Traditional kebab on the grill: from what and how. Recipes for lula kebab made from lamb, pork, chicken and potatoes

Traditional kebab on the grill: from what and how. Recipes for lula kebab made from lamb, pork, chicken and potatoes

Lyulya-kebab is a traditional meat dish in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

It would seem, what is simpler: string sausages from minced meat on kebab skewers and fry over an open fire. But not everyone can cook a real kebab on the grill, especially for the first time.

The dish should turn out fantastically tasty: juicy, tender, fragrant.

Kebab on the grill - general principles of cooking

Classic lula prepared from lamb. Capricious meat, quickly acquires a characteristic smell. Therefore, to cook lyula kebab on the grill, you need to take only fresh, not frozen lamb meat. If you take it nowhere or the cost is too high, then an excellent kebab can be made from any other meat. Beef, pork, chicken or a mixture of them will fit.

Meat is important to properly prepare. Need finely chopped meat. This means that for a real kebab on the brazier, a piece cleared of tendons should be cut as small as possible with a knife. The meat grinder is undesirable to use. And the blender will ruin the stuffing altogether: it will chop the meat piece too much, deprive it of its juiciness. Too dry meat will be, firstly, tasteless, and secondly, just fall apart on the grill. Therefore, it is better to chop the meat, in extreme cases, pass through a large grid.

The second essential ingredient of the dish is fat tail. And it should be quite a lot: for one part of the fat should fall four pieces of meat. This means that for every kilogram of lamb, 250 grams of fat tail are required.

The third basic component of real lula is a juicy sweet onion. It can be pureed or cut into small cubes. Onions will give the meat extra juiciness.

Traditional greens that can be added to the kebab are basil, cilantro, tarragon, parsley, dill. Greens can be a lot, but with spices it is better not to split hairs. They can kill the meaty flavor, making the kebab lose the lion’s share of its taste.

Technology is very important in cooking kebab:

• knead the stuffing for a long time, at least 10 minutes, be sure to beat it on the working surface; • after the mince is ready, it must be cooled.

The viscosity of the meat mass is achieved by long kneading and a large amount of animal fat. Ready minced meat should be completely homogeneous, viscous and sticky and without tying the egg, as is done when kneading the cutlet mass.

Frying lula kebab on the grill should be quickly, so as not to dry the mass. Each side is enough to hold over the coals for six, a maximum of seven minutes.

Classic lula kebab on lamb grill with mint

The taste and aroma of real lamb in traditional kebab on the grill is amazing. Properly cooked and roasted meat melts in the mouth. Serve it with greens or sliced ​​fresh vegetables.


• kilogram of fresh lamb;

• five tablespoons of fat tail;

• two large onions;

• a teaspoon of black pepper;

• a tablespoon of dried basil;

• a tablespoon of dried mint;

• salt to your own taste;

• some greens to feed.


Meat washed, dried, cut all the veins.

Cut the lamb with a large knife first across the fibers, then along the fibers, then chop diagonally, turning a piece of meat into minced meat.

Cut the fat tail very finely, combine with lamb.

Salt minced meat to taste, add dried herbs, pepper, mix everything.

Manually thoroughly knead and discard the stuffing, send in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Moisten hands with cold water and, separating minced meat pieces weighing about 150 grams, form long sausages about three to four centimeters in diameter.

String “sausages” on skewers or wooden sticks, narrow the tips, touch up and align the edges.

Fry lula kebab on the grill, setting a special grill over the coals.

When all sides of the "kebabs" turn red, spread out on plates and serve with fresh cilantro and onion rings.

Dietary kebab on chicken grill with pickled onions

The budget version of the dish can be made from chicken meat. Lyulya-kebab get tasty, juicy, diet.


• kilogram of chicken pulp;

• two hundred grams of fat tail;

• half a glass of water;

• three medium onions;

• a tablespoon of 9% vinegar; • salt to your taste;

• half a teaspoon of black pepper;

• a tablespoon of dried basil;

• Fresh cilantro for serving.


Cut onions into small cubes.

Boil water, pour in vinegar and pour onion cubes with marinade.

Chop the chicken with a knife or mince with a large grill.

Grind the fat and add it to the minced chicken.

Combine the minced chicken with salt, pickled onions, basil and pepper, knead thoroughly.

When the stuffing is smooth, discard it on the mixing bowl or on the working surface of the table.

Send weight to the shelf of the refrigerator for two hours.

Fire the coals.

To form kebabs strung meat minced on skewers or skewers.

Keep the kebab over hot coals until ready, for five minutes on each side.

Serve with fresh herbs and pita bread.

Original kebab on pork grill with garlic and cognac

Pork with its sweetish taste and natural fat content is ideal for cooking kebab on the grill. Instead of fat tail, you can take pork: it doesn’t affect the taste. Cognac gives this dish a savory and very pleasant taste.


• kilogram of pork pulp;

• three hundred grams of lard;

• three large onions;

• five cloves of garlic;

• three tablespoons of lemon juice;

• two tablespoons of brandy;

• a teaspoon of black pepper;

• half a teaspoon of paprika;

• tablespoon dried basil;

• half a lemon;

• tablespoon of vegetable, better than olive oil;

• salt to your taste.


Make marinade: combine olive oil, fresh lemon juice, dried basil, paprika, brandy, a teaspoon of salt in a glass or porcelain dish. To mix everything.

Pork cut into small pieces, grate marinade and send to cool for two, at least one and a half hours.

Garlic peel.

Cut the garlic bulbs.

Salo cut into pieces.

Through the meat grinder skip peeled garlic, chopped onion, pork, lard.

Thoroughly knead the stuffing, working as when kneading dough. Be sure to discourage the homogeneous mass of meat on the table or mixing bowl.

Again, send the meat in the refrigerator for about forty minutes. Shape kebab sticks, fry on the grill.

Cut the lemon into slices or slices.

Serve meat with lemon.

Kebab on mixed-beef grill

The familiar minced beef and pork can also be an excellent basis for lula kebab on the grill. The piquancy of this recipe is in a light note of nutmeg.


• six hundred grams of beef;

• four hundred grams of pork;

• five cloves of garlic;

• two bulbs;

• five tablespoons of fresh herbs;

• half a teaspoon of nutmeg;

• half a teaspoon of hot red or black pepper (to your taste);

• tablespoon of milk;

• six tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• salt to your taste.


Chop the meat with a knife or scroll through a meat grinder.

Finely chop the onion. If the meat is too lean, you can grate the onion.

Cut fresh greens.

Finely chop the garlic cloves.

Pour vegetable oil into meat, add salt, milk, pepper, greens, garlic, onion mass, nutmeg.

Knead the dough, beat off and send in the refrigerator for half an hour.

Strung stuffing pieces on skewers, give them sausage shape with narrowed tips.

Fry lula over hot coals and serve.

Kebab on pork grill with bread

A simple minced meat recipe is an option for those who like a hint of bread in juicy meat pulp. Ingredients for this option need a little. Stuffing resembles the usual cutlet.


• kilogram of pork;

• four onions;

• one hundred grams of white bread;

• one third cup of milk;

• salt to taste;

• two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice;

• half a teaspoon of black pepper;

• medium head of garlic.


Grate the bulbs.

Milk pour pieces of white bread.

Peeled garlic cloves cut with a knife.

Squeeze juice from lemon.

Combine all the ingredients.

Mince beat off, put in a bowl and put in an hour in the refrigerator.

Form a lyula kebab.

Grill “sausages” on the grill grate for 5-6 minutes on each side.

You can apply with greens, baguette or pita bread.

Kebab on the grill of potatoes with turmeric

The potato kebab is, of course, a joke, a variation on the theme of the popular meat dish. But the variation is very successful, because it turns out delicious. If it is boring to eat potatoes just like that or in the form of mashed potatoes, and the coals and grill are asked to work - try to cook this dish. Do not regret it. Ingredients:

• kilogram of potatoes;

• a half tea boat of hot red pepper;

• half a teaspoon of paprika;

• two pinches of jeera;

• two hundred and fifty grams of real fat tail (you can replace the pork);

• half a teaspoon ground turmeric.


Boil the potatoes in their skins. Drain the water, leave the potatoes to cool under the lid.

With warm potatoes, remove the skin.

Skip the potatoes in a meat grinder. Do not crush tolkushkoy - it spoil the taste, and most importantly, the consistency of the dish.

Fat tail or lard cut into small pieces and melt in a frying pan.

Remove the greaves.

Pour melted lard into potato mince, salt, add pepper, paprika, turmeric, cumin, mix everything.

Blind the kebabs from the potato mince, strung on skewers.

Grease a sheet of foil with oil, spread out the skewers and put on the grill.

When the lula kebabs on the grill on one side are reddened, turn over.

Serve with tomatoes, mushrooms, and greens heated on a mangal grill.

Lula kebab on the grill - tricks and tips

  • If you want to make kebabs deliciously fragrant, you can pre-marinate a piece of meat in spices, lemon juice, vinegar, or finely chopped green onions.
  • The longer the minced meat cools, the more sticky and thick it becomes, the more convenient it is to sculpt “sausages” out of it.
  • When forming kebabs, be sure to press the middle parts so that no voids form.
  • The thinner the “sausages”, the faster and better they will fry.
  • Coals are best burned from cherry, beech or oak.
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