Crab salad with shrimps - a selection of the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked crab salad with shrimp.

Crab salad with shrimps - a selection of the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked crab salad with shrimp.

Crab Salad with Shrimps - General Cooking Principles

Salad made from shrimps and crab sticks can be very diverse. It is served in the form of snacks for dinner, it is easy to make a full dinner.

Crab salad with shrimps is very convenient for a festive feast - the cooking process does not take too long, while the table is decorated with a nice dish, which, moreover, is still healthy and tasty.

Shrimps have antioxidant properties, are rich in minerals and vitamins, improve immunity, help to preserve youth. Therefore, try to use them more often for cooking various dishes.

Crab salad with shrimps - preparing food and dishes

When planning to cook crab salad with shrimps, it is important to purchase quality shrimps. They are sold frozen - peeled or in shell, raw or cooked.

They should be thawed gradually, at room temperature.

Having defrosted, put them in a colander and rinse under running water.

Fill the pot with water, it will need almost three times more than the shrimp - they should be placed in it freely.

Water salt, boil. To make the shrimp especially tasty, squeeze the juice of half a lemon, add a few peas of pepper, bay leaf.

If you have purchased boiled-frozen shrimps, then before cooking, it is enough to boil them for about two minutes. Boil raw shrimps for no more than ten minutes. Otherwise, their meat will be tough. Properly boiled shrimp are tender.

Cooked shrimp float to the surface. You just have to throw them in a colander, wait until the water runs out and they cool down.

The main ingredient is prepared, you can cook crab salad with shrimp.

Crab salad recipes with shrimp:

Recipe 1: Crab Salad with Shrimps

Very tender and light salad, which is given special piquancy by green onions. The dish, cooked according to this recipe, turns out appetizing, hearty and low-calorie at the same time. Such a crab shrimp salad deserves to be the main dish of not only a quiet family dinner, but also a loud and vivid celebration.

Ingredients Required:

- shrimp (400 g);

- packaging of crab sticks (200-240 g);

- canned corn (one can);

- eggs (4 pieces);

- green onion (bunch);

- mayonnaise (for salad dressing);

- salt.

Cooking Method:

Boil the eggs.

Shrimp cook and cool.

Chop green onions, mix with salt - let them release juice.

Crab sticks cut into cubes.

Grate eggs with a fine grater.

Peel the shrimps if they were bought in their shell. Cut them a few left intact - to decorate the salad.

Open a jar of corn, drain the water.

All prepared products combine in one vessel of a suitable container, add mayonnaise, mix.

Before serving, place the dish in a salad bowl, garnish with the remaining whole shrimp.

Recipe 2: Crab Salad with Shrimps and Cherry Tomatoes

This salad can be called easy in all respects - both in the degree of difficulty of cooking and in calories. Those who want to lose weight can use it as a full meal, for the rest - it is an excellent snack at any event.

Ingredients Required:

- shrimp (200 g);

- Cherry tomatoes (20 pieces);

- hard cheese (60 g);

- half of large bell pepper;

- crab sticks (10 pieces);

- lettuce leaves (about 150 g);

- green onion (2 pieces);

- olive oil (for dressing);

- salt;

- ground black pepper.

If desired, you can also use soy sauce - add it a little in the ready-made crab salad with shrimps.

Cooking Method:

It's better to start with shrimps: boil them, drain them in a colander - let them cool down. Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes - into two or four parts - at will.

Grind also green onions, sweet peppers, crab sticks.

It is not necessary to grind cheese too - it is better to cut it into thin plates.

Wash the salad, shake off the water thoroughly, dry it, spread it out on a paper towel.

It is better not to cut it with a knife, but to tear it into arbitrary pieces with your hands.

Meanwhile, the shrimp are already cold. If they are small, then they can be put in a salad entirely. Individuals larger can be cut into two parts.

All the ingredients folded in a salad bowl, mix, add salt and pepper to taste, season with oil.

Recipe 3: Crab Salad with Shrimps and Squids

By adding squid to shrimps and crab sticks, you will get an excellent symbiosis of seafood. The dish is appropriate for any celebration or celebration. It creates a special mood - your guests will be full, merry and easy-going, you will be able to have a great holiday with him.

Ingredients Required:

- crab meat (150 g);

- 200 grams of squid and shrimp;

- Red caviar (60 g);

- juice from a third of lemon;

- eggs (2 pieces);

- salt;

- mayonnaise (for refueling).

Cooking Method:

Boil shrimp, cool, peel.

Squid pour boiling water for about three minutes. Then, holding each under a stream of water, clean the entrails.

Cooled squid cut into strips.

Also, julienne, chop and crab meat.

Boil eggs, pour with cold water, cool, clean from the shell. To cut in cubes.

All components, except shrimp, lay in a deep bowl, salt and mix.

In mayonnaise add lemon juice, mix. Season the salad with this sauce.

Putting it in a salad bowl, it remains only to spread on the surface of the shrimp, sprinkle with caviar.

So, quickly and simply, you got not just a crab salad with shrimps, but an excellent treat, which every seafood lover can appreciate.

Recipe 4: Crab Salad with Shrimps and Avocado

In this variant, the crab salad with shrimps is supplemented not only with sweet corn, but also with one large fruit of avocado, which makes it taste original. Cooking does not take much time, but it will definitely replenish your piggy bank of festive dishes.

Ingredients Required:

- crab sticks (200 g);

- shrimp (300 g);

- canned corn (half a can);

- Avocado (1 piece);

- eggs (4 pieces);

- mayonnaise (for refueling).

Cooking Method:

The process of starting preferably with shrimp. Boil, cool, then clean.

Cut them in half. A few pieces left intact - for decoration.

Cook eggs. When cool, peel them and cut into cubes.

Also, dice, cut the crab sticks. Leave a few sticks to decorate the dish.

Peel the avocado fruit, cut, remove the bone. Pulp cut into cubes.

Corn open, drain the liquid. Pour half of the contents into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Season with mayonnaise, mix.

If the salad does not seem salty enough - add salt.

Before serving, put on the salad a kind of octopus. Cut the crab sticks along, spread them out rays from the center of the dish. In the middle place one shrimp, the rest - on the perimeter.

Crab salad with shrimps - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

The readiness of boiled shrimps is determined not only by the fact of their ascent, but also by the color of the shell - it becomes more transparent.

To boiled shrimp were even tastier and more tender, sprinkle them, already boiled and peeled, with lemon juice. Then your crab salad with shrimp will turn out very appetizing.

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