Mayonnaise pizza is a favorite dish without hassle. A selection of recipes for pizza dough in mayonnaise

Mayonnaise pizza is a favorite dish without hassle. A selection of recipes for pizza dough in mayonnaise

Modern housewives are trying to find recipes that will minimize the stay in the kitchen. Mayonnaise pizza is an opportunity to cook your favorite dish quickly and without much hassle.

Mayonnaise pizza - the basic principles of cooking

Mayonnaise pizza dough can be yeast or yeast-free. Beater whisk eggs. In addition to mayonnaise, add sour cream, kefir or drinking water to the egg mixture. If the dough is yeast, yeast is diluted in warm water. Now pour flour and knead the dough. It can be dense and soft, or the consistency of thick cream. Yeast-free dough can be used immediately, and yeast should be given time to fit.

Mayonnaise pizza is cooked in a pan or in the oven. The dough is rolled into a thin layer, or, if it is liquid, poured into the pan or form in a thin layer. The surface is smeared with ketchup and spread the filling. It can be boiled or smoked sausage, cheese, vegetables, meat, minced meat, fish or seafood. In fact, you can use any products for the filling.

Baked pizza in mayonnaise for half an hour in the oven or in a frying pan.

Recipe 1. Yeast pizza dough for mayonnaise


three stacks flour;

30 grams of dry yeast;

30 grams of sugar;

125 ml of mayonnaise;

30 grams of salt;

drinking water - stack.

Method of preparation

1. Fill the yeast with warm drinking water, slightly razmenivaem and leave for 20 minutes to “wake up”.

2. Flour, pre-sifted, pour in a separate deep container. Make it a recess in the center.

3. Pour water with yeast into flour. Salt, add sugar and mayonnaise. Mix well, spread on the table, flushed with flour, and begin to knead the dough with your hands, periodically sprinkling flour. It should make a soft dough. 4. Roll out into a thin cake, lay out in a mold or in a frying pan. Top lay out the filling and bake.

Recipe 2. Unleavened mayonnaise pizza dough


75 ml of mayonnaise;

three drops of table vinegar;

90 g of flour;

pinch of salt;

baking soda - 5 g;

chicken egg - 1 pc.

Method of preparation

1. In a bowl, shake with a fork, add mayonnaise and vinegar-baked soda, salt.

2. Pour the flour and mix it vigorously until the dough is made, the consistency is like pancakes.

3. The basis of this test is baked separately for several minutes.

Recipe 3. Pizza dough with mayonnaise and sour cream


100 g sour cream;


eggs - two pcs .;

250 ml of boiled water;

100 g of mayonnaise;

270 g white flour.

Method of preparation

1. Flour flour twice through a sieve. Because of this, it is filled with oxygen and the dough will be airy.

2. Make a well in the flour and pour boiled water into it. Stir until no lump remains.

3. Add mayonnaise and sour cream to the batter. Salt and mix again. Leave the dough to rest for 20 minutes.

4. Pour the dough into a pan or pan and bake the pizza base.

Recipe 4. Yeast mayonnaise pizza dough with milk


a pack of dry yeast;

kitchen salt;

mayonnaise - 60 g;

white flour - 300 g;

milk - stak .;

oil rast. - 30 g.

Method of preparation

1. Fill the yeast with warm milk, stir and leave to swell. So that they come faster, you can put the dishes with milk on a pot of warm water.

2. Salt the milk-yeast mixture, add vegetable oil and other ingredients. Pour some flour, stir well and leave for another ten minutes.

3. Then add the remaining flour and knead the dough, the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Recipe 5. Fast pizza in mayonnaise



five eggs;


150 g of mayonnaise;

150 grams of flour.




two cloves of garlic;



a tomato;

salted cucumbers.

Method of preparation

1. Eggs with mayonnaise shake well with a whisk, add flour and continue shaking until a homogeneous dough without lumps.

2. Pour the dough into a wide frying pan. Distribute the spoon on the surface of ketchup.

3. Cut the sausage into thin straws or thin circles. Rinse the tomato and cut into thin slices. Chop cucumbers into thin circles. Onions clean and chop thin half-rings. Peeled garlic cut into thin slices. We decompose the prepared products on the test in any order.

4. Chop the cheese into large chips and sprinkle it plentifully with it. Put the pan on a slow fire, cover with lid and cook for ten minutes.

Recipe 5. Pizza on mayonnaise with sausage and mushrooms



180 g of flour;

two eggs;

100 g of mayonnaise;

125 g sour cream.


150 grams of sausage;

ground pepper;

two tomatoes;


marinated mushrooms;

cheese - 150 g;

red onion;

fresh greens.

Method of preparation

1. Break eggs into a deep bowl, add sour cream and mayonnaise. Whisk everything with a whisk. Gradually add flour, continue to mix, until you get the dough consistency of sour cream.

2. Pour the dough into a greased, wide pan and distribute it evenly over the entire surface. Lubricate with ketchup.

3. Peel the bulb and chop into thin half-rings. Put a layer of onion not dough.

4. Cut the pickled mushrooms into thin plates. If they are small, you can leave it entirely. Spread over the bow.

5. Cut the sausage into small cubes and place on the dough in a chaotic manner.

6. Wash tomatoes, wipe and cut into thin rings. Spread over the filling. Pepper and salt. 7. Pour all the large shavings of cheese and finely chopped greens.

8. Put on a low fire and cook for ten minutes, covered with a lid.

Recipe 6. Pizza with chicken breast mayonnaise


100 g of mayonnaise and sour cream;

3 g of food soda;




100 g boiled chicken breast;

100 g tomato paste;

15 circles of sausage;

80 g of mayonnaise;

150 grams of cheese.

Method of preparation

1. In a bowl we combine sour cream, vinegar quenched with soda, egg and mayonnaise. Shake with a whisk until smooth and, adding flour, knead the dough until it stops sticking to the palms.

2. Roll out the dough into a thin layer and lay out the pizza base on a baking sheet.

3. Mayonnaise mix with tomato paste. The resulting sauce grease the pizza base. Top with evenly rub half of the cheese on a coarse grater.

4. Chop the boiled chicken breast into thin strips and spread as follows.

5. Rub the remaining cheese over the meat. Putting sausage mugs on the cheese. Sent for 20 minutes in the oven. We bake at 200 degrees.

Recipe 7. Pizza on mayonnaise with broccoli


pizza base;


50 g of mayonnaise and ketchup;


two medium tomatoes;

Provencal herbs;


Salsa sauce;


Method of preparation

1. Prepare the basis for pizza using one of the above recipes.

2. Combine ketchup with mayonnaise. Mix and lubricate the pizza base.

3. Tomatoes are rinsed, wiped and cut into thin circles. Laying on the base.

4. Sprinkle with large shavings of cheese. Season with thyme and Provencal herbs. To taste add salsa sauce.

5. Again we crush the cheese chips. Broccoli disassemble into small inflorescences and lay out in random order on top of a layer of cheese.

6. Put the pizza in the oven for 15 minutes.

Recipe 8. Sweet and salty pizza in mayonnaise


mayonnaise pizza dough; Filling



pinch of sugar;

jar of canned corn;

five boiled eggs;

three tomatoes.


mayonnaise packaging;

half stack warm water;

crab meat packaging;

sour cream - 50 g;

fine salt;

ground pepper;

green onion.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare a cool pizza dough for mayonnaise according to one of the above recipes.

2. Chop the peeled onion rings.

3. Wash tomatoes and cut into thin circles.

4. Peel the boiled eggs and cut them into circles.

5. Thaw crab meat and tear your hands into small pieces. Add mayonnaise, finely chopped green onions, sour cream and warm water. Pepper and salt. Stir.

6. Roll out the dough and place on a baking sheet. Lubricate the base with ketchup and sprinkle with sugar.

7. Put onion rings in random order. Lay eggs on top. Sprinkle with canned corn. Cover all with tomato circles. Pour the sauce evenly and place in the oven for forty minutes. Bake at 180 degrees.

Mayonnaise Pizza - Secrets and Tricks

The basis of the test will be soft and soft, if the dough does not roll out and knead on the pan with your hands.

In the filling should be at least four ingredients. Layers repeat twice.

The sauce for smearing the base must be thick, otherwise the filling and the dough will float.

Sprinkle the pizza with fresh herbs just before serving.

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