Recipes for the New Year are in a hurry - traditions are not canceled! Options favorite recipes for the New Year in a hurry

Recipes for the New Year are in a hurry - traditions are not canceled! Options favorite recipes for the New Year in a hurry

The New Year is left ... Sentry! Very little left!

December 31 is the day when you want to definitely complete all the old things that were somehow postponed for a year. To this desire also the main moment of preparation is added - the festive New Year's table. The question of how to decorate it, arises even on the threshold of the supermarket, long before the last day of the outgoing year, the refrigerator is filled to the full with products that are to be used in cooking and eaten on New Year's Eve, or, in extreme cases, on the morning of the first of January.

What remains will be eaten during the first week of the traditional and popular post-holiday “relaxation” in front of the TV. Tradition is stronger than us, they are difficult to cancel. Yes, and why? Let the year always begin with a week of joy and expectation of a miracle, meetings with old and new friends, and you can cope with the bustle in the kitchen by planning in advance the costs of energy, time and financial expenses.

Recipes for the New Year in a hurry - the basic technological principles

The first and most important advice regarding the preparation of dishes for the New Year holidays: do not panic!

• Plan the menu for the upcoming week, taking into account all the culinary preferences of the household and invited guests. It is advisable to calculate in advance the number of servings, adding, just in case, but not more than two or three, if someone plans to make a surprise with his sudden appearance. In the New Year such miracles happen often.

• Each family has certain traditions when the favorite family dish is put in the center of the table, as well as the recognized “New Year” dishes: herring under the “fur coat”, aspic, and “Olivier basin”. This is, so to speak, the mandatory program of the New Year's menu. Comfortably should be everything. Therefore, if there is such a need - prepare the notorious wash. If you want to make a variety, then there are already quite a few options for traditional salads. Try to modify them a little by adding new components or “play with the decoration”, but in order for the New Year to be truly new, add your culinary “discovery” to the festive menu - a dish that has never been served in the circle of those present. This will add interest to the efforts of the hostess, and, perhaps, will be another culinary tradition. • I hardly want to cook first courses in the morning, the first of January, and many of them will be necessary. Therefore, chicken broth, ear or pickle will come in very handy so as not to mock your body. When you cook meat for salads, pay attention to the broth - make it transparent and fragrant, so that the next day for 10-15 minutes to cook a fresh first dish.

• According to the prepared menu, buy food and make an audit in the refrigerator, in the kitchen, in the pantry. Remember, ahead - Christmas, Old New Year, Epiphany. Days are no less significant, and therefore also costly. Nevertheless, the salary is only one, and it will have to be distributed according to these dates.

The planning and procurement phase is over. Go to the kitchen. Some preparatory stages of cooking can be started earlier, for 2-3 days, depending on the time that the hostess has, but you just can’t postpone all things in the kitchen on the very last day. Be sure to leave for yourself 2-3 hours to rest before a holiday feast.

What can be done in advance?

• Wash and boil vegetables for salads. Some of them (boiled potatoes, carrots, beets, celery, pickled cucumbers and mushrooms) can even be sliced ​​in advance, just be sure to store them separately until the last moment, in airtight containers or plastic bags.

• You can also cook meat and fish by peeling and chopping them. If necessary, pour the marinade. Store these products in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

• If you plan to bake a duck, chicken, goose or ham in the oven, process the poultry meat, stuff it, sew it, wrap it in a bag and put it in the freezer. In the morning, December 31, the carcass or ham will only be thawed in the microwave. Semi-finished products can also be frozen.

• Pay attention to the elements of decorating dishes in advance. Usually such details in a hurry are forgotten or carving experiments fail, for the same reason. If this technique is not mastered, or if the corresponding tools are not available, then stock up with enough leafy vegetables: fresh greens on the holiday table always look very elegant, especially in the winter. With the help of an ordinary kitchen knife, it is also possible to make simple figured cutting of onion rings, olives, round, rectangular cheese plates, sausages, and vegetables. Prepare decorative skewers, tubules, umbrellas and other elements of a festive table tinsel. With proper organization of the process, one hostess can make a feast for the whole world, like in a fairy tale. Now you can choose your favorite recipes. Considering that favorite salads, jelly and filler for the New Year is a tradition, it remains only to evenly distribute the load so that the preparation of the holiday table does not seem like a long and tedious task.

Recipes for the New Year in a hurry: salads and vinaigrettes

This kind of food is perfect for a late dinner. Hearty meat salads are for those who are hungry while waiting for the Chimes fight, and light vegetable and fish salads are for those who want to wait for the solemn removal of hot dishes.

A classic that you don’t want to part with is the “Olivier” salad and vinaigrette. Try changing the ingredients in these salads to make the dish new and interesting.

1. A quick recipe for the New Year in a hurry - “Pokrovsky” vinaigrette


Apples, peeled 400 g (net)

Prunes 250 g

Potatoes in uniforms 500 g

Beet Roast 300 g

Sauerkraut 600g

Salted mushrooms (milk mushrooms) 400 g

Garlic 30-40 g

Eggs 6 pcs. (for registration)

Mayonnaise 250g

Lettuce, parsley (for registration)


Red salad pepper (for registration)


All prepared ingredients (potatoes, apples, mushrooms, steamed prunes, beets), peel and cut into strips. In mayonnaise add chopped garlic, chopped greens. Combine with chopped vinaigrette and mix.

Peel the boiled eggs and cut them in half. From the salad pepper, remove the stem and cut into thin strips. Flatten round dish leaf salad leaves; top with a vinaigrette, level the surface, cover with chopped greens. In a circle, in the form of a dial, lay the eggs in half, protein up. On each half of the egg, lay out Roman numerals with red pepper strips, imitating the watch face. In the middle lay out arrows from pepper or strips of boiled beet.

2. A quick recipe for the New Year in a hurry - wild game salad with mayonnaise (the original “Olivier”)


Boiled tongue, calf 300 g

Cooked partridges (fillet) 400 g

Gelatin, instant 20 g

White roots (parsley, celery) 100 g

Pepper Peas (fragrant and black)

Bay leaf

Carrots 150g

Pickled cucumbers 200 g

Eggs, quail 12 pcs.

Potatoes in uniforms 350 g

Boiled crayfish necks 200 g

Mayonnaise 150g

Mustard, table 15 g

Lemon juice 45 ml

Ground pepper 5 g

Leaf lettuce (for registration)

Purified water (for broth)

Yield: 12 servings 200 g each


Put the processed quails in cold water and let them in until ready. In the process of cooking, remove the foam, add the chopped parsley root, a mixture of peppers and bay leaf. Half an hour before the meat is ready, add the peeled whole celery roots and carrots. Boil them in the broth until soft. After transfer the roots on a separate plate.

Get the game meat (partridges can be replaced with young broiler chicken carcasses). Chopped meat cut into strips or slices. Strain warm broth to transparency, separate 300 ml and add diluted gelatin to this part. Set aside until completely cooled, and then put into the cold to set. Frozen jelly cut into large cubes and decorate them with a dish.

Boil peeled tongue, peel, cut into thin slices.

Boil eggs and potatoes in uniforms. Peel the potatoes and dice together the carrot and celery roots. Also cut into cubes half boiled eggs, and cut the rest along and in half. Place the halved boiled eggs on the edge of the dish, on the plates of the boiled tongue, alternating them with cucumber slices and quail meat, cut into strips.

Boiled vegetables, cut into cubes, combine, adding to them mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice and ground pepper. Stir and place in the center of the dishes a slide. Garnish with leafy vegetables.

3. The recipe for the New Year in a hurry - “Olivier Basin”, Soviet-style

This salad is still the most delicious memory, for many - with notes of nostalgia. He still takes pride of place on the New Year's table. Products:

Smoked sausage


Pickled Cucumbers

Canned Peas

Boiled potatoes (in “uniform”)


Chopped greens (for registration)


All components of the salad should be taken in equal quantities, cut them into equal cubes. For registration, you can use the ingredients of the dish, slicing them into slices, straws, plates and spreading along the edge of the dish or on top of the salad, laid in a slide.

Recipes for the New Year in a hurry: jelly or aspic

So that the holiday must take place, just in case, we are preparing both together. The advantage of jelly and jellied in that, poured into portioned forms, these dishes can be stored in the refrigerator for a week, if left, and during this week you will not have to think about what to serve. Aspic and aspic are cooked for a long time, but you only have to stand at the stove until the boil begins, and then, switching the fire to the languor mode, you can safely cut salads or rub glasses for champagne.

1. Recipes for the New Year in a hurry - brawn, modular


Pork ears, tails, legs 2-3 kg

Beef knees (“sugar” bones) 2 kg

Rooster, gutted 2.5 kg

Chicken Breast 2 kg

Pork (back, non-fat) 2 kg

Beef or beef tongue 1.5 kg

Onion 0.5 kg

Carrots 1.0 kg

White roots 300 g

Spice set for meat broth

Garlic to taste


Parsley leaves, dill sprigs, olives or olives (for decoration)


Wash all meat parts in advance, soak in cold water until the flesh is light. Water change during the day 2-3 times. Feet, ears and tails scrape well with a knife. They need to be boiled together with the skin, which contains a lot of collagen, contributing to the gelation of the broth. In a large pot, fold everything except chicken meat, which is added 2 hours later, so that it does not boil down too much. Put the pot on the stove, cover with cold water and turn on the fire. Before boiling it can be made intense; as soon as the bubbles begin to rise, reduce to the lowest level, and in this mode, boil until the end. You need to very carefully remove the foam to get a beautiful and transparent broth. Along with the meat of the old rooster and breast add the peeled and washed parsley, celery and onion roots, without cutting them. An hour before the end of cooking, put the whole and peeled carrots, and after another 40 minutes add spices and salt. Hot broth should be slightly salty. Willingness to check for meat, which should be easily separated from the bone.

Get the meat, sort it, separating it from the bones and cartilage. Pulp cut or tear hands.

Put the boiled carrot on a separate plate. When it cools down, cut it with wheels, squeeze out the flower shape for decoration with a special shape (plunger).

Put chopped garlic in warm broth and cool to room temperature. At this time, you can check it out. Check: moisten fingers or lips with broth. When squeezing and unclenching, a feeling of viscosity and gluing should appear. If there is not enough gelling substance in the broth, add diluted gelatin (15 g per 1.5 l of liquid). Strain through gauze or towel.

Put the leaves of greens, olives, olives, carrots in portion plates with lids on the bottom. Place the pieces of meat on top. Fill the portions with clear broth, gently cover with lids and refrigerate until solid. When serving portions, lower for a few seconds in boiling water and turn over on a plate.

2. In haste for the New Year in a hurry - filler from pike perch


Pike perch (peeled carcasses with head) 3 kg

Carp Head 1 kg

Onions, onions 3 heads

Carrot red 400 g


Bay leaf


Lemons 300 g

Vegetable oil 50 ml

Gelatin, instant 25 g


Parsley root 100 g

Butter 70 g


Separate the ridge, tails and heads of pikeperch with a sharp knife for broth. Put them in a pan with the head of a silver carp or other rich fish. You can add to the broth ruffs, perch, mackerel. Put the washed onion heads, cutting the roots, along with the top skin, to give the broth a beautiful color. Add peeled carrot and parsley roots. Chop the parsley and boil the carrots whole. Add to the broth the spices, bay leaf and salt. Simmer, removing the foam. Cooking time - 1 hour. Pike perch fillet cut into portions, sprinkle lightly with salt, pour with lemon juice, add chopped dill. Transfer to a form lined with foil. Grease the foil profusely with oil. Cover the fish with another sheet of foil on top and close the edges tightly. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 120 ° C. After not turning, let cool.

Remove the boiled carrots from the pan and place on the plate to cool. Cut it into circles or rings, or make other figures for decoration. The remaining components of the broth will not be needed. Add diluted gelatin to warm broth.

Smear tall glasses with vegetable oil. Spread the portions of baked fish in them. Pour broth and refrigerate. Make carved cuts from carrots, greens, lemons or other products to decorate the aspic. Put them separately in a closed dish and arrange the dish when serving. Glasses with filler when serving should be slightly warmed up and turned over on a plate.

Recipes for the New Year in a hurry: hot dishes

Of course, the New Year's table cannot do without the “nail of the program” - a banquet dish, which is handed down to the applause of those present. Meat or fish? Choose yourself, but in any case, baked pike, salmon steaks with Mediterranean sauce, or pork ham, duck with apples or oranges, or chicken with mushrooms and potatoes will take a little time, when preparing them for baking, and a lot of space and attention - on the holiday the table.

1. A quick recipe for the New Year - pike in the oven, in Russian


For the marinade:

Pepper to taste

Honey 120g

Lemon 4 pcs. (for registration + 100 ml of juice)

Salt to taste

Muscat, ground 15 g

Ginger (fresh root) 50 g

Water 400 ml

Pike 1.8-2 kg

Crayfish (large) 12 pcs.

Onions 500g

Potatoes, peeled 2.4 kg

Whole milk (or cream) 0.5 l

For registration:

Tomatoes, fresh 12 pcs.

Olives 200 g

Boiled eggs 6 pcs.

Dill sprigs 50 g

Carrots, boiled 200 g Fresh cucumber 250 g


Boiled corn 400 g


Pike wash, gut insides, be sure to remove the gills. Place all the marinade ingredients in a large plastic bag. Put the fish there and tie the package tightly. Put in the fridge for the night.

2 hours before the start of the holiday feast, cover the baking sheet with foil, grease it with butter, put chopped onion. Pike carcass cut into portions and place on the onion “pillow”. Cover with foil and bake at 120 ° C for 40 minutes.

Wash crayfish thoroughly, soak in water, constantly changing it before cooking. In a large saucepan, place the halves of peeled onions, two sliced ​​lemons, nutmeg. You can buy a special seasoning for crayfish. Add salt when the crayfish turn red in boiling water.

Cook the peeled potatoes and cook mashed potatoes, carefully mixing it with cream. Boil the potatoes begin 10 minutes after the pike is in the oven, so that the mashed potatoes when serving is hot.

Proceed to the design of the dish:

It will take a large oval shape, which will lay out the entire composition.

Cut off the tops of the tomatoes, remove the pulp with a spoon and fill them with boiled corn. These are “barrels of precious stones”;

Peel the eggs and cut them in a zigzag. Divide the halves and place them on cucumber plates. These are “water lilies”.

Cut olives and carrots into rings and plastics. Lay out all the decorations on the edge of the dish.

Place a “pedestal” of mashed potatoes, in an inclined manner, in the shape of a triangle in the center. On puree, put in order all the pieces of pike, starting with the head, so that it seemed intact. Put slices of lemons between the pieces. Cut the “crown” out of the carrot and pin it with a skewer to the pike's head. Place boiled crayfish around the fish so that they “look” at the “queen”. Garnish with fresh dill sprigs and place in the center of the table.

2. In a hurry, the New Year recipe is beef with bacon in the oven


Beef pulp (tenderloin or neck) 2 kg

Carrots 0.5 kg


Hot pepper, ground



Fat 500 g


Wine, table 0.5 l

Honey 100 g

Mustard, strong 50 g


Choose an oblong piece of beef pulp, so that it is convenient to lash it. Fresh carrot and salty bacon, cut into bars. Using a sharp knife, remove the films from the pulp, make deep cuts, insert pieces of carrot and bacon in them one by one. Grate the meat with spices and salt. Pack in a baking bag. Pour the marinade from honey, wine and mustard. Put the beef in the refrigerator for 12 hours. To serve the dish hot, put it in the oven, preheated to 180 ° C for 2.5 hours before the start of the celebration. Before serving, remove the bag for roasting, cut the meat into portions and serve with a vegetable garnish, decorating with greens.

Recipes for the New Year in a hurry - useful tips and tricks

New Year is a family holiday, and every family has children. Think of a special menu for them, except for candies and tangerines. If children sit at a table with adults, which is quite possible these days, the addition of “non-childish” spices is allowed only in their own plate. Put the spice cutters on the table and drastically reduce their quantity during cooking. In advance, announce deliberate nedosol to all those present at the table: guests will treat the hostess with understanding and respect.

A lot of time for cooking requires baking. The shelf life of cakes is no more than 36 hours. But cakes for cakes, without cream can be stored much longer. You can safely bake them even 3 days before the start of the feast, and prepare the cream the night before, collect the cake so that the cakes are soaked.

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