Ossetian pies with cheese and greens - that unusual taste! Recipes Ossetian pies with cheese and herbs from different dough

Ossetian pies with cheese and greens - that unusual taste! Recipes Ossetian pies with cheese and herbs from different dough

Ossetian pie - a kind of cake made of thin dough with filling inside.

This is not an ordinary dish, it is difficult to compare it with the usual baking.

Anyone who has ever tasted an Ossetian pie will never forget its taste.

This is not necessary, fragrant foods can be made at home.

There are so many recipes!

Ossetian pies with cheese and greens - general principles of cooking

The dough for the Ossetian pie is more often used yeast on water, milk, or with kefir. As it should be, he is given a good rise for a couple of hours, then divided into several parts. Details of the formation of the pie is described below.

You can take any cheese in the filling: Russian, Adygei, suluguni, cheese, and so on. To it add a lot of greens and spices. Ideally, the filling should be slightly sticky to form a ball.

Ossetian pies are baked in the oven at 180-200 degrees. Sometimes fry in a pan. After baking, the Ossetian pies are oiled and stacked on top of each other. Cut them all together for portions, like a cake. But it is in the classic version. If the cake is baked big and alone, then you can just cut it into pieces that you like.

Ossetian pies with cheese and greens (yeast dough)

Recipe yeast Ossetian pie with cheese and herbs. Baking is lush, soft, unusually aromatic. Yeast in the dough go dry. Three small cakes will come out of these products.


• 300 g flour;

• 1 tsp. yeast;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 1 l. Sahara;

• 200 ml of warm water;

• 4 spoons of butter.

In the filling:

• 300 grams of different cheese;

• a large bunch of greens.

A yolk and a little butter for smearing pies before baking and after.


1. Heat the water, you can use the milk, the dough will get even tastier.

2. Dissolve yeast with sugar in warm liquid, add salt, add flour. While kneading, gradually pour in a spoonful of oil. The dough must be made elastic, soft, it is important to mix it well. 3. Transfer to a bowl, cover and let go warm. It will take about two hours.

4. Prepare the filling. Better to use different cheeses. We rub or grind, we shift in a bowl. Greens chop and also send to the cheese. Stir the filling and divide into three parts.

5. We also divide the dough into three lumps, give them a little more time to stand on the table, then roll out the flat cake.

6. From the filling make the ball and put in the center of the cakes, lift the edges and pinch together. Get a bun with filling.

7. Turn the bun so that the seam is on the bottom. Spread the cake with your hands or roll out with a rolling pin. We do this carefully. The thickness should be about 10 millimeters.

8. We shift the cakes on the baking sheets, in the center of the cake we make a round hole through which steam will come out.

9. Lubricate the egg, bake until rosy color. We take out, we grease with butter.

Ossetian pie with cheese and puff pastry

Lazy, but also delicious Ossetian pie. The dough is used puff. You can take any cheese: Adyghe, Russian, white cheese and so on.


• pack of dough;

• 300 grams of cheese;

• 100 grams of greenery;

• 2 eggs;

• 40 grams of oil.


1. Since the dough is not necessary to cook, just get it in advance, let him thaw.

2. Rub or knead the cheese, depending on its type. It is better to mix several varieties, it will turn out more tasty.

3. Crumble greens, always washed and dried. Mix with cheese. Put in the filling one whole egg, throws the protein from the second egg. The yolk is left to lubricate the cake.

4. If not very salty types of cheese were used, then add spices. Stir the stuffing.

5. Form the cake. To do this, roll out the dough, roll a little with a rolling pin. Since it usually has the shape of a rectangle, then making round cakes is not profitable. We transfer the rectangle to the baking sheet so that the half hangs over the edge.

6. Lay out the layer of the filling.

7. Cover the cake with dough, which hangs over the side. It is necessary to blind the edges of the top and bottom. If the dough is dry, then you can first grease. 8. Make several holes on the cake, lubricate the tip with the previously deposited yolk.

9. Bake at 200 to crust ruddy color.

10. Take out the cake and quickly lubricate a piece of butter.

Ossetian pie with cheese, greens and cottage cheese

A variant of another Ossetian pie made from yeast dough. The filling is prepared from a mixture of cheese, greens and cottage cheese, it turns out just amazing.


• 100 ml of kefir;

• 100 ml of hot water;

• 1 tsp. with a mountain of yeast;

• 20 ml of oil;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• flour, pinch of sugar.


• 0.2 kg of cottage cheese;

• 0.2 kg suluguni;

• 1 bunch of greens;

• 2 tablespoons sour cream;

• pepper, salt.

Also one egg and 60 grams of butter.


1. In kefir pour hot water and quickly stir so that the product does not curled flakes. Get a warm liquid.

2. Add sugar with salt and yeast, pour in oil. Flour put so much to get a soft, but not flowing dough. It is not necessary to hammer it in with flour. Leave it warm for lifting, about two hours.

3. For the filling, mix the cottage cheese with the minced cheese. We throw chopped greens, we fill with sour cream, pepper. We taste it. If necessary, add a little salt.

4. We take out the dough, divide it into three pieces, roll the balls out of them.

5. Let the balls come on the table for about ten minutes so that they can be easily rolled.

6. From the filling, we also make balls according to the number of cakes.

7. We make pies. First we pack the balls into a tortilla, pinch it, then turn it over and flatten it to a thickness of one centimeter.

8. We transfer to the baking sheet, do not forget to make a hole through which steam will come out.

9. Lubricate the egg, bake until golden brown. We take out and quickly pass through the pies with a piece of butter.

Ossetian pies with cheese, greens and potatoes

Another famous version of the cake in Ossetian. In addition to cheese, potatoes are also added to the filling. This makes the dish not only satisfying, but economical.


• 500 g of flour;

• 400 ml of milk;

• spoon of sugar;

• spoon of yeast;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• 1 tsp. salt.

In the filling: • 800 g of potatoes;

• 400 g cheese;

• 150 g different greens;

• 1 egg.

Also for the decoration of pies you will need butter and an egg.


1. On warm milk we start yeast dough. Just gradually add all the ingredients to the liquid and dissolve well. Enter the flour, knead. Withstand a good lift.

2. Boil the potatoes, cool.

3. Grate the potatoes and cheese, you can take another cheese. Add the egg to the stuffing, you can throw two pieces, put chopped green onions, dill, parsley. The bigger, the better. Stir the stuffing.

4. Divide the dough into pieces, roll koloboks.

5. We also divide the filling into pieces, assemble it into koloboks. The quantity must match.

6. Sculpt pies in the usual way, the process is described in detail above (in the first recipe).

7. Spread the pies on the baking sheet, before baking lubricate the egg. After baking we use butter for lubrication.

Ossetian pies with cheese and herbs on a griddle

Option of fried Ossetian pies with cheese and greens. There are two options for frying: in oil or in a dry skillet. Dough on kefir with yeast, it is also suitable for baking pies in the oven.


• 150 ml of kefir;

• 100 ml of water;

• 30 g of oil;

• 10 g yeast;

• about 500 g of flour;

• some salt;

• 450 g of cheese;

• spoon of sugar;

• greenery;

• egg;

• oil for frying.


1. Put yeast into warm water, pour sugar sand, stir it. Ten minutes later, combine with kefir, pour in 30 ml of butter, pour half a teaspoon of salt, fill the dough with flour and knead well.

2. Cover and leave to approach.

3. Prepare the filling. Just rub or chop cheese in another way, put greens and egg in it, stir well. If the cheese is hard, then for stickiness you can add sour cream, mayonnaise. Do not forget to salt and pepper, tasty is obtained with the addition of garlic.

4. We take out the dough, form cakes, detailed preparation is described above. The size is desirable to do the diameter of the pan.

5. Heat the oil, fry the tortillas.

6. If you cook pies on a dry skillet, the fire should be moderate. After frying in this case it will be necessary to lubricate the products with oil.

Ossetian pie with cheese, greens and minced

Option Ossetian pie for meat eaters. For three pieces you need 700-800 grams of yeast dough. Knead it according to any of the recipes.


• 0.7 kg of dough;

• 0.2 kg minced meat;

• 1 bunch of green onions;

• 1 bunch of dill;

• 250 grams of cheese;

• salt pepper;

• 50 grams of oil;

• 1 yolk.


1. Divide the dough into three cakes, roll the koloboks, leave them on the table so that they rise a little more.

2. During this time, quickly prepare the filling. We rub cheese, we cut all greens, we add mincemeat and spices. Thoroughly knead, then divide into three parts. We also make balls from minced meat.

3. We form ordinary pies, flatten hands or roll out with a rolling pin.

4. Make a hole on top, cover with yolk.

5. Bake at 180.

6. As soon as the cakes become rosy, remove and quickly lubricate the oil.

7. Meat pies are also stacked on top of each other.

Ossetian pies with cheese and greens - tips and tricks

• You can grease Ossetian pies not with ordinary butter, but with melted butter. With him, the aroma turns out just amazing.

• A spoonful of milk can be added to the yolk to lubricate the cake. It will make the lubricant mixture more fluid and increase the amount.

• It is convenient to lubricate Ossetian pies with egg or butter using a silicone brush. It does not absorb the product, easy to clean, does not accumulate odors.

• Pies do not fit on the baking sheet? Cook the leftovers in the pan, too, it will turn out delicious. You can pre-plan, make baked and fried products.

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