Breast kebab is the dietary variant of the favorite dish. Pickles recipes and ways to cook breast kebabs

Breast kebab is the dietary variant of the favorite dish. Pickles recipes and ways to cook breast kebabs

There is probably no person who would not like kebabs.

Traditionally, this dish of Caucasian cuisine is made of pork, lamb or veal.

However, no less tasty is barbecue from turkey breast or chicken.

Many people mistakenly believe that the kebab from the breast is dry and tough, but it is not. The end result depends on the marinade and the method of preparation. Barbecue can be cooked in the traditional way - on coals, and you can bake in the oven or fry in a pan if you do not have a brazier.

Breast Kebab - Basic Cooking Techniques

There are many recipes for marinade for shish kebab from the breast. Marinade can be based on kefir, mineral water, mayonnaise, wine, tomato juice or other sauce. Add spices, herbs and onions. Depending on the recipe, vegetables, citrus fruits or fruits may be part of the marinade. The taste of meat depends on what ingredients you add to the marinade.

The breast is washed, dried and cut large enough pieces. The meat is mixed with the marinade and left for two to three hours. Then strung on skewers and proceed to frying.

Grilled breast skewers very quickly, so you need to constantly monitor this process. On average, it takes about ten minutes, no longer need to keep on the coals, otherwise the meat will be dry and tough.

Recipe 1. Grilled chicken kebab


chicken breast;

garlic head;


Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc .;

Art. l mustard;


some vegetable oil;


Method of preparation

1. Rinse and slice chicken breast into equal pieces. Put the meat in a deep, clean bowl.

2. Peel the onion and chop it with thick rings. Disassemble the head of garlic and free them from the skins. Finely chop it with a sharp knife. At the pepper, cut the stem, wash the seeds under the tap from the inside and cut into thin strips. Put all the vegetables in a separate dish, season with spices that you prefer. Do not add salt! Add mayonnaise, butter and mustard. Mix everything well with your hands. Transfer the marinade to the meat and mix so that all the pieces are evenly covered with it. Cover and leave for about three hours. 3. Salt the pickled meat lightly, and put it on the skewers, alternating with onion rings. In the grill make a fire. When the flame goes out, and the embers will give off a strong heat, proceed to the preparation of the kebab. Put the skewer on the grill, and after a couple of minutes we begin to constantly turn the meat. After about ten minutes, the breast skewers are ready. Remove the meat from the skewers and serve with ketchup or pickles.

Recipe 2. Chicken breast skewers on mineral water


two chicken breasts;


carbonated mineral water;


parsley and rosemary;

spices for crisps and salt;

olive oil - 100 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the breast and cut it in medium pieces. Peel the onion, rinse it and chop with thick rings. Wash the lemon under the tap, cut from both sides and cut into thin circles.

2. At the bottom of the dishes, in which you will marinate the meat, put onion and breast, pour all the oil and mineral water so that it completely covers the meat. Salt and season with spices. Leave to marinate for four hours.

3. Put the marinated breast on the skewers, transferring the pieces of meat with onion rings. Roast on hot coals, constantly turning over until the meat has acquired an appetizing crust. Keep the meat on the coals no more than 10-14 minutes to keep it juicy. Lay a plate of lettuce, remove the skewers from the breast and serve with green onions, fresh vegetables or pickles.

Recipe 3. Turkey Breast Kebab


pound of turkey breast;

half a liter of kefir;

1 pc. Bulgarian pepper, tomato and onion;

salt and spices.

Method of preparation

1. Clean the onion and cut it into large rings. Wash the breast under the tap and cut into large enough pieces. Put the meat in a deep bowl, lightly salt and sprinkle with spices. To the meat lay out onion rings and pour all kefir. Stir gently with your hands, and leave to marinate in a cool place.

2. Tomato cut slices. Bulgarian pepper - thick rings. String turkey breast on skewers, alternating with pepper, tomato and onion slices. Fry on hot coals, constantly turning over so that the meat roasts evenly. As soon as the breast gets a uniform golden hue, we remove the shish kebabs on a wide dish, decorate with green onion feathers and greens. Served with fresh vegetables or pickles.

Recipe 4. Breast kebab in cream marinade


one and a half kg of chicken breast;

three onions;

garlic head;

10 g of salt;

half a cup of heavy cream;

the same amount of water;

5 g of black and red pepper;


Method of preparation

1. Clean and wash the onion, cut it into half rings. Peel the garlic and chop into small pieces. Cream combine with warm water.

2. Put garlic and onion in a bowl, knead well, add salt and pepper, add spices and diluted cream. Mix the marinade and leave to infuse for 20 minutes.

3. Wash chicken breast and cut into chunks. Put the meat in the marinade and mix. Cover with a lid and leave to marinate for four hours. Then lay the skewers out of the breast on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for a quarter of an hour. Put the kebab on a plate and serve with greens, ketchup or another sauce.

Recipe 5. Breast Kebab in Grapefruit


1500 g chicken breast;

two grapefruit;

20 g of Hops-Suneli seasoning;

salt and pepper;

six onions.

Method of preparation

1. We wash the breast meat, dry it with a napkin and cut it into large pieces. Onions are cleaned, rinsed and cut into washers. Grapefruit cut in half and squeeze the juice out of them along with the pulp.

2. Lay out the breast in a bowl, salt, season with spices and mix well with your hands. Pour in the juice so that the meat is completely covered with it. We remember the meat with our hands in the juice so that it spreads evenly over all the pieces. Add onions. Gently mix so that the onion rings remain intact. We cover the meat container with cling film and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

3. Marinated breast strung on skewers, shifting pieces of meat with onions washers. Cooking skewers on hot coals for a quarter of an hour. In the process of frying, pour over the marinade. Meat should get an appetizing crust.

Recipe 6. Breast in the oven


kg of chicken breast;

seven onions;

pepper and salt; on 100 g adjika and mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

1. Clean and rinse the bow. Nashinkuem his half rings. Breast wash, slightly dry and cut into pieces. Put it in a bowl, salt and pepper. Leave him to rest for half an hour.

2. Put the crushed onion in a separate container, slightly crush it with your hands, so that it runs the juice. Add to it adjika and mayonnaise, salt and pepper. All mix thoroughly. Put the meat in the resulting marinade and mix it so that each piece is smeared with it from all sides. Cover the meat container with a lid and marinate for four hours.

3. Turn on the oven, spread the pieces of the breast on the rack. On deco decorate the bow and put it on the middle shelf. Place the meat rack over the onion baking tray. Fry the skewers for 25 minutes at 200 ° C, turning once. Put the ready shish kebab on a wide dish, garnish with green onions and serve with fresh vegetables.

Recipe 7. Georgian Breast Kebab


kg of chicken breast;

clove of garlic;

60 g of sugar;


40 g of spices;

50 g of tomato paste;

litere of water.

Method of preparation

1. Wash and lightly dry chicken breasts. Meat large cut. Peel and chop the garlic. In the tomato paste, add salt, sugar, pepper, spices and garlic. Mix everything well.

2. Put the mixture in the meat and mix with your hands. Fill everything with water and leave to marinate in the refrigerator overnight.

3. The next day, drain the water and put the meat on the skewers. Fry kebabs over hot coals, constantly turning over, for about ten minutes. Without removing the meat from the skewers, put the skewers on a wide dish and sprinkle with herbs.

Recipe 8. Barbecue from turkey breast in soy sauce


600 g turkey breast;

two sweet peppers;

5 g ground chili;

two cloves of garlic;

20 ml of soy sauce;

bunch of green onions;

40 ml of table vinegar.

Method of preparation

1. Pepper cleaned from seeds, rinse and cut into thin strips. Garlic is also clean and finely chop with a knife. Green onions just wash well and dry. Put all the vegetables in the blender bowl, add vinegar and soy sauce here. Good grind until smooth. Season with chili and mix again. 2. We will wash the turkey breast, dry it with a napkin and cut it into equal pieces. We put the meat in the bag and fill it with marinade. Close it tightly, shake to distribute the marinade between the pieces of meat, and leave the breast to marinate for two hours.

3. Marinated breast strung on skewers and fry in a grill pan to an appetizing crust from all sides. Serve on the table directly on skewers, sprinkled with chopped greens.

Recipe 9. Turkey Breast Skewers with Prunes


kg of turkey breast;

10 pieces of dried apricots and prunes;

a glass of tea leaves;

100 g of mayonnaise;

salt and curry;

black and allspice.

Method of preparation

1. Brew tea medium strength. Wash turkey breast, lightly dry and cut into medium cubes. We shift the meat in a bowl, salt, pepper and sprinkle with curry. Fill all with tea, add mayonnaise and mix everything well with your hands.

2. Wash dried fruits, fill with warm water and leave for half an hour. Then we merge water and we shift prunes and dried apricots to meat. Stir once again. Cover the container with cling film and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Pieces of meat and dried fruits are stringed on skewers. Shish kebabs are sent to the oven heated to 200C on the grill mode for forty minutes.

Recipe 10. Breast Kebab with Pineapple


2 chicken breasts;

one pineapple;

100 ml of ketchup and soy sauce;

one orange juice;

5 cm ginger root;

20 g brown sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Mix the orange juice, soy sauce and ketchup with sugar in a deep container. Ginger peel and chop into small chips. Add to marinade and mix.

2. Wash chicken breast, lightly dry and cut into chunks of medium size. We transfer the prepared meat to the container with marinade and mix it with our hands. Put a plate on top and leave to marinate for half an hour.

3. We heat up to 200C oven. Sprinkle pan with vegetable oil. Pineapple clean and cut into rings. We put them on the deco, lay the chicken breast strung on skewers on top and send them to bake for half an hour. At the bottom of a wide dish, spread pineapples, on top of the kebab and garnish with greens.

Breast Kebabs - Chef Tips and Tricks

  • The most tender is barbecue from the breast, cooked in a marinade based on kefir or natural yogurt.
  • If you are cooking kebabs from the breast of poultry, you should use marinades that contain acidic foods, such marinade will make the meat softer.
  • Do not pickle meat in an aluminum or wooden bowl.
  • Laying vegetables and meat for pickling is better in layers, with onions being the first and last layers.
  • While frying the kebab from the breast on the coals, it must be constantly turned over so that the meat dries evenly and all the juice remains inside. Periodically pour the kebab with marinade or wine.
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