Chocolate ganache to cover the cake - recipes and cooking. All rules and recipes of chocolate ganashes for cakes

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake - recipes and cooking. All rules and recipes of chocolate ganashes for cakes

Ganache is a thick, stiffening chocolate cream. It is used as a topcoat for cakes and pastries.

You can also apply to the cake before applying mastic.

Chocolate mass perfectly smooths the surface, perfectly freezes, has a pleasant taste.

But in order for all this to be true, the ganache must be prepared correctly. Your attention a selection of the most popular recipes.

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake - the general principles of cooking

The thicker the ganache is, the thicker the coating layer will be and vice versa. If you need to make a thin glaze, the mass is applied in a warm condition. If you want to get a thick coating, then cool the ganache and then smear it on the surface.

General principles of product selection:

• Chocolate. Milk bars are not suitable for ganache, chocolate is needed, and with a high cocoa content. Preferably 65-70%. Only in this case, the product will melt well, harden, and give the cream a good taste.

• Sugar. It is used for taste, any coarse or fine sand will fit, but not powder.

• Milk, condensed milk, cream, sour cream. Dilute the taste of chocolate, make ganache softer, more pliable, do not allow to harden quickly. One or two or more products can be used, it all depends on the selected recipe.

• Butter. It is added very often. We take natural, produced according to GOST, that is, the fat content will be at least 72%. Otherwise, the ganache will not work out as it should, it may not freeze.

• Cocoa. It is advisable to choose a natural black powder without sugar and other additives in the composition. Cocoa can be added to chocolate or used independently, but in this case the taste will not be so deep and rich.

Of course, these are not all ingredients used. There are recipes with honey, powdered milk and cream, with various other additives. Also may slightly change the technology of preparation of the cream.

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake: a recipe with condensed milk

One of the simplest recipes of chocolate ganache to cover the cake. This amount is enough for a product with a diameter of 23 cm. But, a lot depends on the layer thickness, temperature and thickness of the mass.


• 0.18 kg of oil;

• 1 spoon of cocoa;

• 0.24 kg of chocolate;

• 0.1 liters of condensed milk.


1. Chop chocolate, if it is not fine, we put it in a bowl and put it on a steam bath. Melt to a liquid state.

2. Cut butter into small pieces, put in another bowl. We soften. It is advisable to do this in advance.

3. Beat the butter with a mixer for five minutes and partly add condensed milk. We bring mass to homogeneity.

4. Fall asleep a spoonful of cocoa powder to make the cream more deep and beautiful.

5. Remove the chocolate from the steam bath. Cool slightly, but do not let it harden.

6. Pour chocolate into the cream and whip. If the mass turns out to be liquid, then leave it for 5-10 minutes so that the ganache becomes thicker, but we do not keep it for a long time and do not put it in the fridge.

7. Use ganache to cover the cake immediately while it is soft and supple.

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake: a recipe for whole milk

For the preparation of this ganache, simple whole milk is used, it is better to take with a fat content of at least 3%.


• 0.2 kg of oil;

• 0.2 kg of chocolate;

• 0.1 liters of milk.


1. Put a saucepan on the stove for a steam bath, while the water is heated, chop up chocolate. Can be chopped with a knife.

2. Pour the chocolate into a bowl or into a smaller saucepan, set to melt.

3. Heat the milk and add to the chocolate.

4. Continue to heat on the steam bath until all the ingredients of the chocolate cream melt, the mass becomes homogeneous.

5. Remove from heat, cool slightly.

6. To the softened butter add a spoonful of chocolate mixture, stir. Then pour another spoon and so on until both creams are turned into a homogeneous mass.

7. To taste we throw a little vanilla, or pour brandy. Stir. Give ganache a little cool and you can use it!

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake: a recipe with honey

Recipe for honey ganache to cover chocolate cake. The cream turns out incredibly fragrant and very tasty. Sugar in the mass is not necessary to add, as it is in the tile. It is important in this recipe to use fat cream with a mass fraction above 30%.


• 60 ml of cream;

• 40 g of oil;

• 50 g of honey;

• 110 g of dark chocolate.


1. Combine cream and honey, send to drown in a water bath.

2. While the mixture is heated, you can chop the chocolate into small pieces. We shift it to honey and cream. Continue to melt the cream until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

3. Remove from heat, cool to a warm state.

4. Enter the softened butter. Since it is added a little, you do not need to whisk it separately.

5. Stir. As soon as the cream becomes homogeneous, you can cover the cake!

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake: a recipe with cocoa powder

Economy version of chocolate cream ganache to cover the cake. Important! To make the cream tasty and in no way inferior to the high-grade chocolate coating, you need to use high-quality cocoa powder. Sugar can be added to taste even, but not more than 2 spoons, otherwise the consistency may suffer.


• 100 g of oil;

• 5 tablespoons of cocoa;

• 4 spoons of sugar;

• 160 ml of milk.


1. Remove the oil in advance in a warm room, you can cut into cubes, so that it softens faster.

2. First combine cocoa and sugar, stir. Powder grains will rub on the sand, there will be no lumps.

3. Now dilute the sugar mixture with milk, stir and put in a water bath. But you can prepare such a cream in a conventional saucepan with non-stick coating. In this case, turn on a small fire and cook, stirring constantly, so that cocoa does not burn.

4. Once the sugar has dissolved, the cream will become homogeneous, you can remove it from the stove.

5. Slightly cool the chocolate mass and put the softened butter. Quickly stir until smooth. It's okay if the butter melts. As the cream cools, it will thicken anyway. 6. Use ganache to cover the cake or decorate cakes, ice cream, homemade sweets.

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake: a recipe on cream with chocolate

Another very simple recipe for ganache, but it is important for him to use a fat cream of at least 30%. It uses both chocolate and cocoa powder.


• 200 g of cream;

• 170 g of dark chocolate;

• 4 spoons of sugar;

• 1.5 tablespoons of cocoa;

• 1.5 tsp. cognac;

• 50 g of oil.


1. Heat the cream until hot, but do not boil it. Up to about 70-80 degrees.

2. Add sugar, combined with cocoa powder. If they are poured separately, lumps may appear. Quickly stir the cream. Leave for a few seconds and remove from fire.

3. Crumb chocolate. You can chop quickly with a knife. We shift in a bowl.

4. Fill the chocolate pieces with hot cream and cocoa. Cover the bowl for a couple of minutes to melt the pieces.

5. Open, stir.

6. Add softened butter. But, if the cream quality, then you can without it.

7. For flavor pour brandy. This amount is enough to slightly give the cream a walnut, but it did not feel the alcohol.

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake: a recipe with powdered milk

Recipe for chocolate ganache to cover the cake, which can be prepared not only with powdered milk, but with cream. It will turn out even tastier, as the fat content of the product will be higher.


• 50 g of milk powder;

• 60 ml of fresh milk;

• 110 g of oil;

• 150 g chocolate;

• 1 spoon of sugar.


1. Chop chocolate, put in a water bath.

2. Add sugar to dry milk, dilute it all with fresh milk or ordinary water, put it separately on the stove and heat to 50 degrees.

3. Beat the butter with a mixer, gradually add milk to it. Do this slowly so that the oil absorbs all the liquid.

4. Remove melted chocolate from the water bath, mix well. It should not be hot. If necessary, then cool slightly. 5. Enter the chocolate mixture into the butter, without stopping to whip the cream.

6. Ganache is ready! To taste, add vanilla or brandy, as was done in the previous recipe. Use the cream immediately, until it froze.

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake: a recipe with orange zest

In fact, you can make a cream with lemon peel, but there will be a completely different taste and aroma. Choose a citrus at its discretion. Do not forget to wash it thoroughly with a brush and pour boiling water over it.


• 200 g of dark chocolate;

• 1 tbsp. l orange peel or 1 tsp. lemon peel;

• 150 ml of milk;

• 1 pinch of salt;

• 1 spoon of butter.


1. Build a water bath. In the top bowl, fold all the chocolate, pre-chopped it into small pieces. Begin to melt.

2. Grind the zest, add immediately to the chocolate.

3. Milk is heated with a pinch of salt. If you want to get a sweeter cream, then pour two or three spoons of sugar, but not more.

4. As soon as the chocolate with zest warms up and becomes homogeneous, add the butter, stir.

5. Next pour in a thin stream of milk, do not rush.

6. We warm up the ganache for a minute in the water bath and remove it.

7. Cool to a warm, but not cold state. Use for decorating the surface of the cake or for any other purpose.

Chocolate ganache to cover the cake - tips and tricks

• Does the ganache harden quickly and fail to coat the cake? Put the bowl in a saucepan with warm water, let the mixture warm and stir constantly. Glaze immediately from it, cover the cake.

• White chocolate is much more capricious than dark. It may not melt at all if the product is of poor quality or if even a drop of water falls.

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