Hedgehogs from minced meat with rice in the oven - tender meatballs! Options for hedgehogs from various minced meat with rice in the oven and sauces for them

Hedgehogs from minced meat with rice in the oven - tender meatballs! Options for hedgehogs from various minced meat with rice in the oven and sauces for them

Who in the kindergarten was frightened with hedgehogs cutlets? And it wasn’t scary, but, on the contrary, unusual meatballs caused such a delight that even at home moms and grandmothers just had to tuck the apron in and start cooking.

And there is nothing so complicated in these funny meatballs, if the reward to the chef is the satisfied faces of the children who have eaten “from the belly”.

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice in the oven - the general principles of cooking

• Fish, chicken or ground meat can be used. The main thing is to be juicy, otherwise the dish will turn out dry. For grinding any product, a meat grinder is usually used, on which the smallest net is installed. But if in the kitchen there is such a device as a blender, it is better to kill the meat with them - hedgehogs will have a more delicate texture.

• For juiciness, onions are always added to any stuffing. It is pre-pasted in butter or refined oil. Together with onions, rice is mixed into the meat mass.

• To make ryinki protrudes, imitating needles, rice is added in raw form or only slightly welded. Rinse the cereal or not - a controversial issue. Water washes away starch, which binds pieces of meat to each other.

• Spices with a pronounced taste and aroma are not used. Minced meat is usually seasoned with ground pepper and necessarily salted. You should not add a lot of salt, as the gravy and sauces, in which hedgehogs are prepared, are added separately.

• Sauces and gravy for hedgehogs are versatile. In a single dressing, you can cook a dish of different types of meat. Their basis may be water or broth. Sour cream, cream, tomato gives a special taste to such dressings, and they use both tomato paste and fresh, even slightly overripe tomatoes. For density in the dressing add flour.

• Sauces and gravies, like minced meat, are seasoned with ground pepper. Often they are supplemented with dried or fresh herbs. Since hedgehogs do not pre-fry like meatballs, dressings should be poured carefully. A jet of fluid is directed into the spaces between the balls so as not to disrupt their integrity. • Pasta, cereal or mashed potatoes are suitable as a side dish for minced hedgehogs. Serve them yourself, with fresh vegetables.

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice in the oven in tomato sauce


• half a kilo of restless minced meat;

• half a cup of round grain rice;

• two large onion heads;

• one egg;

• three fresh tomatoes;

• a spoonful of flour;

• small carrot;

• granulated sugar;

• dried and chopped dill.

Method of preparation:

1. Boil perebranny rice until half. Rinse under running water and lay out in a colander so that all excess moisture is gone.

2. Shift dried rice into a suitable bowl, add minced meat and raw egg. Here also through a fine grater we rub one onion. If the stuffing was prepared by yourself, onion is better to twist in a meat grinder after the meat. Season the meat mass with ground pepper, add some oil and mix everything well.

3. Using wet hands, roll small balls into minced meat and spread them into a wide container with high sides. Ideally, they should be laid in one row, but if there is no suitable capacity, it is also possible to have two “floors”.

4. In a deep frying pan, pour a little more than a spoon of butter and warm it well over low heat. Shred the rest of the onion, spread the slices into the pan and heat to transparency. Add large chips of carrots and continue to cook occasionally stirring.

5. Remove the rind from the tomatoes, rub the pulp on the grater. You can mash the tomatoes with a blender. Pour the tomato puree to the vegetable fry as soon as the vegetables in the pan turn an amber color. Stew for two minutes and pour in the flour diluted with 50 ml of water. Mixing, in a thin stream we enter into three glasses of boiling water, bring the sauce to a boil.

6. Remove from heat, adjust taste by adding sugar and salt. We introduce dried dill and pour it into a container for hedgehogs, covered with foil, put it in the oven for 40 minutes. Cook at least half an hour.

Meat hedgehogs made from minced meat with rice in the oven with cream sauce


• kilogram of minced meat mixed with pork and beef;

• four large onions;

• a glass of rice;

• egg is fresh;

• three medium carrots;

• garlic;

• 60 gr. natural sweet cream butter;

• half a cup of heavy cream;

• three tablespoons of good flour;

• five glasses of water or meat and bone broth;

• thick tomato - 150 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Enumerate the rice, pour into a colander with small holes or a sieve, scalded with boiling water. When all the water comes down, we shift it to a deep bowl. After cooling, add the stuffing and pour in the egg.

2. Melenko we chop two onions, we shift in a bowl with forcemeat. Season with ground pepper, lightly add some salt and mix well. If the density allows, for juiciness, you can top up to 100 ml of water.

3. We form small hedgehogs (balls) and lay them in one layer in a deep pan.

4. Shred the remaining bulbs. Spread in a frying pan and fry until transparent in butter. Add coarsely grated carrot, passse the vegetables until softened.

5. Slightly add the roast and press three cloves of garlic into it through the press. We enter a tomato, continuously mixing, we pour flour. We warm the roast for two minutes, and add broth or water to it. Be sure to stir, so that the flour is well sold, and leave for 15 minutes, setting the minimum heat. At the end, enter the cream, if necessary, add saliva, season with pepper.

6. Pour the meat balls with the prepared sauce, cover the baking sheet with food foil and set it in the middle level of the preheated oven. We notice 40 minutes for cooking.

Fish hedgehogs made from minced meat with rice in an oven with cheese


• minced fish, preferably cod - 400 gr .;

• half a cup of coarse rice;

• egg;

• 50 gr. white, slightly stale, bread;

• seven large fresh tomatoes; • spoon of refined oil;

• large onion;

• cheese - 200 gr .;

• milk - half a cup;

• Dill greens;

• Bay leaf;

• optional - garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. We wash the tomatoes, after removing the skin from them, cut into small cubes. The skin will be removed more easily if the tomatoes are scalded with boiling water or kept for at least two minutes in hot water.

2. On a small fire put a deep frying pan. A little oil is heated well and put minced garlic in it. After frying for about 30 seconds, add the tomatoes. Simmer tomatoes for 10 minutes, tightly covered with a lid, not forgetting to stir occasionally.

3. Cut the bread off the crust, soak the crumb in the milk. After 10 minutes, squeeze the bread with his hands and shift to the fish mince. Add the chopped onion, cooked to half-cooked rice, break the egg. Season with pepper and lightly salt, knead well.

4. On an average grater we rub a part of the prepared cheese (150 gr.). We combine it with minced fish, form small size balls.

5. At the bottom of a large refractory form with high sides, apply a thin layer of butter. Put fish balls in one row and fill them with cooked tomato sauce.

6. Place the form in a hot oven, and cook the hedgehogs in the sauce for 35 minutes, maintaining the heat at 180 degrees. Sprinkle with cheese chips and bring to readiness by placing in the oven for 10 minutes.

A simple recipe for chicken hedgehogs from minced meat with rice in the oven


• medium fat minced chicken - 450 gr .;

• one large onion;

• 75 gr. rare 20% sour cream;

• a raw egg;

• small carrot;

• butter, 72% butter - 30 g .;

• one and a half glasses of water;

• a spoonful of flour;

• 50 ml of refined oil;

• long grain rice - half a cup.

Cooking Method:

1. Slightly welded fig. We recline on a colander and, having washed well, leave it to dry.

2. Chop the onion, on a large grater, three carrots. Put the vegetables in the pan and pass with the addition of butter to zolistosti. Roasting should not dry out, so it is advisable to cover the pan with a lid and stir the vegetables occasionally. Cool the prepared roasting well and, together with the rice, put it in the stuffing. 3. Sprinkle with a quarter spoonful of ground pepper. Stirring carefully, add a raw egg and a little salt.

4. We moisten hands and form balls of the same size from the meat mass. Put them in a greased with vegetable oil deep refractory dishes (form).

5. In a small bowl, dilute sour cream with cold water, pour in flour and stir well with a whisk - there should be no lumps. Add salt sour cream to your taste, add pepper if desired.

6. Carefully pour the meatballs out of the spoon with a sour cream sauce and pour the remnants simply into the mold and place the hedgehogs in the hot oven. Cook at least 35 minutes, setting the heating to 200 degrees.

Meat hedgehogs made from minced meat with rice in an oven with cabbage


• homemade minced meat - 500 gr .;

• 200 gr. fresh white cabbage;

• two large onion heads;

• 120 gr. long grain rice;

• sour cream, fat content from 20% - 3 spoons;

• one raw egg;

• 50 gr. flour;

• two spoons of butter;

• finely chopped dill - a small handful.

Cooking Method:

1. First boil rice. Enumerate the cereal, pour it into a bowl and, adding butter, pour water. Fluids should be taken at the rate of 1: 4. add a little salt and wait for boiling. At this stage, stir occasionally, hooking the spoon from the bottom to separate the adhering seeds from it. On boiling, reduce the heat and cook rice until incomplete. Rinse in a colander with warm water and allow to cool.

2. In oil until transparent, fry finely chopped onion, cool.

3. Shred cabbage so that we get thin, short stripes. Coarsely chopped cabbage will not have time to steam well and make it difficult to form hedgehogs.

4. In a large bowl lay out the stuffing. Add cabbage, ground pepper and browned onions, salt a little. Mixing, we introduce the dried rice. The mass should be thick, otherwise hedgehogs can break up.

5. We moisten hands with water and, by separating minced meat with a spoon in small portions, form balls of the desired size. Put them on the chopping board. 6. In a deep bowl pour two glasses of water or cold beef broth. Dissolve sour cream in the liquid, pour the flour and, carefully breaking the lumps, stir with a whisk. Salted, we put into the sauce a pre-shaken egg, chopped greens and again beat well.

7. Pour the sauce into the refractory container and drop the hedgehogs into it. We cover with a suitable lid or a sheet of foil and put it in the oven for exactly one hour. Preparing a dish at 200 degrees.

Hedgehogs from minced meat with rice in the oven with thick mushroom sauce


• medium fat minced meat - 600 gr .;

• 100 gr. large whole rice;

• large carrot;

• 300 gr. fresh medium-sized mushrooms;

• two and a half spoons of frozen cream or butter;

• 80 gr. flour;

• refined sunflower oil;

• half a liter of broth or water;

• 2 lettuce bulbs.

Cooking Method:

1. Shred the onion half rings, cut the champignons into slices, chop the carrots into a large grater.

2. In a frying pan, warm up no more spoons of vegetable and dip butter into it. We are waiting for it to melt. In the mixture of fats, first lay out carrots and onions. After frying vegetables to transparency, put the mushrooms to them and simmer in the selected juice until it is evaporated. At the very end we add a little bit. We spread the vegetables fried with mushrooms in an even layer along the bottom of the refractory mold.

3. Weld the rice in brackish water and transfer it to a colander.

4. Paste on butter finely shredded onion until transparent. We cool and together with rice we interfere with forcemeat. Pre-add some salt and season with pepper. We make small hedgehogs and put them on a vegetable pillow.

5. Pour the flour into a dry frying pan and butter on top. Turn on the average heat and, while constantly stirring, warm up for five minutes. Without ceasing to warm up and stir, in small portions we add broth (water). In the process add some salt sauce, and when it starts to thicken, remove from the stove. 6. Pour the sauce to the meat hedgehogs and put in the oven for half an hour, covering the form with a lid or foil.

Hedgehogs made from minced meat with rice in the oven - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• It is advisable to cook any minced meat for hedgehogs yourself. In chicken, it is better to use the breast and fillet, cut from the fleshy parts of the carcass. Meat hedgehogs are recommended to be prepared from mixed mince, twisted from lean beef and fatty pork. Fish - from the sea, not bony fish.

• When buying minced meat, it is better to give preference to chilled ready-to-cook semi-finished product. In this case, its density and quality are immediately visible. Purchase minced before use is to scroll by yourself. There may be large pieces.

• If the recipe requires you to add raw onions, most of it is still desirable to fry - the hedgehogs will be more juicy. With the same purpose in the meat or fish mass, you can put a little crumb of milk soaked in milk. In this case, they will keep their shape even better.

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