Lazy Kurnik - quick pie. Lazy kurnik on cottage cheese dough, sour cream or kefir, with chicken fillet, minced meat, cheese, potatoes

Lazy Kurnik - quick pie. Lazy kurnik on cottage cheese dough, sour cream or kefir, with chicken fillet, minced meat, cheese, potatoes

The classic version of the smoker is rather laborious and time consuming. A traditional cake consists of several layers of filling and dough - yeast, flaky or shortbread. But, armed with simpler recipes, you can please your loved ones with a quick option of an equally tasty chicken hen.

Basic principles of cooking lazy chicken chicken

We can say that a lazy broiler is prepared on the principle of charlotte - the filling is poured with liquid dough. Only apples, not meat, are put in the cake, but meat, most often chicken, in combination with potatoes, mushrooms, onions, sometimes cabbage and tomatoes are also added. Initially this is a chicken pie, but today you can find its various variants with pork, minced meat, fish.

The dough for a lazy Kurnik can be kneaded on kefir or sour cream. In addition, mayonnaise is often added, it makes the dough very tender and soft. Below is also a recipe with a very simple and tasty cottage cheese dough. At the bottom of the form, in which the cake will then be baked, a small amount of dough is first poured, the filling is laid out on it in layers, and the rest is poured on top of it. A lazy broiler is baked at 170-180 degrees.

If desired, the filling can be seasoned with various spices, put finely chopped dill or green onion feathers, there are recipes with the addition of grated cheese.

Lazy Kornik with Potatoes and Chicken

Chicken fillet for this cake can be taken both from the breast and from the legs. White meat is more dietary, darker is juicier.



a pound of potatoes;

two chicken thighs and 1/2 chicken breast;

salt, spices.


four tablespoons with a slide of sour cream;

four tablespoons with mayonnaise;

a glass of flour;

a pinch of salt;

two eggs;

half a teaspoon of soda.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare the filling. We cut potatoes in circles, onion in half rings. Separate the meat from the chicken thighs, cut it and the chicken breast in small pieces. Season with salt and optional any spices. 2. Now the dough. Put the mayonnaise and sour cream in a bowl, add the eggs, mix. Gradually sift the flour into the bowl, knead the liquid creamy dough.

3. Baking such a cake can be in the form or suitable for use in the oven pan. We coat the bottom and sides with oil. Fill the bottom part of the test. Put layers of filling on it: potatoes, onions, chicken, potatoes again. You can add additional layers of potatoes.

4. In the end, pour all the dough. And send our lazy Kurnik in the oven. The temperature is 180, the time is about 45 minutes.

Lazy Kurnik on kefir

The dough, mixed with kefir, gives a lush baking. In the filling - the traditional for this pie chicken and boiled eggs.



a pound of chicken fillet;

large onion;

three eggs;


vegetable oil;

ground black pepper;

dried thyme.


half a pack of kefir;

200 grams of mayonnaise;

one and a half cup flour

three eggs.

Method of preparation

1. First of all, for the filling of the cake it is necessary to boil eggs. Fill with cold water, set on fire, boil for ten minutes after boiling. We douse the finished eggs with cold water, remove the shells, cut into small cubes.

2. Peel the onion, finely chop it up.

3. Wash chicken meat, dry it with a napkin, cut into pieces.

4. Fry onion and fillet in vegetable oil until golden. At the end season with spices, salt.

5. Came the turn of the test. Beat eggs, mayonnaise and kefir together. Gradually sift flour, continue to mix everything thoroughly. The dough in the end should not be too thin, like sour cream.

6. Pour some dough on the bottom into the oil form. Put a layer of fried fillet with onions, then eggs, pour the main part of the dough on top.

7. Our cake will be baked until golden brown: forty minutes, temperature -180.

Lazy chicken chop with mushrooms and grated potatoes

Another win-win combination - chicken, mushrooms, potatoes. You can take mushrooms for this pie, also oyster mushrooms, and in the autumn mushroom season - white, aspen mushrooms, boletus mushrooms. Ingredients


350 grams of chicken fillet;

two bulbs;

one large potato;

200 grams of mushrooms;

half a teaspoon of ground pepper;

a teaspoon of Italian herbs;



glass of water;

450 grams of flour;


half a glass of sour cream and mayonnaise;

three eggs.

Method of preparation

1. Using the whisk, beat the eggs. Add mayonnaise and sour cream to the bowl. We combine the ingredients. Add water, it should be at room temperature. Mix everything until smooth.

2. Now add flour to the dough: sift in portions through a sieve, immediately stir well, otherwise there will be lumps in the dough. Add a pinch of salt. As a result, we obtain a mixture of approximately the same consistency as for making pancakes.

3. We are engaged in stuffing. Peeled onion cut into thin rings. Mushrooms cut not too small, for example, champignons can be cut into plates.

4. Wash and dry the meat. Cut it into small pieces. Season with salt, herbs and pepper.

5. Peel the potatoes and grate them. We leave this ingredient in the end, otherwise the potatoes quickly become dark.

6. Shape well greased with oil. At the bottom - about a third of the test. Next, the filling: the chicken will go first, then gently and evenly distribute the onion rings. Then go mushrooms, which should be slightly salted. We finish with a layer of grated potatoes, salt and slightly pepper it. Slowly to keep the layers, pour the dough.

7. It remains to put a lazy chicken broth with mushrooms for about an hour in the oven. When the cake turns red well, you can check the readiness with a toothpick: the chicken leaves dry - it’s ready. Before you cut and serve, let the cake cool slightly.

Lazy chicken chop with cheese and chicken

Baking with cheese always pleases the taste. Varieties are better to choose brackish and those that melt well.



chicken breast;

200 grams of grated cheese;

three onions;

two eggs;

75 ml of chicken broth.


half a pack of butter; a teaspoon of soda and salt;

a glass of sour cream;


five eggs.

Method of preparation

1. Cook the chicken breast. Let cool slightly and cut into cubes. Leave the broth, it is useful to us too.

2. Fry onion. Mix it with pieces of chicken, season with pepper, salt.

3. Five eggs to beat. To them we add soft butter, sour cream, soda and salt. Now pour the flour - as much as is needed for kneading the dough creamy consistency.

4. Cover the bottom of the mold with about half the dough. Next, the layers of filling: chicken and onions, grated cheese. Beat two eggs, mix with chicken broth. Pour this mixture on top of the filling. And then pour the dough.

5. In the oven at 180 degrees, the cake will spend about half an hour.

Lazy chicken chop with minced meat

For the filling of a lazy kurnik, you can take pork or ground beef, and knead the dough in this recipe on kefir.



350-400 grams of minced meat;

three onions;

salt and pepper.


a glass of kefir;

two eggs;

a glass of flour;

teaspoon of soda;

half a teaspoon of salt.

Method of preparation

1. Pour soda into kefir, leave for five to seven minutes. Then break the eggs and mix with kefir. Add the flour and salt, stir, get the dough.

2. Shred onions very, very finely. Mix it with raw minced meat, which is also seasoned with pepper and salt

3. Form smear oil. Pour to the bottom of the dough. Spread stuffing. It remains to pour it with dough and send it into the oven - 170 degrees, 40 minutes.

Lazy chicken curd on cottage cheese dough

From this dough, very delicate pastries are obtained; it is best to knead it from the cooled ingredients. The airiness of the finished product will help give baking powder.



Seven potatoes;

600 grams of chicken breast fillet;

a pound of onion;

vegetable and butter;

100 grams of grated cheese;

two tomatoes.


600 grams of cottage cheese;

1.5 cups flour;

tbsp salt;

four eggs;

60 ml of vegetable oil;

baking powder bag.

Method of preparation 1. Boil the potatoes in a uniform, cool and peel. We cut it with circles.

2. Boil chicken meat. Cut it into small cubes.

3. Bulbs cleaned, cut into quarters, shred. Then fry in vegetable oil. At the very end, add a little butter to the pan with onions.

4. Cut tomatoes into slices.

5. The filling is ready. Now take up the preparation of the dough. First, beat the eggs. Add to them cottage cheese, salt, vegetable oil. Stir.

6. Begin to add flour. Little by little, sift it through a sieve straight into the bowl with the future test. Then we send baking powder to the same place. All this is confusing. Dough is ready.

7. We take a suitable form, we spread parchment, we lubricate it with oil. At the bottom we place part of the dough, dub with a scapula.

8. Spread layers of stuffing: chicken, potato, onion, grated cheese, tomato slices. Spread the remaining dough on top, cover the entire filling well.

9. Now in the oven - 40 minutes, 170 degrees. Taking out a curd, let him stand in the form of another ten minutes, then with the parchment paper we transfer it to the dish. You can chop and serve.

Lazy Kurnik - Secrets and Tricks

· The dough for a lazy chicken can also be used for other fill pies with a variety of toppings: meat, vegetable or even sweet.

· The guarantee of a successful dough for kurnik is wheat flour of the highest grade, and it is better if the grinding is fine.

· If you use a silicone mold or detachable, parchment-lined, a gentle lazy Kurnik will be easier to remove from it.

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