Salad with avocado and crab sticks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a salad of avocado and crab sticks.

Salad with avocado and crab sticks - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a salad of avocado and crab sticks.

Recently, avocados have begun to actively add to light salads. Avocado fruit in its composition does not contain any harmful fats, it is rich in vitamins, which allows it to be actively used in the diet. In addition, its composition contains many bioactive substances and natural hormones that are able to rejuvenate the body as a whole. In the salad, usually use the soft part of the fruit, gently cutting the fruit in half, and with a teaspoon we get the part needed for canapés or salads. At the same time in our hands we will have a great cup, which can serve for serving a portion of any salad. Well, and the avocado bone is also not in vain. It can be planted in a pot, and enjoyed in the kitchen growing indoor avocado.

To use avocado in cooking, only soft fruits are suitable. To correctly determine its maturity, you need to gently press on the fruit with the first finger of your hand. If the surface does not leave a dent from the finger, but the fruit is not solid, then you have in your hands exactly the fruit you were looking for.

Today we will try experimenting on salads, which will include crab sticks and juicy avocado fruit - a delicious meal for dinner.

Recipe 1. Avocado and Crab Stick Salad

Ingredients Required:

- Fresh cucumber - 1 pc .;

- Avocado - 1 pc .;

- celery (root) - 100 g;

- crab sticks - 100 g;

- parsley - 2 branches and mayonnaise - 2 tbsp.


Shred fresh cucumber on a thin straw. Celery root cleaned and rubbed on a coarse grater. Crush crab sticks, after removing the film. Peeled avocados cut into strips. In a bowl, drop all the prepared ingredients, mix, pepper with ground black pepper and season with mayonnaise. Gently mix. Put a salad mix on a wide dish, sprinkle with lemon juice. Lay out a salad and decorate it with a sprig of parsley.

Recipe 2. Avocado and Crab Stick Salad

Ingredients Required:

- Avocado - 1 pc .;

- crab sticks - 100 g;

- red onions - 2 pcs .;

- cucumber - 2 pcs .;

- Tomato - 2 pcs .;

- Bulgarian red pepper - 2 pcs .;

- Feta or cheese - 100 g;

- lemon juice - 2 tbsp. l .; - olives - 0.5 cans;

- olive oil - 2 tbsp. l .;

- ground black pepper and salt.


Wash all the prepared vegetables, gently dry them. Cucumber cut into cubes. Tomatoes - slices and red onion - half rings. On cubes we will cut cheese (Feta or brynza). Sweet pepper cut into strips. Salad greens tear hands. Mix the prepared ingredients and add the olives cut in half. Sprinkle the salad with diced cheese and chopped crab sticks.

Prepare the sauce. Mix lemon salt with salt. Stir until the salt dissolves. Add a trickle of olive oil. Stir, season with ground pepper and salt. Salad pour cooked sauce.

Recipe 3. Salad with avocado and crab sticks

Ingredients Required:

- Avocado - 2 pcs .;

- radish - 100 g;

- fresh cucumber -1 pc .;

- crab sticks - 150 g;

- Dijon mustard 0.5 tsp. for refueling;

- mayonnaise - 5 tbsp .;

- A bunch of greens, pepper and salt.


Avocado well we wash, gently cut it. Choose the bones and a spoon choose the flesh for the salad. Do not throw away the remaining cups. The pulp is ground. With crab sticks remove the film and finely chop the flesh. If you have frozen sticks, be sure to defrost them. Cut radish and cucumber into small pieces. Grind prepared greens for salad and add crab sticks, cucumber, radishes and avocados to it. Add Dijon mustard and mayonnaise to them, pepper it with ground pepper and mix.

Serve a portion of the salad to the table, setting it nicely in avocado cups. From above we will decorate with green leaves and rings of fresh cucumber.

Recipe 4. Avocado and Crab Stick Salad

Ingredients Required:

- large avocado - 1 pc .;

- crab sticks - 2 pcs .;

- tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

- cucumber - 1 pc .;

- red onion - 1 pc .;

- a bunch of leaf lettuce;

- extra virgin olive oil - 2 tbsp;

- a bunch of parsley;

- a clove of garlic; pepper and sea salt.


We sort out the leaves of lettuce, wash them gently and tear them with our hands. On roundels we will cut a cucumber. Cut the tomatoes into small slices. Avocado flesh is selected and cut into slices.

Sliced ​​red onions need to pour boiling water, just like the parsley. After 4-5 minutes, drain the water from both ingredients. Greens after this necessarily immersed in cold water. We still have to finely chop the garlic clove. Now we send garlic, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and sea salt to the blender bowl. Beat until mashed.

We transfer cucumber, avocado, torn lettuce, onion and tomato slices to the bowl. Neatly, from top to bottom, mix and pour the resulting dressing. You made a light salad, but, despite this, it can easily serve as a separate dish for dinner.

Recipe 5. Avocado and Crab Stick Salad

Ingredients Required:

- canned crab meat - 300 g;

- Avocado - 1 pc .;

- shrimp - 250 g;

- pink grapefruit - 1 pc .;

- Arugula - 50 g;

- onions - 0.5 heads;

- white ground pepper;

- salt and extra virgin olive oil


If you do not have crab meat in jars, you can easily replace it with crab sticks. Just remove the film and chop them finely. Similarly, finely need to cut the crab meat from the jar. From the grapefruit cut off the peel with a white film. Cut it into pieces. Avocado flesh cut into cubes. Arugula dipped in cold water, rinse it, then dry in a dryer. Quarter rings cut into red onions. Shrimp immersed in boiling water for 3 minutes and immediately pour cold water. Clean, choose the central vein and cut into pieces. Mix all the sliced ​​ingredients, mix, season with olive oil and pepper to taste.

Salad with avocado and crab sticks - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

- To make lettuce or arugula look fresher and more palatable, they do not need to be washed under running water. It is enough to put them in a pan with cold water, rinse and dry in a dryer.

- Avocado pulp in a salad is recommended to choose a teaspoon of small pieces, which you will immediately add to the salad. Thus, you will have an interesting slicing of the pulp, and keep the halves well, in which you can then serve the salad.

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