Kebab marinated in mayonnaise - it will definitely be juicy! How to pickle shashlik in mayonnaise with onions, ketchup, lemon, oriental

Kebab marinated in mayonnaise - it will definitely be juicy! How to pickle shashlik in mayonnaise with onions, ketchup, lemon, oriental

The main thing in cooking kebabs is to get a juicy and soft product. That is why meat, poultry. Fish and other products are pre-marinated. You can use a variety of spices and sauces for this. One of the simplest options is mayonnaise. It can be found in any refrigerator. Perfectly softens fibers, fills a piece with taste. How to pickle skewers in mayonnaise?

Kebab marinated in mayonnaise - general principles

No marinade will save the veiny, old, frozen meat. This needs to be remembered, so be careful when choosing a piece. For barbecue you can take pork, beef, lamb, it is prepared from poultry. Increasingly, you can find recipes with fish or mushrooms, this is a matter of personal taste. Before use, the product should be thoroughly washed, dried, and then cut into pieces across the fibers.

Mayonnaise A pickle choose the most natural and fat. Sauces with substitutes and thickeners are not suitable, as they contain a lot of starch, chemistry, various unnecessary additives. Other ingredients are often added to mayonnaise.

What to put in the marinade:

• mustard;

• lemon;

• ketchup, adjika;

• soy sauce;

• spices, seasonings.

Almost all recipes contain onions. But garlic is also found. Additionally, sugar or honey may be added, but in small quantities. It is very important to thoroughly stir the marinade ingredients, as well as meat or other product. This is done only with your hands, it is important to cover each piece on all sides.

How much marinated kebab? On average, the meat needs to stand for 5-8 hours. If you need to speed up the process, then it is left to warm for 2-3 hours. If the kebab frying is scheduled for the next day, then it’s best to put everything in the fridge. It is advisable to periodically mix the products to raise the dripping spices with the marinade upward.

Kebab marinated in mayonnaise with onions (pork, beef)

For this kebab, marinated in mayonnaise, in addition, you need only onions and salt and pepper. Better choose large and juicy heads, they will get tastier. Ingredients

• kilogram of meat;

• 3-4 bulbs;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 200 g of mayonnaise;

• 1 tsp. no mound of black pepper.


1. We cut the washed dried meat into pieces for kebab.

2. We cut onions into rings or half rings, sprinkle with salt and well with our hands to make the juice stand out. Pour to the meat.

3. Mayonnaise is first mixed with black pepper, then sent to the meat with onions. Stir it all together for a few minutes. It is better to do it with your hands to work out each piece.

4. Cover, leave warm for at least 4-5 hours. Or put in the fridge and marinate meat in mayonnaise longer.

How to Marinate Skewers in Mayonnaise and Ketchup

Another simple and great idea is how to marinate kebabs in mayonnaise. This recipe is perfect for pork. Additionally, you will need ketchup. Choose high-quality tomato sauce, you can take a sharp taste or medium.


• 1.5 kg of meat;

• 180 g of mayonnaise;

• 300 g onions;

• 80 g of ketchup.


1. Mix mayonnaise with ketchup. Since these sauces already contain salt, add only half a teaspoon. If the ketchup is not sharp, then you can add a little ground pepper.

2. Cut the onion into half rings, discard in a large bowl or in an enamel saucepan.

3. Cut the meat, add it to the onions.

4. Shifts mayonnaise marinade.

5. Immerse your hands and begin to stir everything thoroughly. We are not in a hurry, we are working on every piece.

6. We cover, leave the meat in mayonnaise to pickle.

Kebab marinated in Oriental mayonnaise

This marinade can be used for any meat. Especially successful is the taste of kebab, marinated in mayonnaise according to this recipe, from lamb.


• 1.5 kg of meat;

• 200 g of mayonnaise;

• 15 g fresh ginger;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 2 bulbs;

• 1 tsp. ground pepper mixes;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 1 tsp Georgian adjika or a little chili pepper.


1. Cut the meat and onions in the usual way, throw them in a convenient dish for pickling. 2. Chop the garlic and fresh root of ginger, combine with mayonnaise. Add to them a teaspoon of natural acute adzhika. Or cut into a slice of hot peppers, we shift to the mass. Pour mixture of peppers. Salt, stir the sauce very well, so that the sharp ingredients are evenly distributed.

3. Shift the mixture of mayonnaise to the meat with onions, stir a few minutes.

4. Cover, remove the next kebab marinate.

How to pickle kebabs in chicken mayonnaise

Chicken meat itself is relatively soft and juicy. The main task - to give him a good taste. How tasty marinated chicken skewers in mayonnaise?


• 2 kg of chicken;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 200 g of mayonnaise;

• 1 tbsp. l mustard;

• 1 tsp. spice mixes for chicken;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 3 onions.


1. Cut the carcass into pieces. Or we use separate parts for shashlik: hips, legs, wings. Be sure to wash the chicken, dry.

2. Cut the onions arbitrarily, throw them in a separate bowl.

3. Add spices to onions, lay out mayonnaise and mustard.

4. Carefully remove the zest from the lemon. Add to marinade. There we squeeze the juice out of half citrus.

5. Now immerse the hand, carefully mnemy onions and mayonnaise together.

6. Connect the marinade with the prepared bird, stir it, leave the chicken for a couple of hours. But you can withstand longer.

Kebab marinated in mayonnaise with lemon

The recipe is very simple, but fragrant marinade for kebabs. In addition to mayonnaise, you will need lemon and any seasoning for meat or poultry, depending on the product used.


• 2 kg of meat;

• 300 g onions;

• 1 lemon;

• 1 tbsp. l dry seasonings;

• a glass of mayonnaise.


1. Cut the onion, throw in a bowl.

2. Remove the zest from one lemon, chop with a knife, add to the onions and squeeze the juice from the whole lemon.

3. Pour out the spices, if they are without salt, then add. But we don’t put much, as it is already contained in mayonnaise. Next, lay out and sauce. Well, all stir. 4. Wash the meat, cut into pieces. Connect with onion mass. Stir, cover, give marinated pieces.

How to marinate shashlik in mayonnaise with soy sauce

Soy sauce is ideal for any meat or poultry, gives an unusual taste. Even with him on the product appears a beautiful and ruddy crust. This amount of marinade is designed for 2 kg of meat or poultry, but it can also be used for mushrooms.


• 40 ml of soy sauce;

• 200 g of mayonnaise;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 1 tsp. honey;

• 1 tsp. pepper mixes;

• 1 tbsp. l mustard;

• 3-5 onions.


1. If the honey is thick, then it needs to be melted. Then combine with soy sauce, stir a little, pour into mayonnaise.

2. Put the minced garlic and add the pepper mixture, continue stirring, add a spoon of mustard in the marinade.

3. Onions cut into large pieces, mix with meat or prepared pieces of poultry.

4. Add mayonnaise marinade with soy sauce. Mix everything well.

5. Cover, leave to marinate. This sauce belongs to the fast options, it is well impregnated with the fibers of the meat, you can fry the kebab in two hours.

Kebab marinated in mayonnaise with tomatoes

For kebabs marinated in mayonnaise with this recipe, take ripe, but not quite soft tomatoes.


• kilogram of meat;

• 3 tomatoes;

• 0.5 Art. l mixed seasonings;

• 2 onions;

• a clove of garlic;

• 150g of mayonnaise.


1. Onions for this marinade crumble finely. In general, it can even be chopped with a blender, it will turn out very tasty and juicy.

2. Combine seasonings with mayonnaise, add all this to chopped or ground onions, stir.

3. Combine mayonnaise marinade with prepared pieces of meat.

4. Cut the tomatoes in circles, add to the total mass.

5. Stir all the time, leave to marinate.

Kebab marinated in mayonnaise with kefir

Very interesting combination and a wonderful marinade for poultry kebab or pork. The meat is perfectly soaked, it turns out unusually tender and juicy. Ingredients

• 2 kg of meat;

• 1 tbsp. kefir;

• 150 g of mayonnaise;

• 10 sweet peas all;

• 300 g onions;

• 1 tbsp. l mustard;

• 1 bunch of parsley;

• 1 tbsp. l seasonings for kebabs or for poultry.


1. Cut the meat or poultry, throw in the container for marinating.

2. Peel the onions. We cut into semirings, we send to another vessel.

3. To the onions we throw the washed bunch of parsley. You can not cut it, just break into several parts.

4. Add mayonnaise, pour out the spices, well with our hands marinade, add mustard and mashed peas of pepper. At the end we dilute kefir.

5. Shift the onions with the rest of the ingredients to the meat. Now stir everything along with it. Cover, leave the future kebab marinate for at least three hours.

How to Marinate Skewers in Mayonnaise - Useful Tips and Tricks

• If the kebab is made from beef or the meat is not juicy, you do not need to add acid to the marinade (vinegar, lemon), they will make the fibers harder.

• Each person has their own notion of taste. Not everyone likes spicy meat. Keep this in mind when marinating kebabs for a large company. In this case, hot sauces are best served separately to cooked meat.

• The best supplement to kebab - pickled onions. Vegetables are simply cut, they are poured with vinegar diluted to an acidic state, left for 20-30 minutes. You can add extra spices.

• Is there not enough time for marinating meat? Add a few tablespoons of vodka or brandy to the sauce. Alcohol will help meats soak faster.

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