Salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese is light and nourishing. Variants of cooking ham, cucumber and cheese salad

  • Basic principles of cooking salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese
  • Simple salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese
  • Rich option: ham, cucumber and cheese salad with egg
  • Salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese “For unexpected guests”
  • Cocktail salad of ham, cucumbers, cheese and tomatoes
  • Onion salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese
  • Salad with ham, cucumbers, cheese and crab sticks
  • Tips and tips on making ham, cucumber and cheese salad
Salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese is light and nourishing. Variants of cooking ham, cucumber and cheese salad

If you want a fresh, light and at the same time hearty snack food, then a salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese will be an excellent option.

The meat component - ham - will give the heart and supply the body with protein. Cucumber is tenderness and freshness, as well as useful light carbohydrates and moisture.

Cheese is a sharpness of taste and piquancy, moreover, like all dairy products, it is rich in microorganisms that are so necessary for digestion.

It turns out that the combination of ham, cucumber and cheese in one dish is just perfect both for taste and for the body.

There is also a number of different options for this dish.

Basic principles of cooking salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese

The main condition for the preparation of tasty and healthy salad is the use of quality products. Ham should have a normal shelf life, with a pleasant characteristic odor and color. Fresh cucumbers strong, without stains and mold. Salted or marinated - without foreign odors, not softened. Cheese depending on the variety to meet their requirements.

By the way, in the salad can be used cheese of different varieties. But most often it is a hard type Vityaz or Lamber. In some cases, soft feta cheese or other similar ones are taken.

As mentioned above, cucumbers can be salted, pickled, fresh - depending on the conditions of the recipe. It is possible to replace one another, but carefully: it is necessary to consider a combination with other products. Most often, the components of the salad are cut into strips or cubes. However, the cheese in many recipes rubbed.

In addition to the above ingredients, a variety of foods can be used in a ham, cucumber and cheese salad. These are vegetables - boiled potatoes, carrots, fresh carrots, onions, garlic, green peas, sweet corn. Fresh sweet pepper and tomato, cabbage, radish, different types of radish. Boiled eggs, even have recipes with crab sticks.

Such salad is filled with vegetable oil less often than mayonnaise or sour cream, yoghurt dressing.

Salad can be both mixed and layered. It is suitable for the daily table, and a festive feast.

Simple salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese

This is a basic recipe, which, if desired, can be diversified by adding other products. But this salad is beautiful and in its original form. Three products and dressing make up a wonderful combination, and the greens decorate the dish and complement the flavors. This recipe allows you to replace fresh cucumber pickled.


• Ham - about 300 grams

• Two medium fresh cucumbers

• Cheese durum - 200 grams

• Salt to taste - you may not need it.

• Two tablespoons of mayonnaise

• Dill, parsley.

Preparation Method

Cucumber cut into layers, and they - across into strips. It should make the cucumber straw.

Also cut and ham.

Cheese grate on a coarse grater, put a small handful.

Green crayon chop, also postpone a pinch.

Mix the main part of the cheese with ham, cucumbers, chopped greens.

Add mayonnaise, mix, try. If necessary - salting.

Put the salad on a dish in a slide.

Sprinkle with cheese, decorate with greens.

Such a salad is good both as a snack and as an independent dish.

Rich option: ham salad, cucumber and cheese with egg

This salad uses pickled or pickled cucumbers. Thanks to the introduction of eggs, it becomes more nutritious. Green peas complement the flavor range.


• Ham - 200-300 grams

• Two boiled eggs • Two pickled or pickled cucumbers

• Small onion

• 200 grams of hard cheese

• 100 grams of green peas

• Vinegar

• Two spoons of mayonnaise or mayonnaise in half with sour cream

• Ground black pepper.

Preparation Method

Ham, cucumbers, peeled eggs cut the same. It can be either cubes or straws.

Similarly, cut and onion - half rings or small cube.

Sprinkle with vinegar and leave to marinate.

Cheese can be grated, but it is also better to cut it. It looks especially beautiful in the form of cubes.

Collect all ingredients in one container. Onions, if too sour, you can rinse with vinegar.

Green peas are also put in the salad, leaving a spoon for decoration.

Add refueling, pepper, mix.

Put in a bowl in which the salad will be served on the table.

Decorate with green peas.

Salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese “For unexpected guests”

This salad is really made in a matter of minutes when you need to feed unexpected guests. Of course, provided that the products are available. Nothing needs to be cooked for a long time, however, onions and carrots will have to be fried. But it does not take much time, but it will add flavor, aroma and nourishment to the dish.


• Ham - 300 grams

• Marinated cucumber - 3 pieces

• A jar of canned champignons - cut or whole

• Large onion

• Large carrot

• Clove of garlic

• Spoon of vegetable oil

• Durum cheese - 100 grams

• Mayonnaise optional.

Preparation Method

The first thing you need to fry vegetables. Onion cut into cubes, grate carrot large.

Mushrooms, if they are whole, cut.

Put onions in a frying pan with a spoon of oil and keep until ruddy, stirring.

Add mushrooms and carrots, fry until golden brown.

Turn off, add garlic passed through the press, mix.

Gherkins also grate.

Ham finely chopped.

Combine all ingredients, mix. If it is too dry, add mayonnaise, but you can do without it.

Put in a salad bowl.

Finely grate the cheese on top.

Salad-cocktail of ham, cucumbers, cheese and tomatoes

Serving means a lot - the simplest salad, if served in bowls or glasses, will be perceived differently. A combination of beautiful cucumbers, tomatoes, light cheese and dark ham stimulates the appetite and pleases the eye.


• 200 grams of ham

• 100 grams of Lamber cheese

• One large cucumber

• Two medium tomatoes

• Half a cup of unsweetened natural yogurt

• Small garlic clove

• A few sprigs of parsley

• Salt to taste.

Preparation Method

Cook ice-cream bowls or portion salad bowls.

Thinly chop cucumber, put equally in each container. Slightly salt.

Cut ham into thin straws, spread out on salad bowls.

Cut tomatoes, remove seeds and juice. Cut into cubes. Put on ham.

Crush garlic and mix with yogurt. Slightly salt.

Pour the dressing bowl contents with the dressing.

To rub cheese and spread out on top.

For spice in this salad, you can enter the pickled onions - soak rings in vinegar with salt and sugar, rinse, put on the ham. Then you can not add garlic.

Onion salad with ham, cucumbers and cheese

And in this salad, onion plays one of the most important roles. It is necessary to properly prepare it, remove the extra sharpness. And then he will enrich the taste of the familiar salad and he will play in a new way.


• Two large bulb onions - you can take white and red

• 200 grams of ham

• 100 grams of cheese

• 2 pickled cucumbers

• A jar of sliced ​​canned champignons

• A teaspoon of vinegar essence

• Salt sugar pinch

• Spoon of vegetable oil.

Preparation Method

Cut onion rings thinly. Salt, add sugar, vinegar and water to hide onions.

Hold for half an hour. Then drain the marinade, rinse the onions with water.

While pickled onions, fry the mushrooms in vegetable oil.

Cucumbers cut into strips.

Also cut ham.

Cheese grate on a coarse grater.

Layers of cucumbers, ham, onions, fried mushrooms and cheese on top.

If desired, layers can be smeared with mayonnaise, but you can do without it: juiciness should be enough from onions, cucumbers and mushrooms, which are fried in oil.

Salad with ham, cucumbers, cheese and crab sticks

The combination, unexpected at first glance, turns out to be quite tasty as a result. A recipe for those who are not afraid to take risks. And also - who really loves crab sticks. Additional shades of taste in this salad brings the use of sweet pepper. The most beautiful thing to take is the yellow pepper.


• Ham - 200 grams

• Crab sticks - 200 grams

• Hard cheese - 200 grams

• Large cucumber

• Sweet pepper

• Small onion

• Two or three spoons of mayonnaise

• Salt.

Preparation Method

Onions cut into cubes, salt, mix, let lie.

Further, all products must also be cut into the same small cubes.

Spread layers on a dish: onion, ham, cucumber, crab sticks, pepper.

Spread each layer with a small amount of mayonnaise.

Top layer - cubes of cheese.

If desired, the layers can be swapped. For example, the top to make a cucumber or crab sticks.

Tips and tips on making ham, cucumber and cheese salad

  • Almost any of the above salads can be decorated with sweet corn - it goes well with salty ham and cheese. Do not use corn where there is green peas.
  • If the ham is too soft, for convenience of cutting it can be slightly frozen - but not frozen.
  • If a fresh cucumber is sluggish, put it in an hour in cold water.
  • Not everyone likes a lot of garlic. You can not put it in the salad, but simply rub the dish in which it will be served. Get a pretty subtle flavor.
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