Chicken cutlets are the best recipes. How to cook chicken patties and tasty.

Chicken cutlets are the best recipes. How to cook chicken patties and tasty.

Chicken cutlets - general principles and methods of cooking

The poultry industry is moving forward steadily. And all because the tender chicken is a traditional dish in almost every family. One of the favorite folk dishes - meatballs. In essence, it is fried mince or fillet with additives - the basis of the main courses. Chicken cutlets, especially steamed, are considered a dietary dish. It is made from minced meat, minced fillet or whole meat with a bone, such as, for example, in the famous Kiev chicken chop. They are easily digested, do not require much time for preparation, and simply amazingly tasty.

Chicken Cutlets - Food Preparation

It will not be difficult to grind chicken meat or chop it. But the right to separate the fillet more difficult. First you need to remove two segments of the chicken wing, leave only one, the largest bone. The skin is removed and the edge of the bone is slightly trimmed with a knife. Fillet is removed with a sharp knife, incising along the ridge. Cut the fillet into two parts and use as intended. If the fillet is intended for a Kiev-style chicken, make a few cuts to cut through the films and tendons and slightly beat off the pieces.

Chicken Cutlets - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken patties with butter

Of the many variations of this dish, these burgers are the simplest, the most classic. Many housewives believe that they are the most delicious. Gentle, juicy and not very fat. For their preparation will need peeled chicken breast.

Ingredients: chicken breasts (2 pieces, about 1 kg). bread or crackers (150-200 grams), salt, pepper, butter (40 grams), vegetable oil for frying, milk (200 grams).

Method of preparation Grind the chicken with a meat grinder or food processor, along with bread, soaked in milk in advance. We salt, we pepper and we mix forcemeat. Divide it into pieces and sculpt cakes. In the middle of each cake put a piece of butter. Fry in vegetable oil on both sides. We put on the dish and put in the microwave for 5 minutes.

Recipe 2: Chicken meatballs with semolina

Stuffing in this recipe turns out a little liquid, so we will spread with a spoon. Mayonnaise and sour cream can be mixed in equal quantities.

Ingredients: chicken fillet (1 kg), onions (4 pieces), egg (4-5 pieces), semolina (starch can be used, 7 spoons), mayonnaise or sour cream (6 spoons)., seasoning for chicken, salt, oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Since chopped meatballs, meat is not passed through a meat grinder, and cut into small pieces. We also cut onions so that it is as much as meat. Mix the meat and add semolina, eggs, sour cream or mayonnaise. Salt, add spices. On a skillet in a heated oil, spread a spoonful of chops and fry on both sides. For a more intense taste, you can add garlic, but this is only for lovers. Due to decoys, they swell, become fluffy and soft.

Recipe 3: Chicken patties with cabbage

Just an amazing recipe for mixed stuffing. At the heart of chicken breasts and cabbage puree. Despite not such a composition, breading is absolutely not required, it is enough to put the dough on the pan with a spoon, they do not even think of falling apart.

Ingredients: chicken breasts (700 grams), onions (2-3 shtuki), cabbage (700 grams), egg (1 piece).

Method of preparation

Crank minced meat and onions. Separately, chop the cabbage, squeeze the juice and mix the chicken with the cabbage puree. Mix thoroughly, salt and pepper and leave in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Then form the patties and fry them in a pan. It turns out lush and juicy, suitable for sandwiches in the cold. We use cabbage juice to make a sauce - add it to natural yogurt, squeeze the juice from half a lemon and add a little starch and heat it. Pour over the chops and sprinkle with herbs. Tasty and beautiful!

Recipe 4: Chicken cutlets with cheese

Ingredients: chicken fillet (300 grams), cheese (50 grams), white bread (50 grams, milk (50 grams), egg, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Soak bread in milk with cut crusts. Cut the cheese into small cubes and cut the chicken fillet and chop it in a combine or meat grinder. Add the pressed bread to the minced meat, salt it, drive in the egg and mix thoroughly. We form flat cakes and hide cheese cubes in the middle. We pinch the edges and roll in the breadcrumbs. In a heated frying pan with vegetable oil, fry the patties (5 minutes each, until crispy crust appears). Cover with a lid, pour in some water and put out another 10-15 minutes. The garnish is great potatoes, rice, vegetable salad.

Recipe 5: Chicken cutlets in a double boiler

When cooking in a double boiler, you will get a lot of pleasure - she cooks herself, you only need to mix the minced meat and load the semi-finished product into the container. Delicious cutlets are eaten by naughty little children and adults.

Ingredients: onions (2-3 pieces), chicken fillet (1 kg), greens, eggs (2 pieces), butter (70 grams),

Method of preparation: chop the onion and minced meat, add finely chopped greens and melted butter. Mix thoroughly, form cutlets in the form of flat balls, roll in flour and spread on a tray in a double boiler. 15 minutes is enough to make soft, delicious clumps.

Recipe 6: “Chicken Kiev”

This dish is a symbol of restaurants not only in Kiev. Chicken Kiev - a classic dish, at the mere mention of it, some begin to “salivate”. It is believed that at home it is quite difficult to cook - but not with our recipe! First, we will learn the easiest way, then come the turn of multi-layered dishes in the bone. Ingredients: Chicken fillet (800 grams), butter (150 grams), breadcrumbs (8 tablespoons), 2 eggs, salt, vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation

The main thing is to carefully wrap the stuffing in a broken fillet, breaded the roll in breadcrumbs. We will need the oil in the form of bars, so it is better to divide it into pieces and send it to the freezer. Carefully beat off the fillet pieces so that the meat remains intact. Salt and pepper it on both sides. In the center lay out a piece of butter and wrap tightly so that the oil does not leak when frying. Fork or whisk, beat the eggs and prepare the crackers in the dish. Dip a cutlet in an egg and breadcrumbs 2 times and fry in a pan until cooked. Serve with vegetables and potatoes.

Chicken cutlets - useful tips from experienced chefs

There are several variants of recipes for cutlets with mushrooms, for example, with store oyster mushrooms. To prevent such burgers from falling apart, increase the number of eggs in the stuffing. They should glue it and give the finished dish a beautiful shape.

For 200 grams of mushrooms, we take 300 grams of minced chicken, 2-3 tablespoons of flour and 2-3 eggs. Provencal herbs, pepper, salt and other seasonings choose according to taste. The recipe is traditional - turn the meat and mushrooms, add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Fry until crushed, then stew a little under the lid. Hot or cold - they are just great!

Enjoy your meal!

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