Kurnik with meat and potatoes - the royal loaf. Various recipes kurnikov with meat and potatoes: traditional and simplified

Kurnik with meat and potatoes - the royal loaf. Various recipes kurnikov with meat and potatoes: traditional and simplified

Kurnik - loaves with fillings, the history of which goes back to Tsarist times.

Solemn pies symbolized satiety, prosperity and well-being.

They were prepared with special trepidation and carefully followed the technology.

Today you can find a huge number of recipes kurnikov, both traditional and simplified. But the most beloved pies with meat and potatoes, from whatever test they were not prepared.

Kurnik with meat and potatoes - general principles of cooking

Traditional Kornik is a rounded loaf, inside which is stuffed with pancakes. In our case meat is used for filling with potatoes. The most fragrant and juicy pies are obtained if you use raw foods. But it is likely that they will bake badly. Therefore, more and more often you can find Kornik with boiled or fried fillings.

Pancakes for kurnik used ordinary, baked in a pan. Usually, no more than 5-7 pancakes are put into one loaf, as there is too much filling, no matter how thin the layers are. Detailed assembly of the traditional Kornik is described below.

Recipe 1: Traditional Kornik with Meat and Potato Pancakes

This recipe kurnik with meat and potatoes. Prepared by all the rules, with pancakes and yeast dough. They can be prepared according to your own recipes or use ours.


For test:

• 200 ml of milk;

• 70 ml of water;

• 1 tsp. yeast;

• 1 spoon of sugar;

• flour;

• salt.

For pancakes:

• 1 egg;

• 200 ml of milk;

• 150 grams of flour;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• salt, sugar.

For the filling:

• 6 tablespoons sour cream;

• 400 grams of minced meat, better fat;

• 300 grams of potatoes;

• 2 bulbs;

• pepper and salt to taste.


1. Knead the yeast dough. Add hot water to the milk to make the mixture warm. Put the yeast, sugar, half of the flour and give the mass to rise, leave for a quarter of an hour. Then we report all the other components, knead the dough and leave in a warm place for another hour. 2. Cooking pancakes. We mix egg with milk, add sugar, salt, add flour and butter. We bake pancakes. It will turn out about seven pieces, four is enough for us.

3. For the filling, chop the peeled potatoes into thin slices.

4. Mince the meat slightly in a frying pan, cool and mix with the potatoes, add the finely chopped onion, salt and pepper to them.

5. Take the dough, divide in half. Roll out the cake, with a diameter of 6-7 centimeters more than pancakes. Transfer to a greased baking sheet.

6. Put one pancake in the center, then a layer of potato filling, grease with sour cream.

7. Now again the pancake, filling and sour cream. Repeat 2 more times.

8. The remaining dough is rolled into a cake thinner than the previous one, in the center we make a hole at least 2 cm in diameter.

9. We cover our kurnik with prepared pancake, lay the lower edges upwards and press tightly. You can walk with a fork so that they do not unstuck when baking.

10. Lubricate the egg, send to prepare in the oven for 50-60 minutes, the temperature of 175-180 degrees. It is important to bake the potatoes, because only he is raw in the heifer. Therefore, initially you need to cut very thin.

Recipe 2: Kurnik with shortbread dough and meat

A simplified version of kurnik with meat and potatoes without pancake layers. The dough is kneaded on margarine with sour cream. We use any meat, we make the filling of raw products.


• 200 grams of margarine and sour cream;

• 2 yolks;

• 2 cups of flour;

• 1 tsp. baking powder (you can take soda);

• sugar, salt.

For the filling:

• 2 bulbs;

• 300 grams of meat;

• 3-4 potatoes;

• spices;

• 50 grams of plum oil.

One yolk for grease kurnik.


1. Grind soft margarine with flour to crumbs. Sour cream mixed with yolks, a small spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt, if you use soda, then we also add it here, it will be extinguished by itself. If the ripper, then mix with flour. Combine all the ingredients, knead the dough. We clean for half an hour in the fridge.

2. Finely chop the meat, sprinkle with spices, leave to marinate. 3. Also finely chop the onion, add to the meat.

4. Peel potatoes, cut into thin slices, you can immediately send to the meat with onions.

5. We get the dough and divide 1: 2.

6. Most of the roll out layer, laid on the bottom of the form. It can be any: square, round, rectangular. The main thing - to form the bumpers.

7. Mix the filling, put in the form. Rub a piece of butter on top.

8. Roll out the rest of the dough and cover the cake. The edges are firmly connected, you can make curly bumpers. Cut out a hole for steam to come out above, otherwise the cake will tear.

9. Lubricate the yolk and bake our kurnik at 170 degrees for about 50 minutes.

Recipe 3: Kurnik with meat and potatoes made from dough on kefir

Another version of chicken meat with potatoes and potatoes, this time half open. A feature of the recipe is also the use of ready-made fillings, that is, the products are not laid raw. Dough on kefir with soda.


• 220 ml of kefir;

• 450 grams of flour;

• 70 grams of plums. oils;

• 2 eggs;

• salt;

• 1 tsp. soda


• 3-4 potatoes;

• 300 grams of meat;

• 2 bulbs;

• salt, oil and pepper.

Egg or just yolk for lubrication.


1. Grind the butter with 400 grams of flour, perhaps no longer needed, it all depends on the density of yogurt. Add the egg and kefir, with soda slaked in it and dissolved salt. Knead dough. If it is sticky, add flour residues. We remove in the refrigerator. Let it lie there while we make the filling.

2. Potatoes simply boil in the uniform, but do not digest. It must remain tight so that it can be cut neatly.

3. Cut the meat into strips and fry in butter, at the end we own onion half rings, season with spices and fry for a couple of minutes.

4. We clean the boiled potatoes and cut them into cubes or slices.

5. We take out the dough and pinch off a third. The rest lay out the inner surface of the form. Do not make bumpers above 2.5-3 centimeters.

6. Mix the meat with boiled potatoes, you can even add salt. Then we shift to the pie. 7. From the remaining dough, roll out a long ribbon, cut into harnesses 1 cm wide. We put the mesh, the tips are firmly fastened to the sides.

8. Grease the cake and send to bake. Since the filling is ready, we are guided by the test.

Recipe 4: Kurnik with meat and potato puff pastry

Another lightweight version of chicken with meat and potatoes, which is puff pastry. Also for the filling you will need 4 pancakes, which you can bake according to any recipe.


• 400 grams of puff pastry;

• 4 pancakes;

• 400 grams of minced meat;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 2 bulbs;

• 4 boiled potatoes;

• spices and oil;

• a little parsley.


1. Puff pastry should be divided into 2 parts, rolled into balls, let lie on the table for 20-30 minutes, then roll into two flat cakes.

2. We clean the onions, cut them into cubes and fry for a minute in a frying pan, then add the minced meat and fry for another 5-7 minutes, no longer need, season with spices.

3. Dice the boiled potatoes, add the parsley greens, which should be finely chopped, salt, pepper, put half of the sour cream and mix.

4. In the cooled minced meat with onions, put the second part of sour cream, mix. You can also put greens.

5. Putting the cake. To do this, put a pancake on one cake, then a potato filling, then again a pancake and meat filling. We repeat once again a pancake with potatoes, the last with meat.

6. We cover the roaster with the second flat cake. Puff pastry is hard to glue together. Therefore, all the edges need to be smeared with an egg, and then joined. With the same egg we coat the cake from above, we make several holes and into the oven!

7. Bake until cooked puff pastry and beautiful color.

Recipe 5: Kurnik with meat, potatoes and cheese

Cheese Kurnik - this is something! It is better for him to use hard cheese, with a melted product is not so tasty.


For test:

• 3-4 glasses of flour;

• 0.5 tsp. soda and salt;

• 300 ml sour cream;

• 250 g oil drain.


• 300 grams of meat; • 200 grams of potatoes;

• spices;

• 250 grams of cheese;

• 2 onions;

• 3 eggs.


1. Knead the dough. To do this, we extinguish soda in sour cream, put salt and mix it with softened oil, it can be slightly submerged oil. Pouring yku and make a stiff dough. Cool

2. For the filling, boil the potatoes, meat, then cool and cut into any pieces that you like. Chop onions and fry.

3. Roll out 2 round cakes, first put into shape.

4. Now in layers: potatoes, fried onions, meat, cheese. Each layer is seasoned with spices. Break eggs from above. But not in a heap, we try to spread them evenly over the filling.

5. Cover the cake with the remaining cake, connect the edges. Lubricate the egg.

6. Sent in the oven for half an hour and ready!

Recipe 6: Kurnik with Puff Meat, Potatoes, and Mushrooms

Another version of the classic chicken chicken, cooked on a yeast dough with pancakes. How to knead the dough for the cake and pancakes, you can see in the second recipe.

Ingredients for the filling

• 300 grams of meat;

• 3 bulbs;

• 4 potatoes;

• 150 grams of sour cream;

• 300 grams of champignons;

• oil and spices.


1. Boil potatoes, cut into cubes, salt, pepper and set aside.

2. Cut the meat into cubes or strips, fry, simmer or boil. Then cool, also set aside.

3. Separately fry the mushrooms, cut into cubes. Cooling down.

4. Cut three onions, fry until transparent and divide into three parts. We send one to mushrooms, the second to meat, and the third to potatoes.

5. We also divide the sour cream and put it into three fillings. If the meat is fat, then it can be added less or not at all.

6. We collect kurnik. According to the classical scheme we roll out two flat cakes. We transfer one to the baking sheet.

7. Lay the layers: pancake, meat, pancake, potato, pancake, mushrooms.

8. We cover with the second cake of yeast dough and ready! It remains to zaschipnut edges, grease kurnik and bake. It is prepared for a short time, enough brown.

Recipe 7: Lazy Kornik with Meat and Potato

Lazier kurnik just do not think. You won't even need a rolling pin to make it!


• 3 eggs;

• 1 cup of mayonnaise;

• 1 glass of water;

• salt;

• bag ripper;

• 15 tablespoons of flour.

In the filling:

• 2 boiled potatoes;

• 200 grams of boiled meat;

• 1 onion;

• spices;

• sesame.


1. Mix the eggs with water and mayonnaise, salt, put the ripper with flour and beat the mixture well with a mixer.

2. For the filling, finely chop the meat, onions also, just rub the potatoes on a coarse grater. All salt, pepper.

3. Pour into a greased form half the dough, lay out the stuffing and the rest of the dough.

4. Sprinkle generously with curry sesame and in the stove! It will prepare for about 30 minutes.

Kurnik with meat and potatoes - tips and tricks

• Kurenik from lean meat is not very tasty, so you can add lard, butter, various fats to the filling. You can grease the top with greasy sour cream or cream.

• Kurnik - royal loaf. And you can decorate it accordingly. If there are pieces of dough, then you can put flagella, molded leaves and flowers on top of the cake. And so that they firmly "sat down" and do not fall off during baking, the landing site should be smeared with an egg.

• Onions and potatoes are cooked for a long time and most often they are not baked, they remain crispy. To prevent this, you can fry them slightly in a frying pan, but do not bring them to full readiness.

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