the top of each one. Cover the dough with a napkin and set for one hour to warm up.

Tips and Tips

• In order to double the volume of the dough, it is placed in a deep dish, covered with a towel so that air circulates.

• To yeast entered into the reaction, they are poured with warm boiled water and allowed to stand for twenty minutes.

• It is not recommended to make a pizza base higher than one centimeter.

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