Crab salad with tomatoes and cheese is beautiful! Crab salad with cheese and tomato

Crab salad with tomatoes and cheese is beautiful! Crab salad with cheese and tomato

Among the seafood products from which salads with tomatoes and cheese are made is crab meat. This is a real source of nutrients.

Unfortunately, such a product is not available to everyone for both financial and territorial reasons.

But crab sticks or so-called crab meat are available.

They are made from the flesh of the fish, have a fishy taste and aroma, are widely used in cooking.

Therefore, a crab salad with tomatoes and cheese can be made from both natural crab meat and crab sticks.

Tastes, of course, differ, but both of them and the other variants will quite adequately take their place in the cookbook of the hostess.

Basic principles of cooking crab salads with tomatoes and cheese

The basis for the salad - crab meat, crab sticks - must be fresh and of high quality.

Natural crab meat is usually sold boiled, frozen, before cooking it needs to be completely defrosted, you can throw 5 minutes in boiling water.

If you get a live crab, you need to cook it according to all the rules.

Crab sticks or crab meat of the same composition as sticks, thawed before cooking, on the contrary, is not necessary. It is enough just to hold at room temperature so that you can chop.

Ingredients such as tomatoes, cheese, fresh and pickled cucumbers, eggs, rice, sweet canned corn, green peas, potatoes and carrots, onions, garlic, and greens are added to the salad with crab meat or crab sticks.

Salads are often dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream.

Salad can be both mixed and cooked in layers.

Simple Crab Stick Salad with Tomatoes and Cheese

This is a basic recipe containing a minimum of products. If desired, it can be supplemented and varied. At the same time, such a crab salad with tomatoes and cheese is very tasty and without additions, and it is cooked easily and quickly.


• Packaging of crab sticks or crab meat - 200 grams

• Cheese - 200 grams

• Two medium ripe tomatoes

• Clove of garlic

• Two spoons of mayonnaise of choice

• Dill greens - on request. Method of preparation

Slightly thawed crab sticks clean from the shell, cut lengthwise into three parts, and then across the small cube.

Cheese grate on a medium grater. If you choose a fine grater, the salad will be more tender, but less textured.

Tomatoes cut into small cubes. You can pre-remove excess juice and seeds.

Put the food in a bowl. Top squeeze garlic through a press.

Add mayonnaise, mix gently.

Sprinkle with dill on top.

Puffed crab salad with tomatoes and cheese

This salad is interesting because it is laid out in layers. So, you can cook it on a large platter in the form of a beautiful slide, or in portions of cream bowls.


• Crab sticks - 200 grams, if the other packaging, the number of products proportionally change

• Two medium dense tomatoes

• Two medium pickled cucumbers

• A jar of canned green peas

• Mayonnaise - a few spoons

• Hard cheese 150 grams

• Medium bulb, better purple

• Table vinegar

• Sugar - pinch

• Freshly ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

Crab sticks cut into cubes or strips.

Also chop the pickled cucumbers.

Do the same with tomatoes.

Onions cut into thin rings, sprinkle with a pinch of sugar and pour vinegar, diluted with water to a moderately acidic state. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then drain the liquid.

Place tomatoes and pepper in a dish or ice-cream bowls.

Top - crab sticks, smear with mayonnaise.

Next, green peas on it a layer of cucumbers.

Brush again with plenty of mayonnaise, sprinkle with pepper again.

Rub the cheese on a fine grater and sprinkle the salad, not kneading.

Top spread out in the form of decoration rings onions.

Let it brew for half an hour.

Crab salad with tomatoes, cheese and shrimps

Double portion of sea flavors - in this salad. Crab sticks and shrimps are used here. The dish looks original thanks to the supply of lettuce, which, with its greenery, contrasts beautifully with the red color of seafood and the yellow color of corn.


• A pack of 200 grams of crab sticks

• Two boiled eggs

• One large dense tomato

• Canned corn - small jar • Feta cheese

• 200 grams of frozen boiled shrimp

• Mayonnaise - a pair of spoons.

• Green leaf lettuce

• Several parsley branches.

Method of preparation

Cut diced crab sticks with beautiful medium cubes.

Also cut eggs into cubes.

Tomato cut into thick layers, remove the seeds and juice. Cut along the stripes, then across into cubes.

Cheese, as well as chopsticks, cut into cubes.

Put the shrimps in boiling water, cool, peel. Cut, leaving a piece for decoration.

Mix in a bowl crab sticks, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, half corn.

Arrange the washed lettuce leaves on a platter. Put a salad on them

Top with the rest of sweet corn, whole shrimp and parsley sprigs.

Natural Crab Salad with Tomatoes and Cheese

This salad uses real crab meat. It needs to be finally thawed out if it is purchased ready cooked, frozen. It is better, of course, to boil a live crab - boil water with salt, cloves, bay leaf, allspice, garlic, put the crab, hold for 15 minutes until cooked, cool, peel.


• Crabmeat freshly cooked or purchased in the store - 500 grams

• Cheese durum type Maasdam - 200 grams

• Two fresh small cucumbers

• Large strong tomato

• Canned peas - small jar

• Mayonnaise

• Bulb average

• Salt.

Method of preparation

Cut the crab meat into long strips.

Peel cucumbers, chop sticks.

Cut tomatoes as far as possible.

Drain liquid from peas.

Onion peel, cut in half, then chop each half along thin slices. Salt, mash, leave to lie down.

Cheese grate on a coarse grater.

Collect the salad by mixing cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, onions, most of the crab and half the cheese.

Season with mayonnaise, mix gently so that the salad does not become a mess because of the chopped tomatoes.

Put the salad on the dish where it will be served. From above spread out strips of crab and cheese in artistic disarray or, conversely, creating a composition.

Let stand at least 15 minutes in the cool.

Double Sea: Crab Fish Salad with Tomatoes and Cheese

Another salad, which uses not one, but two seafood. This time a pair of crab meat or crab sticks will make canned fish. The advantage of this salad is that mayonnaise is not needed here. Juice is added by pouring from canned food, so it is better to take fish in oil, as a last resort, in its own juice, but not at all in tomato sauce.


• Packaging of crab meat or chopsticks - 200 grams

• Jar of canned fish

• Large tomato or two small

• 2 tablespoons dry long grain rice

• Two medium cucumbers or one long

• Small onion

• 100 grams of hard cheese

• Salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Peel the onion, finely chop, steam in boiling water, and salt. Spread out on a platter.

With canned food drain half of the liquid, mash the fish with the rest of the juice and oil. Put on top of the bow.

The next layer is diced tomatoes.

Rice must first be boiled until cooked, drained, cooled, rinsed well.

In cold rice, add the rest of the liquid with canned food, mix.

Put the rice on the tomatoes.

Top with cubes chopped cucumbers, preferably without skin. Slightly salt.

Grate cheese randomly - large chips or finely, finely, fill the top of the salad.

Let it soak for about an hour and serve.

Crab salad with tomatoes and “Snowy” cheese

The name of the salad is associated with the kind of crab - the snow crab is valued for its delicious tender light meat. Used cooked and frozen semi-finished product from the inhabitants of the sea. In the extreme case, it is possible to replace the natural crab with a product called crab meat, especially nowadays it is also produced under the brand name “Snow Crab”. The original serve in the form of balls allows you to use this crab salad with tomatoes and cheese as a festive dish.


• Meat of natural snow crab and or product “Snow crab” - 300 grams

• Two eggs

• Delicate hard cheese with a mild flavor

• Two tomatoes

• Small fresh cucumber

• Optional - a handful of shelled walnuts

• Two spoons of mayonnaise

• Clove of garlic

• Dill greens.

Method of preparation

Eggs and cheese rubbed on a fine grater, can be immediately in one container.

From one tomato cut half, remove the seeds and juice, cut into cubes as small as possible. Just chop the cucumber.

Put the vegetables to the cheese and eggs, squeeze the garlic.

Add chopped dill, putting a sprig for decoration.

Cut half of the crab meat very finely, put it to the mixture.

Add mayonnaise and mix in a homogeneous mass.

Now you need to give the salad an original look.

To do this, the rest of the crab meat must be cut into chips, can be rubbed on a coarse grater, put separately in a flat plate.

From the bulk to roll balls the size of a walnut.

In each of them inside you can put a half or a quarter nut.

Break in the crab shavings, put on a dish.

When all the balls are ready, cut the remaining tomatoes into slices or circles.

Put the tomatoes next to the crab balls, decorate with a sprig of dill. You can on slices of tomato squeeze a drop of mayonnaise.

The tricks and secrets of cooking crab salad with tomatoes and cheese

  • As a dressing, instead of mayonnaise, you can take sour cream, natural yogurt. The shelf life of such salads is very short - up to 12 hours in the refrigerator.
  • If boiled frozen crab is used, after thawing, it is better to hold it in boiling water for about five minutes. This will guarantee the quality of the product that has been stored for a long time.
  • Any crab salad with tomatoes and cheese can be made mixed, flaky or in the form of balls. It should be borne in mind that tomatoes give a lot of juice. It must either be removed, or sliced ​​tomatoes put as decoration on top of the salad or next. In the puff version it is better to place a layer of tomatoes over the crab so that the juices soak the product.
  • Tomatoes for salad need to choose ripe, but strong. And the cheese is used in different hardness, salting and taste - depending on the recipe.
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