Chopped chicken breast cutlets: the basics of culinary traditions. Recipes chopped chicken breast cutlets for every taste

Chopped chicken breast cutlets: the basics of culinary traditions. Recipes chopped chicken breast cutlets for every taste

Often, the question of how many recipes for chopped chicken breast cutlets are available is confused by many housewives with only two or three options.

But at the same time, each woman will call a dozen recipes for family favorite chicken breast salads.

The difference between a salad and chopped chicken breast cutlets is only in the cooking technology, using the same ingredients.

Chopped chicken breast cutlets. General principles of cooking

The range of spices, spices and additional components used can transform dietary chicken meat into a real culinary masterpiece.

Perhaps the only main principle of cooking chopped chicken breast cutlets is only in readiness for experiments.

Grind meat for meatballs, you can use a meat grinder or knife. In some recipes, a softer and more uniform cutlet mass is required, while in others, on the contrary, the meat is chopped with a knife so that it is more noticeable in the finished meat patty. In both cases, two different tastes are obtained from the same type of meat, even without adding spices.

The second important component of the cutlet mass is the formation of a mince meat patty. In order to form a patty, they use, depending on the recipe,

flour (or ready-made bread),

starch (or raw raw potato),



potato or other vegetable puree.

Butter, sour cream, mustard, maple syrup, honey will add beautiful appearance to meatballs.

Chicken breast is convenient fast heat treatment.

So that the question of choosing a new, interesting dish does not force you to spend more effort and good mood on the eve of a holiday or meeting especially dear guests at the table - choose recipes to taste.

Recipe 1. Chopped chicken breast cutlets - a gift from a poor Frenchman

The famous “Pozharsky cutlets” were cooked from veal until one poor Frenchman paid for the recipe for chicken mincemeat with the hostess inn, Darya Pozharskaya.

Russian cuisine is a kind of symbiosis of European and Asian culinary traditions. If you want to cook cutlets “Pozharsky” of the pre-Pushkin period - use veal, but without adding bread. But such was the gift of a poor Frenchman:


White bread, without crusts 200 g

Breadcrumbs - 250 g

Butter for stuffing 240 g

Chicken fillet - 1,000 g

Baked butter for frying 100 g

Natural cream (15%) 300 ml

Onion 0.5 kg

White pepper and salt


Ideal correct stuffing for this recipe is chicken minced with a knife. Chicken meat, white and red, without skin, taken in a 1: 1 ratio. Bread and onions should be a total of 50% by weight of the fillet. Bread (crumb), soaked in cream, and browned onions, are ground twice in a meat grinder and kneaded with meat, well beaten, minced, sent to the refrigerator. Eggs are not used. Butter cut into cubes of 20 g, spread on a plate and freeze. For frying, melt the butter on low heat in heat-resistant dishes, remove the foam so that only the fat remains. So the oil will not splash in the process of frying meatballs, and their taste will be special. Divide cooled minced meat into balls of 120 g, put frozen butter in the middle and close it inside of each patty. Roll the semi-finished products in white breadcrumbs and fry quickly on both sides, first in the pan, then cooked in an oven at 200 ° C. To do this, place the fried patties on a greased baking sheet.

“Pozharsky cutlets”, chicken breast is served only hot.

Recipe 2. Cold chicken breast cutlets with vegetables


Boiled Breast 0.6 kg

Pork tenderloin, boiled (or veal) 0.6 kg

Meat broth 350 ml

Gelatin, instant 20 g

Carrots 300 g

Broccoli 300g

Parsley and celery leaves (for decoration)

Onions 150g

Celery and parsley roots (for broth)

Canned peas 250 g

Bay leaves 2-3 pcs.

Pepper Mix

Disposable baskets, foil (or plastic cups).


Half a single carrot, onions, parsley roots and celery boil with meat over low heat. The broth should be saturated, so you need to take water so that it only covers meat and vegetables. Do not forget to remove the foam. Optionally, you can add a little garlic, along with bay leaf and peppercorns, before removing from the stove. Dissolve gelatine in warm and strained broth. Meat should not be too boiled, it should be cut very finely, diced. Broccoli and the rest of carrots cook separately. When cooking, add a little salt, sugar and lemon juice to vegetables. Cabbage disassembled into inflorescences. Peas, chopped carrots mixed with pieces of meat, grated ginger, pour broth. Mix the mixture into oiled molds and put into the refrigerator until it solidifies. Serve with broccoli in portions, garnished with leaves.

Recipe 3. Chopped chicken breast cutlets on a vegetable cushion. Mexican motifs


900 - 1000 g chopped breast, chicken,

Smoked sausages 200 g

Large bunch of parsley

Olive oil 50-100 g for frying

Starch, corn 1-2 tbsp. l

Hot pepper (powder)

Peas, green 1/2 banks

Salad (red) pepper - 3 pcs.

Corn marinated 200 g

Two large onions


Carrots - 1 pc. (large)

One egg

Garlic 3 slices

Big bunch of celery

Tomatoes 7-8 pcs.


These meatballs are cooked with spicy and colorful sauce, associated with exotic, Mexican cuisine. For mincemeat fit any meat. In the mince for the viscosity add 1-2 tablespoons of corn starch. For Mexican spiciness, chili powder. Eggs in Mexico are not used for cutlets, but we will do this so that the cutlets do not crumble. We form round flatbreads, 5-6 cm in diameter and up to 1.5 cm thick. Heat the oil in a deep saucepan so that, in addition to ready-made fried meatballs, the sauce can fit in Mexican style.

200 g of smoked sausages cut into 1 cm thick slices and fry in the butter in which the cutlets were fried. 2-3 large cloves of garlic cut into plates and throw in a saucepan with cumin. We cut two large onions and 3 sweet and large peppers into thin strips. 1 large carrot rubbed on a large grater. For grilled sausages, garlic and onions, we send carrots to the stew-pan. After 2-3 minutes, after browning, add pepper. 2-3 tomatoes grate on a grater and 5 medium, thick tomatoes blanch and cut into small cubes. Prepare the tomatoes with a seasoned vegetable mixture in a skillet and sprinkle with celery and parsley. Once the vegetables boil, put the cutlets on them, add canned corn and green peas. Salt, give the dish to boil, and turn off the fire.

These cutlets in Mexico serve tortillas, but rice can also be an excellent side dish.

Recipe 4. Chopped chicken breast cutlets with potatoes and mushrooms


120 g minced chicken meat (breast)

10 g browned onions,

35 g fried mushrooms,

Butter (for frying mushrooms),

25 g mashed potatoes,

cream or milk (for mashed potatoes),

20 g of batter (whipped eggs with flour),

White crackers (for breading),

Ground nuts, walnuts (for breading)

Servings Per Container: 1

For the sauce:

Cranberries, fresh or frozen 300 g,

Honey, buckwheat 75 g,

Juniper berry (dried) 10-15 g,

Thyme, garlic (dried), green basil, ground ginger, dill. Cooking:

Calculation of products is given per serving - if necessary, multiply by the required amount. For chopped chicken breast cutlets, spices are selected that can partly replace pepper and salt. If you do not like the taste of some components, they can be excluded.

White poultry meat cut into cubes (0.5 cm). While preparing the rest of the ingredients, sprinkle the meat with herbs, stir, lightly pressing down to empty the juice, and put in a plastic bag for half an hour or an hour.

Boiled mushrooms to fold in a colander, cut into small cubes, and fry in butter, adding chopped onion. Optionally, season with spices. To enhance the mushroom flavor add a dried, ground white mushroom. Milk, cream or sour cream will also enhance the mushroom smell.

Cook the mashed potatoes with cream. For viscosity add a little flour or potato starch, set aside for 10 - 15 minutes.

Combine breadcrumbs with roasted and ground walnuts (1/1).

Beat egg white and add flour to make a batter. In a separate bowl, beat egg yolk.

Prepare the baking sheet and preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Grease a baking sheet and sprinkle with flour.

On one side of the cutting board we pour flour, on the other - a mixture of ground crackers and nuts.

Before the formation of chopped chicken breast cutlets, oil hand.

We make cutlets:

From potato mash we make a small cake (0.5 cm thick), in which we wrap mushrooms with onions. Smear a potato ball with egg yolk and roll lightly in flour. The next layer is minced meat. Wrap the potato ball in the meat cake and roll in batter, then - in breadcrumbs with nuts. Immediately put the chopped chicken breast cutlet on a baking sheet and send in a hot oven. Bake until golden brown.

Sauce: Boil the cranberries with juniper berries and herbs in a little water. Cool, rub through a sieve and again put on the fire, pour in liquid honey. Boil, stirring constantly, until thick. Check readiness: the cooled drop should not spread.

Sweet and sour gravy to minced chicken breast patties should be served separately in a saucepan.

Recipe 5. Minced chicken breast cutlets - Turkish lula kebab


Onions (pickled)




Spicy Tomato Sauce

Chicken fillet - 1.5 kg

Flour (or bread)




For lula kebab, you need enough fatty meat, but not too wet. Chicken breast has a dry consistency, and chicken legs have a suitable fat content. Therefore, for the meat take chicken in the ratio of 1: 1. Chop the meat with salt, pepper, add 2-3 spoons of spicy tomato sauce, chopped cilantro, and carefully knock. In the process of knocking out minced extra moisture comes out. You can add a little flour or breadcrumbs to create stickiness. Cover the dishes with minced meat tightly with a film and put them in the fridge for two or three hours. 6-7 medium onions, cut into rings and marinate. For pickling onions - water with salt and sugar, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar are taken at random, to taste. To keep the tomatoes on a skewer, you need to choose a variety that has dense pulp, not overripe. 5 - 6 tomatoes and the same eggplant, also cut into rings. From the meat form balls of the same diameter with vegetables, and alternately strung on a skewer. Fry on the grill.

Recipe 6. Chopped chicken breast cutlets with fruit


Chicken mince (breast) 480 g


Baked butter 50 g

One whipped protein

Breadcrumbs 80g

Orange 1 pc.

Pear (hard, winter grade) 2 pcs.



White meat is thoroughly chopped and mixed with whipped protein, salt, add white pepper. Orange peeled and films, cut into cubes. Gently wrap in minced meat (120 g each) orange slices, roll the semi-finished products in white breadcrumbs and place on a greased baking sheet (baking dish). To form a brown crust, grease the cutlets with the remaining butter and bake in the oven until cooked. Peeled pears cut lengthwise into 4 parts and quickly fry in a pan, greased with a small amount of oil. When serving on a serving plate, put 2 slices of pear, decorate with arugula leaves and sprinkle with orange juice.

Chopped Chicken Breast Cutlets - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

• Dried garlic does not have a pronounced smell, but its addition to the dish to some extent replaces the taste of salt.

• Basil has many different flavors, depending on the variety. This fact must be taken into account when adding basil to different dishes. It also contains a large amount of mineral salts that can be used to prepare dietary dishes.

• To prevent melted butter from leaking out of the patty arbitrarily, use the following method: frozen pieces of butter, before wrapping them in a mass of cutlet, roll in flour mixed with finely grated cheese.

They say that each housewife has their own recipe for borscht, so two of them are not the same

The same can be said about chopped chicken breast cutlets.

Cook with love and succeed!

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